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Full Moon in Aquarius

Full Moon in Cancer

Full Moon in Aquarius: Reclaim your Uniqueness

We start the month with a potent Full Moon in Aquarius, taking place on August 3rd at 11:58 AM EST. During these days, the energy is inviting cleansing, rest, and purification. The Moon is encouraging us to release what we no longer need or want in our lives.

Full Moons always represent the peak and the blossoming of the entire lunar cycle: at this moment of the month, we reap the fruits of our efforts. We have the opportunity to see the concrete manifestation of what we’ve been working on during the earlier phases of the Moon and enjoy the results we achieved.

Aquarius is the rebel and the genius of the zodiac. This Fixed Air archetype is well known for its inventiveness and originality, for challenging the status quo and inspiring us to open up to different perspectives, lifestyles, and beliefs. It is ruled by unpredictable Uranus, the Lord of electricity, lighting, and thunderstorms: this is not a sign you can fit in one box.

Aquarius and Uranus are traditionally associated with sudden changes and disruptions. They also correlate with groundbreaking discoveries, artificial intelligence, and technological advancements, like the telephone, the internet, and robots.

Technological and scientific progress is constantly reminding us that life is in perpetual motion and that we need to keep up with its fast pace, in one way or another. Only one thing is certain on this Full Moon: she is going to surprise and electrify us.

Full Moon in Aquarius: Be Unique and Challenge the Norm

This Full Moon is showering us with a creative, original, and inventive energy. The celestial bodies are supporting any expression of artistry, and any project that has a relevant social function, that aims to improve the state of the world.

The Sun in Leo fuels our creativity and vitality, while the Moon in Aquarius invites us to challenge the norm, to be proud of everything in us that’s unusual, and to use it to our advantage.

Aquarius and Uranus remind us to embrace our weirdness and cultivate authenticity, to be unconventional, eccentric, and unorthodox. They urge us to dare to be ourselves unapologetically, to stop asking for permission, and to let go of any need for approval or external validation.

The Full Moon in Aquarius inspires us to reclaim our uniqueness and to follow our personal life path without worrying about other people's opinions, preferences, or judgments. Her invitation is to dare offer to the world something that only we can offer.

The current transits encourage us to believe in ourselves, in our dreams and vision, and in the choices we make, even if nobody else does. Cultivate your unique talents and gifts, and share them with others from an open heart.

Full Moon square Uranus: Breaking Free from the Old

The Sun in Leo and the Moon in Aquarius are forming a 90° square aspect with Uranus, the planetary ruler of the Full Moon.

The square is an aspect of tension: the inner conflicts we experience motivate us to move forward and grow. If we harness the current energy, we have the chance to find new, original, and ingenious ways to overcome limitations and obstacles.

Aquarius is a future-oriented sign: its function is to change the rules, establish new structures, and promote human rights and equality. Both Aquarius and Uranus urge us to innovate and to find alternative solutions to the current issues. They inspire us to be rebels with a cause and to strive to make the world a better place for everyone.

When Uranus is involved, there's often an element of shock and surprise. The ruler of Aquarius reminds us that we can choose how to relate to the pervasive feeling of not knowing what's going to happen. Facing the unknown doesn't have to be scary: it can be an exciting process. The unknown consists of infinite possibilities and pure potential: diving deep into it stimulates and accelerates the evolution of the human species.

Venus conjunct North Node: Unexpected Luck

On the day of the Full Moon, Venus in Gemini is just 2° away from the North Node. Their conjunction is exact on August 5, but we can already feel the benefits of this extremely supportive aspect.

The North Node is a point in space representing our individual and collective evolutionary direction. When a planet conjoins it, we are likely to experience a significant emphasis on the themes correlated to it.

Both Aquarius and Venus have something to do with relationships: Aquarius is traditionally associated with friendships, groups, and communities while Venus is the planet correlated to all our social interactions, romantic and not.

On this Full Moon we are likely to receive unforeseen support and inspiration from the people around us: be open to sudden and unexpected encounters. Exchanging perspectives and opinions with people of like mind may bring us insights and ideas that have the potential to change the course of our life.

The connections and interactions happening during these days are going to be karmic in nature. They are likely to support our Soul's purpose and may represent an integral part of our future path.

Unexpected events and opportunities are a possibility on this Full Moon in Aquarius: whatever happens is accelerating our global and individual transformation. The current planetary energies are supporting and quickening the paradigm shift we are collectively experiencing.

The Cosmos is encouraging us to break free from the old ways, hierarchies, and traditions, and inspiring us to create a new system based on equality, justice, and respect for individual differences.

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