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February Full Moon

February Full Moon - Cecelia Pty Ltd

Milestones, Entertainment and Drama


5th February 2023

As we know, Full Moons are times of illumination, where new information comes to the surface, and certain areas of life can get extra attention. Though this lunation isn’t very intense in terms of the other aspects happening in the sky, there’s still room for drama, as it is happening in Leo, the most theatrical zodiac sign. Another side of this Full Moon could manifest in the form completion. Projects might be ending or reaching a milestone, providing a sense of accomplishment. Yet these accomplishments are not the finish line by any means.

On a mundane level, a Full Moon in Leo prompts us to have fun and involve ourselves with creative activities and generally do things that bring us joy and allow us to connect with our inner child. Expressing our individuality and uniqueness will be the main focus this day.

To have a better idea of what this Moon might bring up for you, look back at the events happening around July 28th 2022. Creative projects or romances started during this time might come to a close under the Leo Full Moon.


Key qualities:

● Leo is represented by, of course, a lion. These natives are very proud, romantic and creative, though sometimes can come out as shallow and affected. Taking these qualities into account, we might find ourselves in the midst of drama today

● Leo is also a Fixed sign. This modality is steady and hardworking, it represents the ability to stick to our plans and persevere no matter what. With Full Moons being days of completion, the fruits of our labour will ripen now.

● The element ruling this lunation is Fire, which is a force of life. Fire signs are not scared to be themselves and occupy space, and this is a great Moon to be proud of who we are

and what we’ve produced with our creativity in recent months. With all this fiery passion, big romantic gestures are prone to happen as well.

● The Full Moon will be squaring Uranus this month, which adds to the unexpectedness and climatic quality given by the sign it’s happening in.


An accomplishment of many to come

As mentioned before, during the days before and after the Full Moon we might encounter endings or completions of some kind. There’s been a lot of hard work put into the endeavors we began 6 months ago, and the effort is paying off now.. We might feel emotionally gratified and celebrate these victories, but remember that this Full Moon is more of a milestone rather than the finish line. We’ve done a small part of a bigger plan we’re currently part of.

Something we can do to stay aligned with this energy of achievement is take this day to write down our feelings of gratitude for how far we’ve come as well as a list of all the next immediate steps we want to take toward our creative goals.


Expect the unexpected

Another characteristic of this Full Moon is that it will be dramatic. A tense aspect with the groundbreaking Uranus means that we’ll feel rebellious and prone to showing our most unique side unapologetically. We might show parts of ourselves no one’s ever seen before, which will come as a shock for some of the people in our circle. On the other hand, when it comes to problem solving, important information could come to light and allow us to find innovative solutions, but not without a fair share of chaos. The one thing we can do to prepare for this moon, is keep an open mind, surrender to the possibilities and trust the universe- and our capacity to handle anything.


A day to sit back and watch

Other aspects that will be accompanying this lunation are a Venus-Mars square, and a Mercury-Pluto conjunction, which will be adding to the tension and drama. The reality is that there’s potential for friction, arguments and petty fights, but these will not be the type to ruin close relationships at all. Leo is a kind-hearted, forgiving sign, and the clashes happening now will be the funny anecdotes next month. This is why we shouldn’t really feel alarmed by this Full Moon. In the case we’d rather avoid the mayhem, it’d be advisable to avoid gatherings involving friends or family. Nevertheless, if we have inescapable social commitments, the best wecan do is take a backseat and observe how things unfold instead of actively participating. One thing is for certain, this full moon will not be boring.


A practical approach

To wrap things up, let’s go over which activities would be most constructive to partake in, now that we know what we can expect from this day. As described before, Leo is a sign that likes to enjoy life’s pleasures, and has lots of energy to do so. Engaging in sports or physical exercise will aid in shedding all the extra electric energy of this day. Getting creative is also a great idea, since our minds could be overflowing with unique ideas. All in all, trying to have a good time is advised, as long as we don’t get into too much trouble in the process!


And finally, don’t forget to check what house in your natal chart contains the sign of Leo, since this will be the area of life most affected by the Full Moon. For reference, this is what each house means on our natal chart:

1 self, identity, consciousness, will

2 value, possessions, money

3 communication, local travel, school

4 home, family, parent, origins

5 fun, pleasure, children, entertainment

6 health, service, work, habits

7 partners, marriage, 1-1 relationships

8 sex, death, inheritance, loss

9 travel, religion, spirituality, law

10 career, reputation, social standing

11 friendship, group relationships

12 secrets, unconscious, hidden things

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