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December Horoscopes

December Horoscopes - Cecelia Pty Ltd


It’s Sagittarius season, a cycle that harmonises well with your fiery and excitable spirit. Fire signs are both upbeat and fun-loving and ambitious and self-leading. You possess great self-leadership qualities, Aries, which want to come out and be known to the world. Sagittarius is known for being aggressive and blunt, and your shadow includes becoming bullyish and tyrannical- overly dominant and pushy. So, it’s important to be mindful of this double dose of fire and electricity. Practice serenity and inner calmness before socialising and interacting with others, as your natural strengths and optimistic gifts will shine through on their own. All that’s needed is a base vibration of cool, calm, and collected, merged with a bit of empathy and harmony!



While others are thinking about partying and serving their immediate needs, your attention is on how you can bring others together in harmony and emotional bonding. This is the beautiful thing about you Taurus, you’re extremely well put-together. You’re a cool, calming, generous, benevolent, and empathic soul, and you radiate emotional intelligence and warmth to everyone you meet. People appreciate this about you, even the ones who are envious! So don’t try to fit into the crowd this month. Be yourself and let your true soul shine, even if it comes across as a little shy, reserved, or overly modest, at times. Some people won’t see you, but the ones who do are the keepers who will open doors to abundance and meaningful connections later down the road.



There’s a Full Moon in your sign at the start of the month, which is making you excited and anxious at the same time. You sense some changes are needed, and these internal shifts can lead to amazing new ventures, opportunities, and partnerships if you’re willing to take a deeper look at yourself. Even though this Full Moon is in chatty and cerebral Gemini with the Sun in optimistic and upbeat Sagittarius, it’s still a period of introspection. It’s important to take some quiet time out for clarity, contemplation, and personal self-evaluation. Your finances, career, and personal relationships depend on it! Also, stay clear of drama because you could be the one stirring the pot, which may have negative consequences on your reputation.



Your home, hearth, and security are in full focus now. You feel an instinctive inner pull to let your inner caregiver and provider shine, even if it makes you appear super-sensitive or somewhat overly nurturing. It’s ok, Cancer. Everyone has their strengths and follies, and people appreciate someone down-to-earth and sincere who is happy to be a bit of a mother or father to the group. Even if you feel undervalued or unappreciated, be your true loving, nurturing, and protective self. It’s the key to your self-esteem and your inner peace late… It also helps you to avoid drama and superficial tactics or motivations, because when you are helping and being the unconditionally loving giver that you are, you don’t get dragged into the drama.



Creativity, music, self-care, children, the Arts, a bit of drama and chaos… it’s all happening for you now, Leo! The party spirit of December is incredibly enticing for you, yet you equally have domestic and practical duties to attend to. Try to find a balance and establish this balance early on. Your month will go very smoothly and satisfyingly if you can establish this inner and outer balance. It’s time to put the final steps into motion regarding your plans and foundations for 2023. Think in terms of creating order, structure, and vision. Then, once you’ve attended to your duties and responsibilities, let out your inner artist, singer, musician, poet, performer, speaker, or visionary. You have a charming and creative soul Leo, so show it.



You’re likely playing the homemaker now, attending to errands around the house and making sure all domestic chores are in play. Whilst others are busy partying and let their hair down, you’re the one who’s been assigned to task-maker and head of the household. This isn’t a problem for you, as you’re used to it, but it is important that you take some time for self-care and fun for yourself. This is essential for your well-being and ability to tackle 2023 head on. Make peace with your duties so you can find joy in the simple things, such as in creative cooking and watering your plants, or planting new seeds for the new year. Music, art, and creative expression should be merged with every practical chore you attend, as best as possible!



