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Full Moon in Libra

Libra Full Moon - Cecelia Pty Ltd

Full Moon in Libra

Self-Mastered Communication


16th April 2022


This month’s full Moon is happening in Libra, the sign of balance and peace. Libras are natural peacce-makers, but their skills don’t just lie in the diplomatic fields. They’re excellent analysers, problem-solvers and intellectuals and academics, with some amazing cerebral and mental skills. They also have artistic, musical, and imaginative gifts- Libras are all-rounders! As an air sign, they are quite masculine by nature and inherently, but they also have a very feminine planetary ruler. Venus is symbolic of nature, love, romance, beauty, sensuality, and luxury.

All these themes of Libra are lit up this month, so make the most of it. You may find your inner counsellor coming out, or naturally taking on a more peace-making role in your friendship and family circles.


Key qualities: -

● A peacemaker, a diplomat, a counsellor, an excellent listener, and capable of deep empathy, this is the lunar cycle to fine-tune your sensitive and caring gifts. You’re able to see multiple perspectives and all sides of a story now.

● Venus’ influence allows you to express yourself musically and artistically with heightened imaginative powers. You will find yourself appreciating ascetics, natural beauty, and art more…

● Because Libra is an air sign, there’s also a window for educational and professional activities linked to the higher mind. Analytical and higher mental abilities will be amplified; and you will find yourself wanting to share your knowledge, stories, life experience, wisdom, and personal insights & perspectives1 Go with it.


Romance, Relationships, and Conflict Resolution

Your need for total harmony and unity in your relationships will be taking centre stage. Any sort of coldness won’t be tolerated by you now, so if you find yourself coming to the realisation that you’ve let some pretty cold and negative or harsh people into your circle, you won’t be able to tolerate their rudeness or need for conflict and war. War can be a state of mind, the way you communicate, a reaction or response, and any emotional, spiritual, or psychological state; it doesn’t have to be seen as physical violence. A desire for peace and harmony is what drives you when the moon is in Libra.

Communication also comes into the picture. As an air sign, there is a lot of flexibility and adaptability, although Libra is cardinal and not mutable. Meditation, holistic healing activities, mindful communication, and being totally committed to peaceful resolution are what are needed to help your soul soar and your mind shine. Choose health over the illusions and ignorances of the world. Don’t worry about being seen as too this or that, too cool or talented, too peaceful and kind, or too anything. Someone is going to judge you regardless of what you do. There will always be someone who is unhappy with you when you’re being yourself. Changing who you are to fit in or because you think you will be judged creates hardship and confusion in the future. If you want to create a future with bliss, beauty, and harmony, start in the present.

Start with your relationships, close, intimate, family, friendship, platonic and business. Look towards the qualities of Venus and try to steer away from Mars. There’s still some energy from the Aries New Moon earlier this month, which means there will be some lingering aggressive and tense energy. Perhaps you will find some people even trying to compete with you, overpower, or boss you or others around, like with those who haven’t healed their hidden insecurities, childhood wounds, shadow traits, or toxic personality follies. Always be the peacemaker and not the aggressor or tyrant. If people try to project on you or bring you into their drama, simply think, “I am a beautiful being of light. I radiate harmony and love wherever I go…” You don’t need to react to every single thing you see or hear!


Balancing Self-Assertiveness with Compromise

The desire to be bold and speak your truth will overcome you at times, so this needs expression. Your inner soldier and spiritual warrior who stands up for others and what is right and true, justice, and everything pure and loving needs expression. Your inner guide and majestic spokesperson for others is shining brightly, boldly, and silently. Regardless of whether you speak up or choose a more passive and introspective path, you won’t be able to deny your need for justice and higher truths. Perhaps even universal truths? You’re able to compromise, but you also need to stand strong in your own convictions and put some boundaries in place. This increases your light and allows you to speak up when you need to, equally giving you discernment for when to stay silent. You can’t help others if you're always depleted or in a state of over-giving and over-sharing….

Aim for grace and charm over needing to prove yourself. Simultaneously aim for justice and fairness over needing to appease others. Self-assertiveness can be increased with enhancing your inner fire. Sexual libido and how you channel your sexual energies can help immensely in the realm of communication and relationships. Consider learning from the tantric masters and spiritual people of the world. There are many people who can control their sexual desires, no matter how intense, and redirect their creative energy into creative, educational, professional, and lucrative money opportunities. This Full Moon is the perfect time to learn how to control and master or at least gain some level of self-control over your libido and passions.


“Magical Mantras” for this Full Moon in Libra:

Aries: “My need to win or be first can work in harmony with my ability to compromise, soften, and adapt.”

Taurus: “Sensuality is a route back to my soul and true self. I no longer live in fear of others’ judgements.”

Gemini: “My team spirit is a path to the divine, so I access musical and creative gifts to be free.”

Cancer: “Romance allows me to step into self-sovereignty. Emotional softness and wisdom open doors to abundance and lasting joy.”

Leo: “Playing with my spirit through music and art is a therapeutic process, which also activates hidden abundance.”

Virgo: “Service and helpfulness are beautiful, but I also must learn to honour my own needs and emotional desires.”

Libra: “My light is a source of inspiration for people. My joy and freedom ripples outwards so other people know they can be free…”

Scorpio: “Self-mastery is not limited to sitting at home alone! I can also be self-mastered in public places.”

Sagittarius: “Craving independence should not be confused with recklessness or impulsive behaviour.”

Capricorn: “Inspirational qualities flow through me when I connect to my source of wisdom and inner authority.”

Aquarius: “Intellectual and analytical gifts are what provides balance in other areas of my life… I always remember my imaginative & intuitive mind!”

Pisces: “Soul alignment is only possible when I balance and integrate all parts of self.”

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