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Full Moon in Aries

Aries Full Moon - Cecelia Pty Ltd

Full Moon in Aries:

Action, Ambition & Empathic Relating


October 20th 2021: 10:57am EST

The October Full Moon is unique in that it is occurring on an axis, where the Sun in Libra creates an opposition with the moon in Aries. This is known as the Libra-Aries, or Aries-Libra, axis, and this means there is a huge scope for balance and unity- a unification of polar opposites. A Full Moon represents accumulation and completion, so you will be reaching a point of clarity in your life. Old relationships, projects & partnerships may have finally reached their peak, for better or worse, and any lingering stagnant energy will be removed for good! Optimism flows powerfully when the moon is in Aries.


Key qualities of Aries:-

● Ruled by Mars, there is a huge amount of vitality, passion and energy available. Mars likes to take action, this planet is high in life force and enthusiasm to see progress in whatever it energizes. Competition and self-assertion are powerful assets when channeled wisely, but do be careful of aggression or being too domineering. The positive aspect of this fiery and impulsive energy is that it transforms and cuts through blocks, confusion and BS like a lightning bolt! Change is on the horizon….

● Aries is known as the child of the Zodiac which makes them carefree, optimistic and innocent. They're passionate individuals and you can use this passion and genuine zest for life to see goals, dreams and aspirations realized. Aim to be the best, as Aries is quite literally ‘number 1.’


Balance Action with Receptivity

Due to this moon occurring on an axis or opposition, the typical qualities of Aries can be balanced with the strengths of it’s opposite sign, Libra. Aries is masculine, assertive, dominant, courageous and willful- Libra is magnetic, receptive, peace seeking and a lover of compromise and cooperation. While Aries seeks to be number, the best and outshine others Libra is working

towards a more harmonious and just world. This is one of the main themes showing up in your life now.

Use this wisdom to find the best possible balance in any area of life that needs it; a relationship, career, a project or collaboration, home or business life… Big currents of power and energy are coming your way, a type of vitality that helps you become so incredibly level-headed and assertive. Fearlessness is flowing through you with ease! But, you have less risk of falling into the tyranical or overly dominating, competitive and aggressive characteristics of Aries, due to the Libra influence. Always keep this balance in mind.

Also, Aries symbolizes the “self” and Libra represents the “other.” Thus, this unification and harmonization of self and others will be showing itself to you, sometimes in revelationary and enlightening ways. Previous life experiences and social interactions may come to the forefront of your consciousness, and you will see such interactions with fresh perspective. Be adaptable whilst simultaneously staying aligned to your own truth. Fertility, abundance, self-discovery, diplomacy & meditation skills, and deeper empathy can be attained.


Courage and Self-Leadership

All of Aries sign’s qualities are coming into focus: ambition, honesty, assertiveness, confidence, high self-esteem, courage, self-leadership, and a positive outlook. Tune into these as much as possible. Actively practice positive mindfulness- stay optimistic and upbeat. Organizational skills are well-developed in this sign, so you can use this to your advantage over this Full Moon. Creativity combined with innovation will also assist you greatly.

Instincts and intellect can be found and accessed in a unique way. Aries is claircognizant, they receive information from the world around and from the ‘gut feelings’- the instincts- they feel and receive. They have deeply developed senses and are very self-aware. All of these qualities can help you step into self-leadership and enhance your personal autonomy, power and self-authority.

Independence and autonomy are further balanced with the need for companionship. Do you feel balanced in this area? Do you live your life with fierce self-protection, courage and self-empowerment while knowing how to open up and be vulnerable?! Are you a lone wolf, a free-spirit with an aura of self-sovereignty and emotionally available, sensitive to others needs, and flexible? Consider writing down a list of ‘polar opposites.’ Reflect on the different but complementary qualities needed to make partnerships & relationships thrive. Then, choose a course of action to integrate and embody them.


Emotional Intensity (Channel into Conscious Action!)

Be mindful of impulsiveness, impatience, and heightened emotions. Aies is surprisingly sensitive, and impulsiveness and a fiery temper are some of their worst shadow traits! Emotional intensity can be channeled into passion projects and worthwhile, meaningful, collaborations. Relationships can equally benefit from this mindful pro-action.

Physical exercise can help to release stress and anxiety built up from intense emotions. Aries is a highly competitive person who usually excels in sports; while water signs are predominantly spiritual and empathic, air signs intellectual, and earth signs down-to-earth and practically attuned, fire signs are instinctive & physical. Developing or expanding a work out practice will increase physical strength and vitality, and increase your vitality and determination, willpower and emotional resilience. Sports, martial arts, and even more gentle movement “medicines” such as yoga will really assist you in finding inner contentment. Cool your emotions down through stress release.

Finally, spend some time in nature. Take a stroll in the evening and absorb the night time lunar energies… play frisbee or a fun activity during the day with friends or co-workers- just get your legs moving and heart pumping! Aries energy can help you to access your heart power, self-love, whilst enabling you to find the confidence and self-alignment within to forge your own path and good luck. Express your deepest emotions- anything you’ve been holding back within relationships, or beliefs and feelings you haven’t had the courage to share. Liberation is to be found here.


“Magical Mantras” for this Full Moon in Aries

Aries: “I choose self-alignment for my best possible path. I recognize my strengths, passions and inner courage and embody them for victory & success.”

Taurus: “By standing strong in my light and truth, I become a force of inspiration for others to follow. Gentleness combined with self-authority is my superpower.”

Gemini: “Logic & rationality help me access my strengths and direct them in a proactive way. Using my mind is a source of power for physical achievement!”

Cancer: “I embrace my sensitivities while not being overcome by them. Fire, fire the element and fire energy, help me develop the strength & courage needed for self-evolution.”

Leo: “Now is my time to shine! I am fully connected to my soul essence, and I am fearless yet mindful in all my endeavours. I aim for conscious and empathic relating.”

Virgo: “I use my ability to access the small details and perceive with fine-tuned awareness to create beauty and abundance in my life. Personal power amplifies within when I speak & act with courage.”

Libra: “My balanced and peace-loving disposition helps me soar! I am a source of inspiration and justice for the people in my life, and they know they can count on me to speak the truth.”

Scorpio: “My light is a natural guide and motivator- my fearlessness helps others shine and succeed! Financial prosperity and soul gifts alike expand through meditation and a clear plan of action.”

Sagittarius: “Spontaneity allows me to shine and develop both my career and personal relationships. All stagnant energy is removed from my life- I commit to letting go, healing and surrender.”

Capricorn: “Self-actualization is a direct result of following my highest joy & passions and sticking to a concrete plan. I recognize the spiritual and physical/material aspects in my life for a balanced existence.”

Aquarius: “Insecurities are a golden compass to healing and self-development. I can glow and thrive even within my self-doubts and fears. Choosing love, connection & light comes effortlessly through devotion to my path.”

Pisces: “My inner warrior spirit is free to shine and soar! I am a force of compassion, unconditional love and inspirational devotion- people see my soul and strength and want my magic.”


Many Blessings, Cecelia

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