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Full Moon in Cancer

January Full Moon - Cecelia Pty Ltd

Emotions, Attachment, and Comfort


6th January 2023

The Full Moon is known to illuminate and highlight things that might’ve been hidden, and when it happens in sensitive and homely Cancer, it’s our emotions and needs that come to the surface and demand attention. With this in mind, get ready to release any past hurts and nurture not only yourself, but also your loved ones. On a mundane level, it’s an ideal time to cosy up, prepare your favourite meal and watch a movie with whoever makes your heart warm. You will also see that there’s a crucial connection between this Full Moon and the Cancer New Moon that happened earlier this year, a time when we planted the seeds of what we want security and comfort to look like in our lives.

To have a better understanding of this Moon, look back at the events happening around June 28th, 2022. Things started during this date are bound to be reaching completion now.


Key qualities: -

● Cancer is represented by the Crab, and people born under its influence though very emotional, have a strong armour to protect themselves from the hardships of the outside world. Therefore, it’s only logical that the bright Full Moon illuminates that which we usually keep to ourselves.

● Cancer is also a Cardinal sign. This modality is the starter of things, the energy that pushes us towards taking the first steps into our objectives. So, with this particular lunation comes an inner urge to be more active and intentional in the act of letting go.

● Water is the element ruling this Full Moon, and as we know, water is closely connected to emotions. This makes for a day of strong feelings and possible outburst, so bear this in mind when dealing with others and don't take sudden reactions personally. Empathy is a great asset during full moons.


The act of releasing our burdens

As we mentioned before, Full Moons have the capacity to shed light on what’s been hidden away, and Cancer rules not only our deepest emotions but also who we are at our core. For better or for worse, this includes our strengths, our places of comfort, our weaknesses, and all the hurt that has had any impact on our identity. Some of that pain has made us stronger, while some of it is probably weighing us down.

When the Moon is full, this means that the Sun is directly opposite her, and we- in between the two luminaries- get to witness how the fiery giant illuminates her wholly, no parts concealed. Inevitably, this day might make us uneasy as we are confronted with our burdens and made to take an honest look into them but watching them is not the most important part of this transit. Becoming conscious of what we carry on our backs, allows us to make an essential decision about this process: releasing.

The energy of this Full Moon urges us to observe our struggles and let them go, and this might bring strong emotions to the surface as well. Be ready to have a self-care day while you work through all these feelings and remember to be kind to yourself.


The importance of building security

This Full Moon means that the Sun will be in Capricorn, Cancer’s sister sign. And Capricorn is all about the outer world, how we are perceived in it and how we manage the affairs related to it. Now is the time to see some of the results of these management skills we’ve been cultivating.

Back in June we had a New Moon in Cancer, in which we set the intentions for the six months that followed up until now. During that time, we had to assess how we wanted to build security for ourselves. We held tight to our dreams of comfort and began the challenging quest of mastering our inner world, so that one day we could show ourselves (and others), the strong foundations we are capable of creating.

Despite the fact that we never truly stop working on ourselves, this lunation requires us to sit back, take a break from our internal hustling, and appreciate how far we’ve come and how much more comfortable we are now than we were six months ago when we embarked on this journey. And with Cancer being such a domestic, devoted sign, why not share this moment with those who mean the most?

A great way to do this is to gather up those people closest to your heart and pamper them in whichever way you do best, be that cooking a meal or organising a get together to play board games or watch movies. Anything you choose to do will remind you that you can create comfort and security for yourself and others.


Give your needs a voice

One of the key characteristics of Cancer is to be caring and nurturing. Now during the past few months we’ve been working on how we care for ourselves and creating strong foundations to be our own sources of comfort. But are we self-sufficient islands? Once we learn to be kinder to ourselves, we can finally understand that we also need others, their care and nurture. Let yourself be reminded that your needs are absolutely valid and want to be met. Throughout This Full Moon we will be faced with what these emotional essentials actually are, and we should get ready to voice them, so that we deepen our connections. Being vulnerable enough to accept our weak spots, and then being heard by the people we love is a powerful thing that promotes emotional and spiritual healing for everyone around us.


“Magical Mantras” for this Full Moon in Cancer:

Aries: “I’m grateful for everything this space has given me, but I am ready to move on.”

Taurus: “Every day I choose positive thoughts and focus on small actions that take me closer to my goals.”

Gemini: “I have a positive attitude toward money and understand how to spend it wisely.”

Cancer: “When I show vulnerability, I create opportunities for mutual growth between others and myself.”

Leo: “I release my emotional burdens and prepare for a new chapter in my spiritual life.”

Virgo: “When I see myself in the context of community, I realise my full potential and the impact of small acts of kindness.”

Libra: “It is okay to change my path and pursue my true purpose in life.”

Scorpio: “Life becomes easier to navigate when I allow myself to be guided by my higher self.”

Sagittarius: “I am grateful for all the abundance in my life and that which is still on its way.”

Capricorn: “The act of letting go is what strengthens my trust and commitment to my loved ones.”

Aquarius: “I am ready to free myself from habits that do not serve my highest purpose, and welcome health into my life.

Pisces: “My talents and creativity are worthy of being seen, and I recognise how much value I can bring into the world by creating beautiful things.

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