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Full Moon in Leo

Full Moon in Leo

Full Moon in Leo

Amazing Heart Connections!


16th February 2021


This month’s Full Moon is occurring in passionate and fiery Leo. Leo is one of the most magnanimous and kind people of this world; they’re happy to shower their friends and loved ones with gifts and blessings, sharing the love! Ok, it’s true that Leo is simultaneously known for being dramatic, but their fiery displays stem from a deep need for love and affection, and connection. You can use this powerful Lion and Lioness energy to find deeper connection, intimacy, and community bonds now.

Check out the planetary placements in your birth chart. Do any planets fall in Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius? If they do, they can provide insight into what you should be focusing on right now, and what themes are prevalent in your life.


Key qualities: -

● Leo energy teaches us how to love without condition and fully. Heart-centred energy flows in abundance during and after a Leo Full Moon. You can discover how to interact and communicate with others in a pure, loving, and innocent way, further finding out who is for you and who isn’t. In life, when we try to meet someone on our level, with tolerance, compassion, and a non-judgemental and loving attitude; they’re reaction or response will tell us exactly who they are. There’s a great saying to live by: “when someone shows you who they are, believe them!”

● Passion and life force will increase at this time, so if you need to express yourself through exercise, creativity, sex, or something as adventurous as wild swimming or mountain climbing, don’t be afraid to let yourself be free. Our sense of innocence and playfulness is activated at this time. You may find yourself packing a backpack and jet-setting somewhere random, like to Mexico, Thailand, or a national park in your own country. Leo may not be as adventurous as Aries or Sagittarius, but they do possess a spontaneity and open-mindedness that translates as a deep love of freedom.


Let the Love Flow

Firstly, it’s important to advise that you should always retain personal boundaries and discernment this month. There is a lot of illusion, and humans tend to harm others whether it be intentionally or unintentionally, through our thoughts, projections, judgements, and words and speech when we’re less balanced and healed ourselves. Ok, now that’s out the way… let the love flow! Open your heart, be fearless in your desires for connection, and don’t be too inhibited in expressing your views and speaking to others with passion. It’s still Aquarius season, the idealistic visionary. Aquarius believes in a greater global community, in a collective consciousness, and in altruistic and humanitarian values.

Combined with the Leo Full Moon and the symbolism it brings, you are given a green light by the universe to express your innermost desires, needs, and feelings. It’s a new cycle too! Commit to a higher consciousness and engage in activities that strengthen your heart chakra and physical heart organs. Yoga, tai chi, kundalini dance, meditating with a hand over your heart area, and visualising a beautiful golden light entering your heart space are all powerful ways to get in tune with your inner sense of compassion. Kindness and empathy flow from this space, as do wisdom and a deeper knowledge of who you are and what you bring to the table. We really start to see our gifts and unique talents and realise our full potential when operating- or vibrating- from the heart space.

Did you know that the heart chakra is a link or bridge between lower self and higher self- the lower human consciousness where emotions and primal instincts & needs grow and prosper; and the higher divine or spiritual consciousness…? People with a closed heart chakra tend to lack empathy, tolerance, and the ability to see multiple perspectives. Whereas those of us with an awakened and activated heart chakra can communicate and interact with others on a different dimensional plane entirely.


Romance and the Fertility of Projects

Both romance and creativity will be on your mind a lot over the next few weeks following this Full Moon. Leo has immense life force and creative energy. They’re expressive communicators, open-minded, imaginative, and artistically gifted, usually excelling in some creative or musical field. The Leo-Aquarius polarity in play (Moon in Leo; Sun in Aquarius) gives us a wonderful opportunity to find balance in our lives. This balance is regarding the personal and impersonal, the intimate and more detached- with Leo being the intimate sign who craves connection and Aquarius being the lone wolf. Apply this polarity to the work you do and artistic acts you perform. You may find yourself initiating a new project or idea as you wish to gain personal and professional recognition, or simply because it is a genuine passion that sets your soul alight. Then, you realise it actively contributes to something greater than you, something “big picture” and collectively or culturally healing.

Simultaneously the opposite is true; you could set intentions to create for the good of others, humanity, or the planet as a whole (Aquarius energy) and then find extreme pleasure and joy in the creative acts. Be aware of both, the duality and oneness of life… the bottom up, the top down, the inside out, and the outer to inner. They all hold significance at this time!

RE romance, reflect on the qualities of the Lion, Leo’s glyph, and spirit animal. Lions are courageous, passionate, primal, and community-driven, so all of these traits will find their way into your approach to love and romance if you should let them. Also, try to find harmony and balance within a romantic bond, specifically regarding your sexual urges and the friendship bond you share. You might even find your true love during this cycle if you’re in a positive vibration with all of your wounds, triggers, and traumas healed & integrated…


“Magical Mantras” to follow for this Full Moon in Leo

Aries: “Emotions are clues to my deepest desires and personal boundaries. I’m not afraid to express them and feel fully!”

Taurus: “I honour my need to rest and recharge so that I can show up for myself and the world. I’m not a robot- I’ve got a divine vessel which needs healing too.”

Gemini: “Play and creativity let my emotions flow in a healthy way. Working on communication skills will help me to overcome impulsiveness and irrationality.”

Cancer: “I’m not afraid of my power! I’m an empath and a natural healer, and I’m free to shine and be my greatest self.”

Leo: “I am a divine expression of Source and the light of the heavens. Regardless of my religious beliefs, I know there is a spiritual and invisible energy to life… and this gives me power.”

Virgo: “Ritual and sacred space can help me find my highest joy. If my creativity has been suffering, now is the time to re-spark my passion for life.”

Libra: “My voice is a tool that can raise others up or harm and cause chaos. I am now aware of the power of my words, intentions, thoughts, and expressions.”

Scorpio: “My intuition is so powerful that even the birds and nature can hear me thinking! I am telepathically and spiritually in tune, and this doesn’t make me crazy!”

Sagittarius: “Travel is good for my soul while loyalty helps me understand the power of intimacy. I work towards becoming more grounded and stable in life and love.”

Capricorn: “I welcome the power of friendship and community and take sufficient breaks to see balance in all areas of life.”

Aquarius: “My vision is aligned to my truest self, the version of me where I am shining with people who see my core and my soul… I embrace my need for meaningful bonds.”

Pisces: “My past will always be with me, so I take the lessons and alchemize them into wisdom and medicine. I am a healer, a channel, and a source of inspiration for others!”

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