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December Full Moon

December Full Moon - Cecelia Pty Ltd

Full Moon in Cancer:

Emotional Stability & Harmony in Relationships


19th December 2021


This month’s Full Moon falls in empathic and soft-hearted Cancer, quite a contrast to the fiery Sagittarius New Moon and Solar Eclipse earlier. Cancer may be gentle, passive, and self-sacrificing, but they have a mighty temper! Cancer is actually one of the most passive-aggressive, moody, and pessimistic star signs, so despite their wonderful qualities (and they do have some beautiful traits) you need to take note to ride the waves as smoothly as possible.


A Gemini Full Moon?


You may have ready other articles stating it’s a Full Moon in Gemini, and this wouldn’t be totally inaccurate. As the full moon is so close to Gemini, there's also a significant Gemini influence, which provides a strong cerebral and sociable energy into the mix. Adaptability is key to this lunar cycle, and you can apply an adaptable and flexible mindset to any ventures, projects, and relationships for success. Gemini is open-minded, philosophical and multi-talented, which also makes them able to see multiple perspectives. Although there is a chance of developing a mild case of “multiple personality syndrome” (sorry Twins!), you can make the most of heightened intellectual frequency through testing out your mental rapport and communication skills. Geminis pride themselves on their bright, sharp, witty, and agile minds.

Connect to your inner social butterfly and chameleon. Use the sensitive, emotional, and empathic vibration of Cancer as a foundation, as a base frequency… And then layer it with Gemini’s love of fun, play, and mental stimulation. Zest and vibrancy can be harmonized with depth and understanding at this time.


Key qualities of Cancer:-

● Cancer is ruled by the glyph of the Crab. This sweet and compassionate sign is both empathic and wise, and moody and solitude seeking. They are very private individuals and have supreme protective measures in place. Cancers are devoted, loyal to loved ones, self-sacrificial and creatively gifted. If a Cancer is not making the most of some imaginative, artistic or creative gift, it is a sure sign that they are on a downward spiral! Or not living life in alignment, honoring their truth and highest self, or simply making the most of their raw potential.

● Cancer is a nurturer and caregiver, a powerful support system for friends, family, and lovers. But they’re also hypersensitive, over-emotional, pessimistic (negative), clingy and prone to codependency. You should be aware of both of these extremes to make the most of this final Full Moon of the year… You can find true love within and around, and beautiful synergy and harmony in intimate relationships if you tap into the positive characteristics of this emotionally deep sign. Cancer’s influence is sensitive, artistic, nurturing, motherly, and emotionally caring, least to mention incredibly wise, intuitive, and imaginative with potent instincts.


Caring, Compassion, and Nurturance

Sensitive, compassionate, nurturing, and caring, a Cancer Full Moon is special enough as it is. But this moon leads into a new year, 2022. 2022 is a 6 Universal Year when looking at numerology (astrology’s sister!). This makes it incredibly powerful and significant… A 6 year in numerology represents the feminine archetype: the mother, lover, caregiver, sister, and nurturer. Cancer’s energy is actually reflected in number 6, so it is no wonder that many of us will be feeling the magic and potential of the Full Moon on the 19th.

Family will be a main theme over this lunar portal and leading into 2022, as will the caring and healing fields. Cancer is ruled by the fourth house, the astrological house of family, home, physical foundations, and roots. You’re being guided back to your roots. Spend more time with family members, blood family; your aunts and uncles, cousins, parents, siblings, grandparents and extended family where possible. If you can’t physically be with them, arrange more phone calls and webcam chats. Just make a conscious effort to reestablish family roots- you will find wonderful memories swimming to the forefront of your conscious mind when you do!

As Cancer rules the home & family, childhood memories of joy and innocence will flood your psyche. Ruled by the Moon, Cancer symbolizes the subconscious mind, so speaking to family can spark powerful instincts, wisdom, and insights into your truest joys in this lifetime. Our childhoods shape and create us. Of course, family ties also aid in feelings of belonging and security. If you’ve become too ungrounded or overly independent, or have set your own path in recent years, now is the ideal time to reconnect, reestablish, and realign with your past.

