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Full Moon in Aquarius

Aquarius Full Moon - Cecelia Pty Ltd

Full Moon in Aquarius

Emotional Intelligence, Community & Service


24th July 2021


The Full Moon in Aquarius represents a time of personal change and transitions, and global or collective ones. There is a shift in consciousness available. Just like the ‘Water-Bearer’ who transmutes emotions (water) into higher thought forms and mental gifts (air), we are being guided towards similar abilities. This is the first of a two-month Aquarius Full Moon cycle, so be prepared for sudden changes or unexpected opportunities.


Key qualities of Aquarius: -

● Independent and self-assertive.

● Original, quirky, innovative and inventive.

● Analytical, perceptive, and bright.

● Both logical and intuitive…

● Very intelligent, but emotionally detached and aloof.

● Altruistic and a humanitarian.


Service and pathways to the Higher Self

First and foremost, this Full Moon is about service and aligning with your higher self. Aquarius is an air sign, and this brings hidden or less developed mental aspects to light. If you’re already quite confident in your cerebral powers and are on a professional or creative path that allows you to access a variety of mind associated abilities, now is the perfect time to take an extra leap. Strengthen them even further.

The higher self is also known as the higher mind, and this signifies portals to higher consciousness are available. The focus is on community and the connections you keep that strengthen your sense of mission. Projects will be taking up the majority of your time, and if they’re not you should consciously redirect your energy.

There is much inspiration available over this Full Moon… Zest, excitement and enthusiasm are part of the Aquarius personality set, so you will be feeling motivated and ready to take charge. All aspects of service, helping others (or the planet), charity and humanitarianism will be prominent. This is an excellent cycle if you work for a charity or non-profit, or on a welfare or eco project! If your intentions are pure and honest and you’re striving towards a better world for yourself and others, this is your path at this time. There’s a certain level of freedom and self-sovereignty available in finding your purpose as well. Aim for embodying “lightness,” channel and hold lighter.


Changes, internal shifts & transformation

Ruled by Uranus, the planet of change and transformation in addition to sudden shifts, you have got an opportunity to release, let go and realign. Release what is holding you back, no longer serves a purpose, and is causing more destruction or ill-health than good. This may be a relationship, job, mindset, habit, or anything that keeps you stuck in a negative cycle of existence. Align with what you do want to see in the world. Manifestation powers and the ability to magnetize abundance and bliss to you are amplified.

Uranus is known as the ‘Great Awakener’ and his effects can be catalytic. Evaluate what needs to fade away in your life. Use the gifts of analysis, fine-tuned perception, and a sharp and bright mind to determine truths and information. Remember that Aquarius’ energy is intuitive as well as logical, thus you can use a combination of mental skills for considerable results. Meditate on change and powerful transitions which lead to growth and self-evolution.


Energy healing

Healing is on the horizon! Spirituality, the Healing Arts, wisdom, and revelations relating to quantum physics, holistic well-being, alternative medicine, subtle energy and new inventions combining spirit and science; all of these falls under this Full Moon. Start or reestablish your healing practice. Wake up at a specific time to meditate, do yoga, engage in some gentle martial arts like chi kung (qigong) or aikido, and set some intentions over a glass of lemon water or herbal tea.

Cleaning out your system now whilst merging spiritual practices is the ideal way. Your physical body is one route to health, yet we are mind, body & spirit. An Aquarius Full Moon urges you to elevate your consciousness through well-being practices. Spirit connection. If you have been looking to get into a new professional pathway, think about enrolling in an online course or diploma. Any of the following fields are totally perfect now: Astrology, metaphysics, Reiki, holistic and alternative therapies, relationship counselling, hypnosis, numerology, and anything esoteric or holistic minded.

Aquarius is a revolutionary at heart, so there are many principles you can tune into for self-alignment and personal evolution. Thinking outside the box and getting your innovative,

inventive and genius hat on enables you to find better ways to do things within the relationships and structures in your life. Rigid thinking can be overcome and transcended into open-mindedness, expansiveness, and vision. Idealism is strong. Break free from old habits, intend freedom, and shift internally towards inspiration.


Be Mindful of Emotional Aloofness

Due to the nature of wishing to shift emotions and feelings into higher realms of mind and consciousness, it may be easy to fall into the shadow side of Aquarius through repression instead of transmutation. In your desire for raising up the emotional-watery energies you may unconsciously suppress or restrict your own capacity for feeling. This can be helped with artistic and imaginative expression, musical activities such as listening to, dancing to, or playing music, and movement that allows you to release and heal emotions.

Seek out conscious connections that will help to introduce you to new and exciting pathways of community. Surrounding yourself with a few close bonds that provide a shared feeling of resonance, of brotherhood or sisterhood, instantly aligns you with a level of emotional familiarity. This then provides the confidence and clarity you need for success, in whatever you put your mind to!


Many Blessings, Cecelia

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