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Full Moon in Cancer

Full Moon in Cancer

2020’s final Full Moon falls on December 30th, whilst the Sun is in ambitious and practicality-driven Capricorn and not long after some incredibly significant transits. The Full Moon is happening in Cancer and lights up the areas of home, family, roots, and creativity. Cancer is a very sensual, sensitive, and creative sign, so let’s explore what we can expect in more detail.

Firstly, remember that Full Moons are symbolic of completions, ‘coming full circle.’

Cancer: The Home-Loving, Compassionate Water Sign

This Full Moon is all about completion and a sense of renewal at home and on the domestic front. Family will be in focus, either your extended family or the family-life you have created in adulthood. This is a very mature and spiritually insightful lunar cycle, Cancer sign rules the 4th House, the house of home, roots & family. One needs to be mature to deal with real-world issues.

Domesticity will be one of the center points of your focus. Your time and attention could very well be on the presentation of your home or room- beautiful objects, lovely smells, and things that bring you feelings of peace. Cancer loves peace and quiet and is very, very imaginative. You would be wise to work with essential oils and the elements during this time.

Gemstones and crystals that help to connect you to your watery-emotional nature, your inner sensitives, are strongly advised. Moonstone eases chaotic emotions and brings emotional harmony and stability. Selenite helps to connect you to your higher self and higher chakras (energy portals) so that you can see with clear sight and vision, and a sense of spiritual and subconscious awareness. Cancer is ruled by the Moon as we explore next.

In addition to healing and calming gemstones you should pay attention to your dreams. The Cancer star sign possesses an amazingly powerful intuition- and strongly developed instincts. There is a direct link to the subconscious mind and realms, therefore this link is also available to you. Dream recall and paying attention to the messages, insights and wisdom in dreams are amplified at this time, so do make sure you take some time out to get in the right energetic space for dreaming.

Dream tips: -

1. Turn all electronic and Wi-Fi devices off at least one hour before sleep. Electromagnetic interference can be quite harmful, especially during and after a Full Moon (and even more so in the sensitive sign of Cancer!).

2. Keep lighting to a minimal or none at all. Sleep is enhanced by non-artificial lights, so consider keeping the curtains open for natural moonlight and turning off all lighting. Candles and eco lamps are ok.

3. Binaural beats or nature sounds linked to the element of water- such as ocean waves or dolphin or whale sounds- are ideal. You can keep one device on for healing sounds. Search for ‘binaural beats for sleep and dreaming’ on YouTube and you will find a lot of perfect choices.

The Moon’s direct influence

Due to The Full Moon residing in Cancer and Cancer being ruled by the Moon herself, we have the direct energies of the Moon by our side. The Moon is feminine, symbolic of the body and emotions, and brings feminine qualities of nurturance, caring, kindness, compassion, and passivity. There is a gentleness available on and after the 30th, just as the Sun is associated with action and masculine forces of empowerment.

‘Yin’ qualities can be sought after and connected to. Yin is passive, receptive, magnetic, and feminine, it is the duality of yang (masculine energy) and deeply emotional in nature. Positively, this means heightened instincts and intuitive powers are available. Inner moods and sensations, feelings, and internal currents are brought to light.

Self-awareness and self-discovery are key themes with this Full Moon, and you can enhance them through journaling, introspection, music, art, spending time in nature, getting enough sleep and rest, and conscious dreaming (all Cancerian qualities and associations). All in all, our imaginations are amplified and combined with the Sun’s recent journey into Capricorn on the 21st, this is a very self-empowering moon cycle.

Sun in Capricorn- some grounding and stability

Furthermore, Capricorn is deeply harmonious with Cancer’s energies. They are actually opposite each other in the Zodiac wheel, and in terms of compatibility Cancer and Capricorn are considered a good match. Capricorn provides a sense of security and grounding that Cancer loves while Cancer’s imaginative and instinctual qualities are received well by this down-to-earth and comfort-loving earth sign. Both signs love comfort, authentic connection, and emotional bonds in addition to commitment in relationships.

So, if you’re feeling a bit spaced out or overly ethereal, something that can happen during a Cancer Full Moon, just remember you have the grounded support and security of the Sun in

Capricorn. Positively your ethereal and sensitive qualities will be enhanced, which means psychic and spiritual gifts can soar. This is the ideal time to do some psychic or spiritual development work and self-healing!

Key takeaways: -

● Cancer is sweet, sensual, compassionate, and imaginative: All these qualities can be enhanced through conscious self-development and inner work/healing.

● Cancer loves home: Any activities engaged in around the house and home will bring you emotional satisfaction and a sense of belonging. Cooking, creativity, arts & crafts, music, gardening, and even household chores are the best ways to soothe your mind and spirit.

● Be mindful of the power of your subconscious: The Moon’s energies are amplified during a Full Moon in Cancer. Dreaming, nurturance, kindness, acts of selfless giving, and empathic communication are in focus and can therefore be developed and embodied. Generosity and selflessness replace any feelings of anger, resentment, and selfishness at this time.

● Intuitive, psychic and spiritual powers: Cancer may be compassionate and a homebody, but this water sign is also incredibly psychic and intuitive. Spiritual gifts can be expanded, and self-realization achieved through acts of soul connection; music, art, creative self-expression, meditation, yoga, tai chi… As a Full Moon is all about ‘completion’ you may already be at the end of a cycle on these matters. If so, remember the power of gratitude for integration.

Final thoughts

We are about to enter a new year, a numerological year ‘5’ and soon to be the year of Ox. 5 is all about freedom, individual liberties, and change. Combined with Saturn entering Aquarius this month (December 2020) and Uranus in Taurus (the ‘Great Awakener’ and planet of r/evolution and positive transformation), there is a lot of ground-breaking and catalytic energy in store. Some of the changes we see on an individual and global level may very well be jaw-dropping! Surprises and shifts in perpetuity...

The Ox in Chinese Eastern astrology, of course, represents hard-work, honesty, and intelligence; traits we can tap into for the best success.


Many Blessings, Cecelia

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