You could very well be playing the role of entertainer or performer, tuning into your vast range of creative, artistic, and communicative skills to enhance your personal connections. Your colourful, charming, and charismatic side is coming out, and people love how fairness and equality seeking you are. You believe in harmony, even when standing in the spotlight. You’re the only masculine sign (fire or air) to possess this gift, so embrace it… show it… let it shine, Libra. If conflict or a heated debate or disagreement arises, you’re the one to put out the fires, cooling the situation with your eloquent and graceful, justice-seeking, style. Don’t rock the boat or play devil’s advocate unless there is real motivation behind the madness, such as to bring a fresh and inspirational perspective that can uplift, unite, or bring wisdom.



You’re a shining light of spirituality, soul, and sex appeal, with a fine blend of magic and inspiration! The only thing you’re concerned with is how you can share in artistic, musical, and creative or consciousness-expanding vibrations. Your mind, soul, and body are attuned to higher perspectives and frequencies, Scorpio. You might have to be the one steering activities or conversations at times. Don’t let anyone dull your sparkle or bring you into the false motivations, games, or drama. You’re a BS detector this month too. If you’re not channeling your energies and intuitive insights into creativity and imaginative pursuits, you should certainly use your unique insights to steer conversation. Seek to uplift, upgrade, and evolve, and you will find peace in any situation.



It’s your season Sag, and you’ve either just had a birthday or about to have one. Instead of getting lost in endless drinking, partying, socialising, or other unhelpful traits, meet up with the people who energise your soul and the gifts you have. It’s a time for creative visions, ambitious goals, and the activities and pastimes that make your spirit soar. Creative and artistic people are where your true heart’s desire lies, and it’s essential that you both follow your highest joy and learn how to ground your energy. Practical and concrete plans and foundations are where you should be channeling your energy- even if it’s just an idea or a random vision, make sure you direct it in grounded ways. Frivolity and impracticality can be overcome for good if you put in the effort.



Christmas is traditionally a time of celebration, but you’re seeing this period as a time for taking the extra stretch in your career and professional life. Rightly so. There’s a New Moon in your sign on the 23rd, which is guiding you towards your highest and best self. There’s no time for getting lost in past cycles when you were younger, being the party animal or drinking yourself into dismay. You will enjoy and appreciate a more sophisticated dinner, get-together, or social drink with friends and loved ones, but this should be your limit. Your energy is needed elsewhere, specifically in your plans, aspirations, and visions for 2023 and beyond. Stay focused and disciplined while engaging in rest and play in moderation. Moderation is your keyword this month.



You could be hosting a sound circle or reiki share, as you are a dreamer with strong spiritual tendencies. Crystals, astrology, numerology, vision quests, and finding wisdom in your dreams are fascinating you now, and in social gatherings you will be putting on your “woo” hat to make sure everyone gets you. If you are sound, reiki, yoga, or holistic practitioner of any sort, consider bringing your friends and even family into the mix. Create a special event that can unite and heal the people you care for. If you’re not a healer, therapist, or well-being practitioner, attend a circle or seminar yourself. This will prepare you for 2023, in which case you will be feeling grounded, energised, centered, and soul-nourished…



It’s time to put the finishing touches on your book, podcast, or whatever masterpiece you’ve been working on throughout the year. As a mutable sign, you’re blessed with gifts of adaptability and philosophical awareness; you’re able to see multiple perspectives and tune into multiple frequencies. Many people see you as a creative, poetic, or musical genius, yet you don’t because you’re shy. Try to step out of your self-protective cocoon and shine like the talented and passionate being you are. All your goals and projects get the final boost of energy and inspiration needed, so consider taking yourself somewhere in nature. Nature will inject you with her magic in a way that gives you the Midas touch to your creations.


General Astrology for December: -

1. Full Moon in Gemini: Key qualities include inspiration, new ideas, energy and communication exchanges, imagination, intellect, and inner balance and harmony (unifying dualistic forces).

2. New Moon in Capricorn: Key qualities include grounding, practicalities, prestige, success, financial security, achievements, recognition, and putting in the finishing touches for projects and future.

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