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Full moon in Leo

Leo Full Moon - Cecelia Pty Ltd

Full Moon in Leo:
The Benevolent Lion with Immense Creativity

This January’s Full Moon on the 28th is in the astrological constellation of Leo. The energy is all about positive growth and change, abundance, and considerable opportunities for creativity and imaginative self-expression. Leo is the heart of the Zodiac ruled by the majestic Lion. Leo is immensely creative, artistic and imaginative, authoritative and benevolent. This sign brings the qualities of generosity, life force, passion and integrity- there’s a regal, noble and majestic vibe associated with the Leo sign. Despite being very fiery, there’s also a unique magnetism and social grace about this proud sign.

Key Qualities: Leo “the Lion”

● Protective: Leo is fiercely protective with a deep love of family, community and caring for loved ones.
● Passionate: Full of enthusiasm, passion and life force, Leo is a fire sign and full of zest.
● Fun-loving and Adventurous: Playful, spontaneous and adventure-loving Leo loves fun and play…
● Generous: Incredibly magnanimous, Leo has a big heart and is very kind and giving.
● Loyal: Leos make amazing friends, family members and lovers. They’re loyal to a t.
● Warm and Dynamic: This sign is warm, friendly, sociable and dynamic, with a fiery personality and lots of courage.

What’s the point of knowing this? The Full Moon in Leo enhances our ability to connect to these qualities, all of the strengths and personality traits of the star sign are brought to attention.

A Creative and Fiery Full Moon

Primarily, this month’s moon represents creativity and artistic vision. Imaginative self-expression, art, music, poetry, painting, drawing, and getting creative in any way you see fit are the best ways to access your full potential. Now would be the ideal time to master a musical instrument or a skill like fine-art, real-life drawing, or even creative cooking. Color healing can help you access your soul’s true colors and lead to considerable self-development. Music therapy will allow you to see the various notes and tones of your spirit, mind and emotions. You could also engage in some ‘creative cooking’ such as by using the colors of the rainbow to make delicious and flavorsome foods.

Try and find ways to include creativity and your imagination in your immediate environment from the 28th. You can spice up your room, home and life through adding colors that reflect your mood, or enhance it. Below is a general guide to how you can use color healing for the best effects.

● Red: Incorporate reds to enhance passion and fire! Red symbolizes life force, energy and vitality thus leading to passion.
● Brown: Brown can help to ground you and connect you to your body and the earth. It also brings a direction link to Mother earth, the natural world around.
● Black: Black is an excellent color for intellectual abilities and sophistication. It is grounding and empowering.
● Orange: Orange is ideal for emotional and sexual healing. It can help to heal past memories and sexual experiences, and balance and harmonize your emotions. It can also be used to supercharge sensuality and creativity.
● Yellow: Yellow is a fiery and bold color that can aid in self-empowerment, confidence, self-esteem and healthy boundaries. It enhances a connection to purpose, personal power and authority, and willpower.
● Green: Green increases feelings of self-love, universal love, empathy, compassion and self-awareness. It is great for strengthening personal and intimate relationships, a connection to and respect for the earth/planet, and friendships. Green will also help you to develop patience, tolerance, non-judgment and spiritual awareness.
● Light or sea/sky blue: Light blues are great for instilling peace and serenity. They calm and harmonize your mind, emotions, and senses while aiding in inner contentment and clarity of perception.
● Dark blue and Indigo: These colors can expand your imagination and ability to think clearly and rationally. They enhance subtle perception and your ability to connect to dream states, the subconscious mind, and your higher self- your ‘third eye’ and psychic, spiritual and intuitive gifts.
● Purple: Purple has similar effects to indigo and can expand intuition, vision, foresight and spiritual awareness. Purple also brings feelings of deep peace and serenity, clarity of mind and perception, and can alleviate depression and low moods.
● White: White brings a sense of purity. It can be used for spiritual healing, a cleanse or detox (to assist the process), and purification of mind, body, emotions and spirit. White helps to connect you to your soul and the spiritual realms, if you choose. Gold can also be used to enhance a sense of nobleness, majesty and royalty. You can therefore work with gold to increase manifestation powers and money/resources/finances.
● Rainbow: The colors of the rainbow have a powerful effect on your psyche and subconscious. Thye can lead to sparks of insight and inspiration, increased imagination and creativity, and joy and positivity, and prosperity, luck, and happiness. Overall, the rainbow colors increase your mood with optimism and allow you to look on the bright side of life, thus amplifying your personal vibration.

“Big Picture” Thinking

It’s all about the big picture, so it’s time to tap into your visionary qualities. The Leo Full Moon opens channels and portals to higher consciousness, the ability to see the big picture and attune to your Higher Self. That’s right, this January’s moon relates to your higher self and mind. This is the part of you that is able to create a bridge to the higher realms, advanced and developed levels of intuitive and psychic insight, subtle perception, and a connection to the subconscious mind. Everything spiritual, conscious and higher is the higher self. And, the imagination and intuition (including clairvoyance & psychic abilities).

This is all enhanced through the energy of Aquarius. It’s Aquarius season, which means there is a lot of energy in collective themes. Aquarius is the most altruistic and humanitarian sign (next to ‘old soul’ Pisces, of course!). This cerebral air sign represents social justice, conscious rebellion, and a love of community and humanity. Aquarius’ are deeply concerned with the wellbeing of others, animals, the planet and humanity as a whole. They’re altruistic and empathic and are ruled by Uranus, the planet of Great Awakening, change and transformation- which reflects their nature for desiring change and shifts in consciousness.

So, it may be a Leo Full Moon but it’s happening when the Sun is in revolutionary Aquarius. It’s also useful to know that Aquarius and Leo are opposite each other, and when two signs are opposite each other it is a call for balance and harmony- a unification of the opposing characteristics.

Be Mindful of Drama!

Despite all of the positive influence and qualities of Leo, there is potential for drama. Leo is the most dramatic sign, they are the kings and queens sitting royally on their thrones looking down at people (when at their worst). The ‘Leo shadow’ symbolizes bossiness, drama, arrogance, and a domineering and controlling attitude. This sign likes to be the center of attention. They command the spotlight and demand respect and admiration. This can lead to suppressing and overpowering others and attracting a lot of chaos and drama!

It’s therefore important at the time of the Full Moon that we take care of our egos. It’s easy to fall into a tyrannical and dictating role as displayed by the shadow (dark) side of Leo. Or, you may find yourself becoming frustrated and triggered more easily than usual, as Leo is prone to aggression and temper tantrums... Make sure you take time for meditation and introspection.

Spiritual healing, a morning mantra and affirmation routine, spending sufficient time in nature, and healing yourself through poetry, music, self-expression (imaginative, artistic, creative etc.), art and introspection and all advised. Do as much of these as possible. Draw, paint, write poetry, make music, cook, bliss out with music, meditate and get in tune with your soul. Leo may be a drama queen/king but this magnanimous and creative sign certainly possesses soul and depth.

Step into the Spotlight

Finally, there are conscious and positive ways you can make use of this egocentric energy. It’s an excellent time for living up to your destiny. Create a vision board or get out an old one. Energize your goals, dreams and aspirations; ambition and passion pursuits are strong. Projects can be given the burst of life they need to succeed, and you yourself can achieve significant accomplishments and victories in both your professional and personal life. There’s a greenlight from the universe to be playful, fun, glamorous and flashy too. It’s ok to be bold and courageous at this time. Move forward with your dreams and goals.

Blessings, Cecelia

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