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Exploring the origin and effects of Astrology today

This blog is about exploring the origin and effects of Astrology today

The origins of Astrology are inextricably intertwined with that of Astronomy. The study and understanding of both ancient sciences were considered prerequisites of one science. Some of the earliest records of human learning provide evidence of the practise of Astrology and there are some learned Astrologers who will argue that it is in fact, the parent of Astronomy.

Two thousand years ago the science of Astrology and Astronomy was used for the most pragmatic and necessary reasons; primarily that of enabling ancient cultures to predict the on-set of the seasons and certain celestial and astronomical events.

Used since time immemorial in many highly developed cultures including India, Middle East, Tibet and China, it is thought that the Babylonian practise of Astrology provided the foundational principles of the various schools’ of Astrology, as we know them today.

Adopted by the Greeks, research and studies undertaken by the likes of Plato, and Aristotle were immensely influential in the shaping of the discipline into a highly esteemed science.
The science of Astrology resonated with Roman and Arab scholar alike, spreading until and it was ultimately used in one form or another by most cultures on the earth.

Charting a horoscope is necessarily an astronomical process; the judgement or delineation of the horoscope is the astrological process. Put simply; astronomy may be termed an objective science and astrology a subjective science.

What is Astrology?
Astrology is the science that explores the action of celestial bodies upon sentient and non-sentient beings and their response to those very same influences. It examines the relationship between the planets and their observable effects on humanity on a global scale; as well on the individuals’ consciousness and spiritual growth; astrology offers a well-founded vernacular through which past, present and future probabilities may be carefully interpreted.

What is a Horoscope?
Most often referred to as a Natal Chart, it is essentially a map of the heavens illustrating the potentials and primary characteristics of an individual born at a specific time and place on our planet. An accurate time of birth is essential in order to identify the ‘Rising Sign’ or ‘Ascendant’ on the individual’s Natal Chart, without which an accurate interpretation cannot be given.

What is the ‘Ascendant’ on a birth chart and why does it comprise such importance to the practising Astrologer?
The planet rising (ascending) on the Eastern Horizon at the exact moment of your birth is the designated Ascendant on your Natal Chart. Mundane or Western Astrologers understand that the Ascendant provides the lens through which you perceive the world; and indeed it is the initial ‘personality’ that the public meets when first encountering you; probably best described as your ‘social self’.

These days no one needs a consultation with an Astrologer to identify your Birth or Sun Sign. Moreover, as we are all bound to have a basic understanding of the characteristics of the twelve signs of the Zodiac there is no need to list the same. However, having a working knowledge of the energies at play in your chart is invaluable and only a detailed Astrological Consult will give you the opportunity to familiarise yourself with how these archetypes influences the different areas of your life.

The Astrologer will enable you to view the events that occur in your life and in the lives of others with intelligence, understanding and awareness. This is because the Astrologer understands the energies inherent in the Natal chart and how they operate in the context of soul growth, life challenges, family and parental influences, careers, spiritual direction and more.

A responsible Astrologer while working with you on your chart will always point to the inalienable principle of free will and how it is your attitude that will determine how much or how little use you make of the talents you came into the world with. Knowledge of self is invaluable, but it remains always that what you may choose to do (or not do) is entirely in your hands.

I hope you enjoy this short foray into the area of Astrology.

Wishing you a multitude of blessings, light and love

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