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February Horoscopes

February Horoscopes - Cecelia Pty Ltd


During the first days of the month, you may feel like social, or group activities are causing a bit of mayhem in your finances. Even though you’re trying to stay focused on bettering your mental health, you’re getting side-tracked by having too much to do in the practical world. Still, you’ll be able to have some alone time and reflect a lot, which will lead to new beginnings in your spiritual life. Relationships and creative projects are getting attention. Serious conversations at work are prone to happen as well. Close to the end of the month you start coming out of your shell and attracting more harmony and opportunities to network.



Starting the month you might notice a need to rebel against routines in your career, which may bring some chaos to this area. Daily tasks may also be causing you to have unexpected spending that you feel resistant to make. You could receive news regarding your family or living situation. Moving becomes possible if it was in your plans beforehand. Midway through the month, there’s potential to connect with like-minded people who will be relevant for you in a spiritual way. There’s new beginnings in your area of friendship and goals, and you’re setting intentions to realise your dreams. All the advances happening in your career are bringing financial abundance.



Even though you’re putting a lot of energy into your higher education, this might get interrupted by mental health issues to resolve. Completion of projects related to writing is possible. Beware of being too bold in your approach to your career right now. Still, there’ll be a feeling of having a clear path to achieve your career goals. This area is under a grounded energy that’s allowing you to work hard. You could have some serious discussions around shared finances at some point. Reaching the end of the month you’ll feel more outgoing, social, and eager to pursue educational goals.



You should be careful about people you associate with influencing the way you manage your investments or money that’s not entirely yours. New information might come to light regarding your income, and this could create some drama as well. Around the middle of the month, expect serious conversations in your committed relationships. You might reach a long-term goal regarding education or travel, something you’re working towards in a very structured manner.



Your intense focus and demands from your career might be creating tensions in your relationship. Even though you’re going good financially, you could feel pressured to spend too much. The spotlight will be on you early this month, as you feel tempted to act out in some way. It’s possible you’ll receive important news in your workplace or related to health. Financial investments are going well and will possibly give fruits this month. Socially, it’s a great period for you too, as you’ll be wanting to spend time with friends and close ones.



The work-study balance in your life might be off the first week of the month, creating either health issues or decreased performance. You’re really focused on relationships too, and this could make you neglect your career. Spiritual epiphanies and breakthroughs are on the way. Conversations that are serious and lead to more commitment could be happening with a romantic interest. In fact, relationships will be your main focus this month. There’s new beginnings in creative projects, and towards the end of February, work life gets reactivated as well.



You’ve been very focused on enjoying yourself or going on dates, and you may see that you’ve spent more than you had planned on it. Your long term goals might interfere with your daily routines in some way. Expect news in your social circle. Your home life could feel disrupted by some serious but necessary conversations. Work life, daily habits and health are one of your main focus right now, as you’re taking committed steps into bettering these areas. Finally, your romantic relationships enter a beautiful period of harmony.



Home life will feel interrupted or bothered by some drama happening in your relationships. An important career chapter might be ending this week, or you could be receiving news regarding this area of life. A big recognition type of moment is also possible. Around the middle of the month there’s a lovely energy for your creative projects and love life, which you will find very rewarding in the long-term. Towards the end of February, you become more concerned with improving your daily habits and health.



You’re starting the month on a very busy note, yet you could find some issues at work that will interfere with your productivity. A partner could demand your attention if you’ve been rather focused on family. Completion happening around higher education or travel plans, or dramatic news in these areas. You could be having serious conversations concerning your finances or spending habits. Home life is a big focus area for you, as you become serious in taking steps to improve your living situation. By the end of the month, you’ll get more creative than usual.



Tensions between creative projects and your source of income are possible this week. You’re inspired to create, yet daily life is very demanding now. Receiving new information about investments is possible, as well as debts being paid off. If you have something important and serious to communicate, you will most likely do it in the first week of February. You’re getting serious when it comes to productivity and by the end of the month, spending time and doing things at home will feel most comfortable for you.



The spotlight is on you early this month, yet your family or responsibilities at home could be interrupting this personal moment. Finances could also be affected by a romantic situation or creative projects. Endings or drama are bound to happen in committed relationships. There will also be information coming forward about either someone who doesn’t have your best interest at heart, or something related to your mental health that you must acknowledge. In the second half of the month your attention shifts to your finances and how you can improve them in a serious and dedicated way.



As much as you’re focused on your internal world, life might demand intellectual presence and productivity from you. Challenges at home might be getting in the way of achieving your personal goals. Health and work life receive a lot of attention now. Midway through February, expect serious news or conversations within a social group you’re part of. On a personal level, you’re in a very positive period, and you will feel empowered to get what you want. A new beginning for your identity is on the way.


General Astrology

1. Full Moon in Leo, February 5th: A day of drama and intense reactions, not too serious but definitely entertaining.

2. Mercury enters Aquarius, February 11th: Our thoughts and ideas become innovative, and our communication is still serious but detached.

3. Sun enters Pisces, February 18th: Things become dreamier and more romantic.

4. New Moon in Pisces, February 19st: A day to set intentions, dream big and love hard.

5. Venus enters Aries, February 19th: A period of intensity in relationships and possible impulse spending begins.

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