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Full Moon in Gemini

December Full Moon - Cecelia Pty Ltd

Connections, Communication, and Community


7th December 2022


This month’s Full Moon falls in cerebral and outgoing Gemini, the sign of the Twins who love to chat! This means you can use your powers of persuasion and excellent communicative skills to get ahead. Whether you’re looking for expansion in love, romance, healing, spirituality, professional self-development, or business, it’s all about communication now.


Key qualities: -

● The Twins is Gemini’s glyph, and this represents duality. Polar opposites within are seeking harmony and integration, or at the very least acknowledgement. For example, being both emotional and intellectual, instinctive, and rational, intuitive and reasonable…

● Air is a masculine quality, which provides inner strength and self-assertion. Geminis are leaders, not followers, although they don’t mind playing well with others or being in a team. At least on a personal level, self-leadership is called for, including standing strong in your truth.

● The Sun is in Sagittarius whilst the Moon reaches completion in Gemini. As Sag and Gemini are opposites, this is the ideal time to integrate your opposing qualities within. Balance, harmony, and integration are three keywords to reflect on.


Inner Yin and Yang

It’s time to balance your inner Sun and Moon, or your inner yang and your yin. Gemini is all about duality, balance, and oneness, finding strength and unity in everything that seems to contradict itself. Gemini is an analytical air sign, so the way you’ll find your unity and wholeness now is through rational and logical mental pathways. The higher mind is lit up and amplified, which includes intellectualism, logical and analytical thinking, deep and philosophical thought processes, imaginative gifts, and intuition.

We each have an inner Sun and inner Moon, masculine and feminine energies and qualities that want to show themselves in equal measure.

When the Sun is fiery and electric Sagittarius while the Moon is in intuitive and imaginative Gemini, this is a great opportunity to practice your people skills. Listening skills, communication style, skills, and approach, and the art of connecting to others with a range of inspirational qualities. It takes practice, and this is what the Full Moon is asking. Taking some time for meditation and mirror work where you talk to yourself in front of a mirror, observing your body language, facial expressions, and general aura- the “vibes” you emit, can work wonders.

Professional, educational, artistic, intellectual, and social projects and pathways are all lit up. Gemini rules the 3rd house of local connections, friendships, school and work projects, neighbours, cousins, and immediate ties in your social environments. There is a large focus on community and the bonds you keep now. You might want to spend a couple days online or with your paperwork going over every detail relating to your finances, business, and physical measures you’ve put in for security. Think ‘self-preservation’ while not going too much into isolation or lone-wolf syndrome.


Speak from your gut!

The cosmic theme is being a warrior of truth, speaking from your gut, and having no fear when it comes to expressing your truth or perspectives. Your voice matters. Your observations and reflections are important, and likely spot on. Gemini at a higher vibration shows us how to transform opinions, which are a lower level of human judgement, into perspectives and belief systems of sound judgement. Over time and with the gifts of maturity and experience, we take our entire life experience and journey and create a set of principles, morals, ethics, beliefs, and rules to live by. This cannot occur in the presence of judgement.

So, now is the perfect time to show the world what you’ve got! Either you’ve achieved some level of perfection or self-mastery in this realm, or you’re still in the self-development stages. Either way, contemplate on what you have learned, and then seek to use your voice in a way that inspires, educates, or creates unity as opposed to separation. Confusion is an inevitable part of life, yet you are the one who’s here to show others how to rise above the illusions and chaos of the 3D world.

Avoid drama and gossip, as there’s a lot of higher truth and wisdom to be found. If you’re not in a particularly chatty mood, simply listen. Be receptive to the wisdom and world views of others… There is so much knowledge to be found.


Be a warrior of truth

Finally, on the same vibe, you might feel a strong inner calling to stand up for the underdog, speak for a group or collective, or take charge in a more dominant way. Always keep the spirit of teamwork and solidarity in play, because it is Sagittarius season; Sagittarius’ shadow includes being blunt, self-righteous, and aggressive! Therefore, you don’t want to fall into these three

negative expressions. But do work on your inner fire and light so that courage is developed. Social justice interests you immensely now, and if you’re not speaking up for others who need some support and recognition you will be seeing- clearly- how you need to work on yourself. Perhaps you’re the one who needs to learn how to tone it down, and give more respect to the feelings and needs of others?


“Magical Mantras” for this Full Moon in Gemini:

Aries: “I am a force of truth and change when I speak authentically and with empathy.”

Taurus: “My benevolence shines through for all to see, yet I also embody self-respect for the best outcomes.”

Gemini: “My newfound sensitivity to the needs of others attracts prosperous and beautiful new friendships!”

Cancer: “When I balance my passive and submissive side with forceful and dominant qualities, I become the change I wish to see.”

Leo: “My dominance and excitement are infectious to all I meet. I must learn, however, to balance zest with calmness and inner peace.”

Virgo: “Now is the time to let out my wild side, as when I have fun, I show others the meaning of determination and hard work.”

Libra: “There’s nothing wrong with enjoying myself, but I must also learn how to be serious when conversation calls for it.”

Scorpio: “My depth and ability to see with soul are appreciated in superficial situations. I embrace my emotional nature for successful relationships.”

Sagittarius: “I embrace my wild and flirtatious nature so I can shine truth and wisdom in the moments they are needed.”

Capricorn: “My commitment to work hard and create an unbreakable foundation, even through the holidays, is admirable!”

Aquarius: “Balancing logic with intuition and analytical thinking with imagination is the path to professional and personal victory…”

Pisces: “There’s nothing wrong with being sweet, sensitive, and spiritually aware in a disillusioned world. My truth is a steppingstone to ultimate truth.”

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