Even a glimpse of remembrance will keep you positive and optimistic about your future, and heal and release karma associated with family & childhood wounds and trauma. Focus on healing, clearing karma, and attuning to your adult self, your mature, balanced, and whole self. Wholeness here is mentioned in relation to the chakras and your kundalini, the awakening of life force and spiritual energy when all chakras are balanced and awakened.


Be Sensitive, But Grounded

Self-love is the fastest way to healing. Tuning into your sensitive, feminine, and empathic nature will help you connect to the higher vibration qualities of Cancer. A lack of empathy and compassion, mindfulness and self-awareness will instantly set you on a lower vibration, such as reacting from childhood wounds, unresolved trauma, or shadow personality traits! This is where chaos, confusion, and temper-tantrums come out…. And it’s not pretty. A Cancer on a warpath who craves only self-protection and the need to be right can cause actual chaos and destruction around them.

To connect to the ‘light’ aspects of this Cancer Full Moon, turn your attention towards the Moon. The Moon is symbolic of the subconscious realm, the Great Mother (as an archetype), instincts, intuition, and the inner world of feelings. Considerable sensitivity and empathy arise from this space, and it’s from here where the need to “be right” or “prove another wrong” disappears. It is from this space of complete honesty and vulnerability where we can become accountable for our actions, live up to self-responsibility, and embrace our darkness & follies. Someone who can’t do this is, unfortunately, destined for a lower timeline- a life course where they continuously project their unhealed wounds and destructive patterns of behavior on others. And this can affect all aspects of life, from love and family bonds, to career, finances, health, and holistic well-being.

Cancer is a really powerful sign, for this reason. Meditate on, contemplate, and reflect on the influence your subconscious mind has on you. Look back to insightful dreams, to lessons learned from failures and hardships (success and victories too!), and to any past experience that provided a valuable lesson. Honesty, transparency, vulnerability, and overcoming self-denial are key here.


Creativity and the Imagination

Cancer is the sign of “practical magic!” The creative energy here is very different to the type of creativity displayed by fire sign Sagittarius, and December’s New Moon. Cancer prefers to access artistic talents in a more subtle and even spiritual way- Sagittarius is an extroverted and fiery extrovert, however. This New Moon is all about connecting to your inner vision through the ideas and impressions you receive from the ether, astral and spiritual realms, and the subconscious planes which are a direct link to universal archetypes, and extraordinary revelations.

If you don’t consider yourself mystically attuned or psychic at all, think about what you’ve wanted to attempt but have never had the time or courage to. Practical skills, crafts, and creative fields like graphic design or website creation all come under imaginative Cancer’s realm. Have fun and let your inner child flow!


“Magical Mantras” for this Full Moon:

Aries: “I embrace my sensitivity for the ultimate version of me… By toning down my fiery impulsiveness, I connect with more people and on different levels.”

Taurus: “I am allowed to crave solitude if I desire. It’s in silence and introspection where I find my beautiful light for social connections later.”

Gemini: “Artistic gifts come naturally to me when I slow down and connect to my inner Source. Too much logic and reason can prevent soul talents and empathy from soaring…”

Cancer: “If it’s my will, it will happen. I embrace my magical powers of manifestation and co-creativity and surrender to my higher mind.”

Leo: “My imagination is a source of inspiration and connectivity… I use it in a practical way for the best effects.”

Virgo: “Letting light into my life is the same as accepting my shadow self; both must occur to find wholeness and happiness.”

Libra: “I learn to adapt ever so slightly to encompass a broader range of human emotions and experiences. My mind serves me well, yet my soul and heart ‘instinctively know’.”

Scorpio: “I seek to transcend duality by tuning into Oneness. Sensitivity, instincts, and compassion swerve as a fool-proof way to my highest self, and to abundance.”

Sagittarius: “I can’t change the past but I can create my future. In order to shine and succeed, I become more humble, graceful, and empathic in my words & actions.”

Capricorn: “Balance and harmony manifest when I tune into my sensitivity and empathic mind, heart, and soul. I am naturally caring and generous, and this is a source of strength.”

Aquarius: “Being assertive should not come at the expense of empathy or kindness. A gentle persona is sometimes needed to communicate and connect... I realize this now.”

Pisces: “My desire for a beautiful and harmonious world is a strength, yet I recognize the importance of self-care, boundaries, and saying ‘no’ to others. People-pleasing and self-sacrifice are detrimental to both myself and others.”

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