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February Horoscopes

February Horoscopes - Cecelia Pty Ltd


It’s Aquarius season, Aries, and this makes you prone to some self-deception and manipulation. Yes, it’s an incredibly social cycle for you- you’ll be feeling the pull towards adventure, fun, and self-expression. However, the airs signs are known for being superficial, and so are you with such a fiery and impulsive disposition. Look back at your past towards any wrongdoings you may have caused others; have you been truly honest with yourself regarding some past actions? Are you yet to take full accountability and ownership of your follies and flaws?! Now is the time to introspect, heal, and reflect… Then, there will be an abundance of opportunity and time for co-creation and play, with peers, kindred spirits, lovers, and possibly siblings or cousins. Go within to go without, and don’t overlook the power of authenticity and self-forgiveness, for they are the key to a bright future.


As a kind, benevolent, and gentle soul, you have enough humility and modesty for yourself, your family, friends and acquaintances in your immediate environment, and the child you don’t know down the road! Community favours strongly for you this month, Taurus. It’s important that you remember your virtues, and- despite what society may want to tell us- remember how beautiful and unique you truly are. Yes, we’re all special, but as an earth sign who is also ruled by the planet Venus, you have some fabulous qualities and attributes. Tap into your heart space where unconditional love and empathy are rich. Seek out soulmates and kindred spirits who share in your love of healing the planets and ecosystems, creative inspiration, and helpfulness. You may need to put some extra effort in now, or at least take the lead, but it will be a rewarding and fruitful period if you stay true to yourself.


It’s time to heal yourself and lingering internal issues, Gemini. The vibe of the month is introspection, self-reflection, and slowing down- something that can be tricky for you, we know! But it’s important that you do go within and take time to explore your wounds, past, and karmas. It’s a creative and peaceful cycle, for the most part, and as long as you can be honest with yourself and others you shouldn’t have any problems in relationships. Communication and emotional and social bonds can be a problem for you, if you don’t examine the role you’ve played in previous chapters and life cycles. Your key to well-being and success is to accept that, as the Twins of the zodiac, you can be quite manipulative with a tendency to purposefully twist & distort the truth. Empathy, compassion, gentleness, and emotional warmth and vulnerability can help with this. The Arts are a hot topic for you later in the month…


Hopefully, you began your year relaxed and mindful with an inner acceptance and self-awareness. You should be feeling harmonious and optimistic about your bright future! If so, February is a wonderful month for you to come out of your shell. There is a dreamy and reflective vibe, but you will equally be feeling like sharing your truth and stepping into a cycle of self-empowerment. Stay conscious of how much wisdom and intuitive awareness you possess. Not everyone has it, you know. You can ride through the month with more money in your bank account and more artistic gifts and accomplishments secured if you play to your strengths. Try not to react or explode, as emotions and tempers can be high as well. Overall, this is a creative and enlightening cycle with opportunities for personal and professional growth.


Dare to dream, Leo…? Whenever it’s the season of your opposite, so in this case Aquarius season, there is a massive opportunity for balance and harmony, in all areas of life! You’re really starting to see just how all life experiences and situations have shaped you into the magnificent being that you. Even the dark, hard, or negative times are being seen with a new light and fresh perspective. Embrace it all, and don’t be too proud or self-loving (‘aka’ self-centred!) that you overlook the power and significance of learning from your opposites. People have different gifts, strengths, values and character traits as you can be your greatest teacher. Whereas you are bold and incredibly assertive, others can be more passive and humble. While you’re fearless in speaking your truth and standing your ground, someone else may have treated you with complete respect and compromise in the past. It’s the differences that unite us, so remember the duality present within all of life and within yourself.


It’s best to keep to your own life and projects this month, Virgo. People may not understand you during Aquarius season, or they simply may not resonate. It’s true that you’re not the most big picture thinking or visionary sign, and while this may be ok in other months, now is the time to stick with what you know. Channel your energy and self-assurity into personal projects, home and domestic life, and routine you have created in January. 2022 is a very personal year for a lot of us- we’re all feeling pulled towards the few close connections that give us strength and support, and the commitments and pathways that are unique to us. There are other times of the year where you can venture out and perhaps motivate others to try your way. Now is not the time. Stay close to home and explore how you can increase your income for a prosperous future. Material success can be yours if you retain some privacy!


