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Full Moon in Aquarius

Aquarius Full Moon - Cecelia Pty Ltd


A Deeper Awakening; Soul Service

FULL MOON in Aquarius

August 22nd 2021


This is an interesting Full Moon, and this is because July saw a Full Moon in Aquarius too. Two significant lunar cycles in the same sign mean there is an extra dose of magic, and that the associated qualities and characteristics (of the star sign) can be tuned into with great effects. You can read up on last month’s Full Moon to get a firmer understanding, or foundation, of the key themes coming up.


Key things to know:-

● Uranus, Aquarius’ planetary ruler, symbolizes innovation, new inventions, change and sudden transformation. Uranus is the planet associated with revolution, and with this comes conscious evolution. You will be thinking about personal changes you can make to contribute to a better, greener, more ecological, and more compassionate world. And, what humanity is doing on a larger scale in terms of new inventions in technology, science, healing and medicine, and other fields.

● Aquarius rules the 11th astrological house of friendships, networks, groups and organizations, and hopes and dreams. Community ties and values will be coming into full focus.

● This Full Moon occurs on the cusp of Pisces- some astrologers may even suggest this is a Full Moon in Pisces! It’s useful to be aware of this as the positive blend of Aquarius-Pisces energies is beautiful…


Pisces qualities

Expanding on everything covered from July’s Full Moon in Aquarius, this one is happening on the cusp of Pisces. Pisces is the most spiritual and mystical sign, least to mention compassionate and gifted. Pisces is gifted psychically, clairvoyantly, intuitively and sensitively- they can pick up on subtle information and hidden vibrations. They’re also incredibly talented in the realms of music, art, creativity and the imagination.

As the 12th sign, they are the most evolved people of the Zodiac and also known as the ‘old souls.’ So, this Full Moon in Aquarius-cusp Pisces brings to light all of the Pisces qualities within. You can draw on the Pisces spirit and strength to add a steamy mix of qualities into the equation. Aquarius and Pisces are right next to each other, which means the Aquarius strengths can “supercharge” the Pisces ones, and vice versa!


Let’s explore what this means for you:-

● When seeking to create stronger foundations rooted in community and collective activities, do so with compassion and empathy in mind. There is a vast capacity for empathy and compassion on the highest of levels, something angelic and selfless even. Pisces’ influence will help you find unconditional love and universal compassion and then apply it into your visions and dreams.

● When connected to your powerful analytical, perceptive and observational skills (Aquarius), combine intuition and an awareness of subtle and spiritual energy. Aquarius’ energy is highly intellectual and logical while Pisces brings the vibration of unexplainable instincts and intuitive knowledge. Pisces can see beyond the veil of illusion, they can sense and receive hidden knowledge, wisdom and information- about everything. You can use this to help in your imaginative, creative, educational, professional, or inventive endeavours.

● Pisces adds a very significant aspect of emotional intelligence, empathy, and heightened emotional wisdom. Self-awareness and the ability to know others on a deeper level, through emotional and spiritual connection, is available to you in abundance. Aquarius perceives things with a sharp and quick-witted mind. They are bright, wise, mentally gifted and deeply insightful. Pisces is equally insightful, but with an extra dimension of depth and sensitivity. Use this to your advantage.


Service and alignment with your “Mission”

Do you have a mission in life? A deeper, soul-tingling, and resonant calling that you know you can’t escape or hide from? This Full Moon guides you into your true service and path. It actually pushes you in an organic way, in a way that makes it impossible for you to deny, reject, or put off! Over the period of our lifetimes we are all given messages and signs at key times showing us who we are, what we should be doing, and what we need to let go of and release.

Release is a key theme of this moon. We heal through letting go of our past versions of ourselves, things that we’ve outgrown from. However, we don’t do this solely through looking back at our past and seeking release (we may do this on a Pisces Full Moon!). When the moon is in Aquarius on the cusp of Pisces, it’s all about looking to the future. Healing is different for everyone and hopefully, by now, you will know what works for you. Maybe you’re the type of person who needs to go for a long run or dance session to heal and release stress, then sit with some healthy and nutritious food and unwind with a comedy?!

Or, you might be someone who prefers to create a sacred space, get out your tarot cards and crystals, and put on some tibeta singing bowls and chimes or other types of sound healing music. Or you could use sex, love-making or primal passion, with your lover as a way to heal! I personally like to aim for balance, with “mind, body & spirit” in mind… Do what works for you, yet do try to incorporate a healthy and balanced mix of energies.

As long as you’ve got the mantra or self-affirmation ‘release your past to heal and create your future’ in mind, you will be fine. It would be helpful for you to explore the 11th and 12th houses in astrology better as well, as this will assist in comprehending the transition and link from and between Aquarius and Pisces. Aquarius is a visionary and dreamer… Pisces is a mystic and dreamer.


Fertility, Projects, and Romance

New romance, new light, a new career, and new projects, this Full Moon represents everything new and the positive changes you can make in your life. Traditionally a time of completion, fresh starts are available to you, additionally. Fulfillment leads to new beginnings and the completion of previous projects or cycles aids in future manifestation. You will find yourself wanting to start new projects, seek out new clients, and be open to new relationships. Like with July’s Full Moon in Aquarius, trust your gut! Listen to your instincts and make sure your higher self is up to par, so you can receive important guidance and insight into next steps.

This moon teaches the incredible importance of being in tune with our higher selves and thus our intuition on a practical level. Although Aquarius is the air sign most connected to water (it’s symbol is the ‘Water-bearer’), Aquarius is a very practical and grounded sign. They’re not wishy-washy or overly dreamy and spaced out, like some water signs when acting from their shadow personality.

Aquarius is a practical dreamer which allows you to be one too! Emotions will be running high, senses will be heightened, and instincts and inner feelings will certainly be amplified. Yet you can use the strong cerebral, analytical, and intelligent currents to not only stay clear of drama and tension, but to also achieve success. This is a very positive full moon with nothing to fear.


Blessings, Cecelia

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