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Establishing a life of Harmony, Balance and Spirituality

This blog is about how to establish a life of Harmony, Balance and Spirituality

We all know that overworked, stressed out feeling. The fatigue you feel from running around all day, and the drained feeling you get from knowing that you don’t have time to spend on yourself. While necessity forces us to go through these times, it’s critical that we learn to recognise when it’s time to take a break and bring our life back into balance. Here we look at three telltale signs your schedule is getting out of hand and the stress and pressure is piling up, and some suggestions on how to restore peace, spirituality and balance back into a stressed and overwrought life.

The Sign: You Feel Like Things Are Pointless

One of the clearest signs that you are overstressed and overworked is that you feel like the things you do a pointless and life is meaningless. This can quickly lead to an energy sapping state and even result in depression. A busy life that’s ruled more by routine than meaning can quickly lead to the feeling that you’re just ‘going through the motions’ and that nothing you do matters that much. But of course that’s far from the truth.

The Balance: Find Higher Purpose

Whether or not you feel it, you are connected to a higher purpose, but losing that vision can make you feel hopeless and aimless. Reconnecting with your higher purpose (or connecting to it for the first time) can be a transformative and exhilarating experience that boosts your energy, vitality and zeal for life. One way to approach this is to consult with an experienced clairvoyant or psychic. Not only does this process help you see more clearly how life is happening in the physical realm, but also how the metaphysical and spiritual realms may be leading or guiding your life in unseen ways. Having a strong spiritual connection helps you to find meaning in life, and enthusiasm for your contribution to the world.

The Sign: You Feel Cheated By Life

You do great work at your job, you’re always helping other people out and trying to be kind, and yet you feel like things are never working out for you, or people aren’t giving you the respect you would like. Nevertheless, you still keep trying your hardest to impress and make people admire you. As time goes on, you just keep working harder for their approval, and yet you seem to be noticed less. Needless to say, you feel cheated by life, and as though the work that you do is never appreciated.

The Balance: Reconsider Your Priorities

Life is about so much more than running around trying to ‘be good’ or impress people. If you want to bring the most happiness into this world, it’s important to learn how to prioritise yourself, and make time to connect to your own goals and inner life. Unfortunately, time for yourself isn’t going to just ‘happen’, and it certainly won’t if you’re already feeling stretched thin. Schedule time in your day to connect with yourself spiritually and emotionally, to ask yourself what you want out of life and how you will use the day to move towards that goal. Practice meditation, align your chakras, or consult a spiritual guide to help you let go of stress and focus on you.

The Sign: You Feel Unfulfilled

Without a doubt, a stressful life is an unfulfilling life. It might be that your high pressure job is not giving the rewarding feeling you were hoping for. Or that no matter how hard you work at home, you don’t feel appreciated for it. Although you didn’t mean for it to happen, perhaps your life has become repetitive and tedious, without a lot of connection to the things you used to enjoy. Feeling unfulfilled is one of the telltale signs of an overstressed life where you put a bigger priority on getting things done than looking after yourself.

The Balance: Connect to your Passion

Balancing out a feeling of not being fulfilled means connecting to your passion and bringing to life the part of you that is inspired, creative and alive. Perhaps you used to love art but don’t make the time to enjoy it or be creative these days. Try to find 10 minutes a day to reconnect to your passion and reignite your zest for life. Sometimes the sense of discontent runs deeper, and it may be necessary to consult the spirit world or a departed loved one for more clarity and direction. Finding what it is you love and makes your soul sing, making it an integral part of your life is the key to staying connected to your passion.

Stress may be a fact of life, but it doesn’t have to take over your life. Watch out for these high stress indicators, and put in place the self-care steps to bring more clarity, balance and pure happiness into your life.

“One of the guiding principles of mind-body medicine is the interconnection of all things, including the mind, the body, and the environment in which we live. Each of us is an inseparable part of an infinite field of intelligence, and in this very moment, with every breath, we are exchanging millions of atoms with the universe. From this holistic perspective, health isn’t merely the absence of disease or symptoms; it is a state of optimal wellbeing, vitality, and wholeness.  We are healthy when we’re able to fully digest everything we take absorb, extracting what is nourishing and eliminating whatever doesn’t serve us. This includes our food, our relationships, our jobs, and all our life experiences. Illness, in contrast, develops when there is a disruption ― a blockage in the flow of energy and information in our body-mind. Symptoms and sickness are the body’s signal that we need to restore balance, eliminate whatever is causing the blockages, and reestablish the healthy flow of intelligence.” ~ The Chopra Centre

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