You’re feeling on top of the world, Libra, and you have much to look forward to. You thrive more than most during the month of February, and this is because it’s primarily Aquarius season- a fellow air sign who is highly compatible with you- and soon to be Pisces season. Venus is exalted in dreamy and ethereal Pisces, and Venus is your planetary ruler! Until the 19th, pour your energy into passion projects both personal and professional, and the existing relationships that are providing your excitement and satisfaction. You’ll be feeling sociable, friendly, communicative, and harmonious, and these traits can help you thrive and succeed. When the Sun enters Pisces, turn your focus towards creative and artistic projects. Spirituality is heightened and romance fills your entire mind, body, & spirit. Stay open to love because it’s the joy & buzz of love and positive emotions that can lead to success in upcoming months.


Things can get a little intense on the relationship and emotions front, however if you keep your head low and stay aligned to your own life, you should be fine! People get disoriented in Aquarius season due to such an altruistic and visionary, yet equally disconnected, energy. Aquarius is both the idealistic humanitarian concerned with the health and well-being of our planet and the one person who has issues with emotional intimacy. As a deep, emotionally intelligent, sensitive and self-aware water sign, this can pose a difficulty for you if you let others’ take you out of your flow. Your key to a blissful and productive month is to channel all you have into your passions, personal projects, career, and work, or whatever you’ve got going on for your unique destiny. Remain tactful and modest, but don’t sacrifice yourself or your truth. When the Sun enters compatible Pisces on the 19th you will find your soul bursting with life and inspiration…


Restlessness will be a minor issue for you, which can be dealt with through exercise, intimacy, and expressing yourself intellectually. Your mind is alive with ideas and new philosophical avenues to explore, yet not everyone will be as open to converse and connect on such an upbeat frequency. There’s a reflective and introspective vibe to the month… What to do as the adventurous Archer and passionate Centaur? Well, if you’ve got a lover you can release any extra energy through love. If single or flying solo for a while, take some time planning your next moves, future, and new travel itinerary. You’ll be thinking about finances and financial prosperity, and 2022 is part master number. 22 is the Master Builder in numerology, therefore look at ways you can expand your income whilst simultaneously retaining some freedom and room for movement and soul expansion.


You’re feeling the oncoming buzz of summertime, yet you know there are things you have to do and cross off your to-do list. You can achieve a lot if you refrain from succumbing to the temptations of instant gratification and pleasure. Stay committed to your goals and always keep in mind financial commitments, and desires for future stability & abundance. Balance some relaxation and long and peaceful rests into your routine as well. Both naps and early nights will benefit you, and you will notice the difference in your energy and inspiration levels if you get sufficient sleep. Don’t worry about what others are doing either- stay aligned to your own projects & path. During the Full Moon, dance, let go, be wild, and allow your more adventurous side to shine. Joyous stimulation will help break up your routine and prepare you for new horizons…


It’s your season, and there’s a New Moon in your sign on the 1st! Intellectual and professional pursuits will be taking over most of your month, however this doesn’t mean you can’t make or find time for creativity, inspiration, and romance. Surprisingly, you’re feeling more emotionally open and warm now, and desires for intimacy and love are strong throughout the month. Go with the flow and listen to your heart. The primordial pulse of the universe can be found in music, art, nature, and appreciating the beauty of life, and following this inner pull will set you on track for a wonderful Spring and Summer to come! Keep your health in mind and try to see 2022 as a fresh start. Return to the innocence of youth and your past, and don’t let the illusions of society bring you down or hold you back. You were born to shine.


You love the visionary and inspirational vibes of an Aquarius month, Pisces! Although your current planetary ruler is Neptune, god of the seas who brings frequent magic, astral visions, psychic instincts and imagination into your life; your ancient ruler is Jupiter, the fiery planet of abundance and luck (who currently rules philosophical Sagittarius). You’re all about the big picture vision, contributing to humanity’s evolution of consciousness, and ecological & shamanic principles that help heal the planet in some way… Align, commit, and centre your life around your destiny. But, do remember the importance of balance and intellectual and physical pathways. If anyone’s capable of achieving it all and living the dream life, it’s you. Aim to balance your lone wolf independence with community and healthy attachments, little Fish.


February Astrology:-

1. New Moon in Aquarius, February 1st, keywords: vision, altruism, humanitarianism, ecological principles, collective consciousness, healing, spirituality, innovation and invention! Fresh starts and the strengthening and continuation of existing projects apply here. Or seek out deeper and more meaningful connections in your community; aim for community over society.

2. Full Moon in Leo, February 16th: Creativity, the Arts, fun and play, self-expression, children, community, confidence and self-empowerment. Explore your unique gifts & talents, and then step into power and self-alignment.

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