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Cancer Full Moon

Cancer Full Moon - Cecelia Pty Ltd

Full Moon in Cancer:

Extrasensory Perception & Heightened Emotional Intelligence


17th January 2022


If you’ve been following my blog, you will know that last month, December 2021, gave us a Full Moon in Cancer. Everything written here applies to this January’s Full Moon. Let’s expand on this. Two Full Moons consecutively in the same star sign mean that the universe & cosmos are giving us a big sign. This is where we should be turning our attention to at this time. Cancer is a deeply emotional, sensitive, artistic and caring water sign; they’re known for their motherly and nurturing qualities, and their profound instincts and imagination! You can use any feelings of solitude and needing privacy to connect to the spiritual and artistic worlds.


The main themes of this Cancer Full Moon:


Instincts verging on Psychic Powers...

This lunar cycle brings a magical and spiritual energy. The first Full Moon in Cancer was about making sense of our pasts, our need for family and a sense of belonging, and connecting to creative and imaginative gifts. All of this still applies, but now, in the first month of a new year, you are given a chance to take these to the next level. Extrasensory and psychic gifts will be highlighted; you’re starting to tune into the mysticism of the spiritual universe, supernatural gifts and divine abilities included!

Now is an excellent time to read the poetry of Rumi, or more modern day mystic poets like Grace Gabriella Puskas. Channel cosmic frequencies from the comfort of your sacred space, or your home, and see what astral visions and revelations want to come through. You may find that gifts from childhood come streaming back into consciousness.

As children, we are more sensitive to the world around us. Many children have psychic and spiritual gifts, many of us clairvoyant, clairaudient, or clairsentient (or all 3) in our youth. It’s when we grow older that the illusions and distortions of society begin to divide and separate us. This has a profound effect on our emotions and beliefs & mindsets too. Children possess an innocence, and they’re also connected to the subtle, mystical, and supernatural energies and forces of nature… Shamanic gifts are a core part of a young soul’s blueprint and vibratiory frequency- we are born with certain gifts intact.

Cancer is the sign of the natural healer, empath, and spiritual seer. An ability to know things instinctively and intuitively, free from rational or logical thought and free from self-sabotaging patterns of thinking, can lead to some of your best creations, and your greatest abundance! Tune into the subtle and subconscious realms where universal archetypes, profound imagination, psychic visions and senses, and information from the ether are rich. Career, health, finances, relationships, your love life, and long term aspirations can all get a boost and benefit from these Cancerian qualities.


Allow yourself Rest & Rejuvenation

As it’s the beginning of a whole new cycle, and because Cancer is sensitive and naturally introspective, of course, it’s essential that you start the year on a high and low note. This means, remaining positive and optimistic whilst being respectful of the need to go within and recharge your energies. Life isn’t all adventure and desire (two qualities of the fire signs, for example); it’s also rest, solitude and the wisdom that arises, and silent contemplation. Giving honour to your need for sacred space, solitude, and time for healing & rejuvenation can help you access certain gifts, either already integrated gifts that just need some extra t.l.c, or unexplored and forgotten ones.

Do you find yourself getting lost in the busyness of life? Perhaps you seek stimulation and external validation or pleasure more than your respect for the silent moments in your life?! Do you feel uncomfortable or even lost when disconnected from society, the social “norms” that teachers, peers, and older adults have imposed on you? Do you even recognize the difference between ‘conditioning’ and personal freedom and choice...? These are all things you can reflect on and heal, transcend and evolve through this January.


Time for a Deep Dive… So you can return to the Light!

Hopefully, as someone who has been following the moon cycles for a sufficient period of time now; you will already be quite “healed” and “whole.” In other words, you’ve previously been on a journey of shadow self integration, and overcoming childhood wounds & trauma that keep you stuck in a low vibration! If this is the case, you can take a deep dive to return to the light. The powerful subtle and introspective currents of Cancer should not go overlooked, but this doesn’t mean you should get stuck in darkness either. ‘Go within to go without’ (one of my favourite sayings) and then rise like a phoenix into the light…

Only spend brief moments going through old journals or engaged in activities that highlight subconscious forces and insights. We’ve not long had a New Moon in ambitious and level-healed Capricorn, so there is a lot of practical energy and motivational force there for you to work with. Stay alive and bright. The shadowy realms of the subconscious and watery depths of the sea serve a wonderful benefit, if you can channel the wisdom and insight received into your waking life reality. Be grounded and look towards the lingering energy of the Capricorn New Moon if you feel yourself slipping.


“Magical Mantras” for this Full Moon in Cancer

Aries: “I take my powerful self-leadership skills and infuse them with gentleness and empathy. True power comes from love, and love is not true love with ego.”

Taurus: “My subtle and receptive nature allows me to step into self-autonomy. It’s ok to be gentle and kind and a boss!”

Gemini: “Home serves as a constant reminder of the love and support in my life. I count my blessings and show gratitude to friends & family who always have my back.”

Cancer: “Instincts and desires expand in my life the more I connect to my subtle and intuitive gifts. Passion is good if I can stay in control of my emotions.”

Leo: “My past is not a hindrance, and I am not exempt from the laws of karma or ancestral pain. Any darkness once felt is fuel to my eternal light… I embrace change and lessons.”

Virgo: “My sensitivity and genuine caring for people helps me attract wonderful opportunities in my life. I may be modest, but my voice is legendary!”

Libra: “There can be no light without darkness and no shine without shadow. Living in self-denial or emotional repression serves no-one, least of all myself...”

Scorpio: “I accept that I may not know everything, nor is my way the only way. I am a leader and a boss but I know how to be gentle and adaptable.”

Sagittarius: “Senstiivty is not a weakness! Any distorted belief patterns are released from my life now: I can shine & succeed and loosen my need for control and dominance.”

Capricorn: “My professional success is a reflection of the love I receive from home. Family, friends, and loved ones are just as important as social status.”

Aquarius: “I may not have it all figured out, but what I do know serves as a force of inspiration in the world. My talents and soul gifts are motivational!”

Pisces: “Soulmates and friends help to show me key insights into my past. Even the hard or low times were blessings; I accept my destiny and integrate my inner Sun and my inner Moon...”

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