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Full Moon in Pisces

Pisces Full Moon - Cecelia Pty Ltd

Full Moon in PISCES

~ Inspiration, Creativity & Soul Growth

September 20th, 2021

This Full Moon in Pisces occurs right at the end of Virgo season, as the Sun is slowly but surely making it’s ways into Libra. This is significant when we reflect on the September New Moon in Virgo- Pisces is Virgo’s opposite! This means that balance is a major theme coming up, specifically, the energetic associations and symbolism of the Pisces moon can be balanced with the lessons learned from the Virgo moon on the 7th. Further, this Pisces Full Moon is an accumulation, a completion, of the themes from March’s New Moon in Pisces…

Creativity, inspiration, spiritual growth and healing, and deep emotions were all symbolic of the new moon in March. These themes are coming up again, but this time there is a “level-up” available, a boost and amplification.


Key qualities of Pisces: -

● Ruled by Neptune, the planet of dreams, illusions, psychic gifts and spirituality, this New Moon provides opportunities to connect to your soul and psychic gifts. Instincts will be heightened as will your imagination. You can find solace and wisdom in mysticism, the mystical & healing arts, creativity, imaginative outlets of self-expression, and the subconscious mind. Neptune also rules emotions, feelings and internal currents so all of these themes will be amplified during this Pisces moon.

● Pisces glyph, the astrological symbol, is the Fish, the two fish swimming in opposite directions representative of duality. Pisces is a dual sign, they can see multiple perspectives, truths and paths…. The negative aspect of this is indecision, procrastination (Pisces can be master procrastinators!) and a lack of dependability or grounding. Positively, being a dual and Mutable sign allows them to flow with the tides of change and go with the flow. They’re adaptable and open-minded, and this flexibility of mind and self can help you to embrace growth, self-evolution and change.


Romance, Emotional Depth, and Healing

Soul growth and evolution will be on your mind, and this is strongly connected to your understanding and awareness of past relationships. Love, romance and intimacy- and the memories you may have repressed or simply forgotten- will be coming up more powerfully than ever. Pisces are the most empathic and emotionally aware sign, they’re wonderfully wise. They have a unique ability of seeing the world from an emotional and even soulful perspective…

This influence can help you access previously gained insights and self-realizations surrounding intimate relationships, love, sex and romantic connection. And your needs and wants now. Past life memories can be accessed; a desire for a soulmate bond and completely leaving behind the toxic or karmic interactions of past relationships, will be prominent; and full consciousness of cycles that once held you down, and the steps and mindsets needed for a better, more fulfilling and divine love, will be realized. You’re very self-aware of the subtle energies and forces of previous connections at this time.

So, what will you do with it? Healing is certainly on the horizon... Be brave and wholly honest in your emotional needs, self-knowledge and the lessons you’ve learned thus far. This is a time of forward movement and evolution- no digression or succumbing to escapist tendencies or self-denial. Anything you’ve transcended and risen above from your past, like toxic displays, inharmonious and unhealthy communication, the inclination to be too sacrificing, submissive or appeasing, or being too aggressive and dominant…. Childhood trauma, projection, wounds and insecurities spilling out into your relationship, jealousy or possessiveness... Any negative, reactive and not aligned to your higher self-vibration can be overcome for good over this Full Moon.

Focus on love and intimacy, connection, on the highest vibration. Tune into the ‘Old soul’ energy of the final and most mystical & spiritual sign, Pisces, and open your higher mind to ultimate truth. It is human nature to seek harmony, wholeness and a love that is true and pure.


Creativity and the Imagination

Creative, musical, imaginative, and multi-talented, Pisces is a bit of an artistic genius! Anyone who knows someone born into this sign and living up to their full potential will tell you how extraordinary Pisces are. Divine inspiration, subconscious revelations and new levels of creativity born from psychic and instinctive gifts are all available to you. There is a magic surrounding this Full Moon, Pisces brings a feeling of magic, mystery and unlimited potential. Anything is possible.

Dream up your most special ideas and future creations… let your visionary self-shine…. Use the emotional depth, wisdom, and intelligence of Pisces to further expand your creative pursuits. Subtle energy, spiritual energy, allows you to access the realm of the infinite and eternal, which also expands your intuition and capacity for imaginative thinking. Romance can spark desires to create and engage in art and music too, so don’t close yourself off to a number of paths and possibilities. If it brings excitement or makes you feel inspired, flow with it!

An intuitive approach is called for, meaning there’s not much space for over-analysis or relying on logic & reason for success (unlike the Virgo New Moon previously this month). Channel whatever you’re feeling inside from intense emotions and desires into art, music & creativity.

This will not only aid in self-esteem and personal confidence, but it can also bring a greater sense of health and well-being, and an increase to your finances.


Spirituality, Dreams & Subconscious Insight

Here are some other key themes of this magical moon: -

● You will be feeling drawn to the occult, esoteric subjects, ancient wisdom and universal laws & teachings. Let your mind ponder the mysteries of the universe, and if you’re already well on your path, commit to self-mastery and taking things to the next level.

● Find ways to access your higher self, see the divine in self and life, and visit a healer, shaman or reiki practitioner, or attend a sound bath or sacred/sharing circle. Spirituality is strong and spiritual healing and perspective can bring much needed guidance in your life.

● Create a sacred space at home, engage in some cleansing and smudging. Get your crystals out, cleanse and charge them under the Full Moon’s light, and consult your tarot or divinatory cards. Alternatively ring up a friend who always offers wise counsel and is a secret witch, age or ascended master! 😉

● Aim for purification of mind, body & spirit- without falling into the ‘perfectionist’ traits of the Virgo sun. Access the invisible and unseen realms for self-evolution and proceeding on your journey, taking the next steps, solidifying a project or path, etc. Divine guidance comes directly from Source, the mystical worlds…

● Your subconscious mind comes alive during a Pisces moon, therefore pay close attention to your dreams and the symbolism found. Be conscious of how active your higher self is during dreamtime.


Be mindful of….

The Pisces shadow traits: being too emotional or over-sensitive, moodiness, codependency and self-sacrificial behavior. Pisces can be escapist, give into emotional manipulation, and resort to extreme submissiveness and people-pleasing. Show up for yourself, focus on your passions and talents, life path and service instead. This will naturally help you to see all the positive and light in your life! Live from your heart and soul…

Finally, if you’re still working off the practical and grounded energy of the Virgo New Moon (and it’s still Virgo season, after all) use Pisces’ ethereal and wise energy to add an extra dimension to the projects & plans begun earlier. You can still work from a concrete framework or foundation- just attune to the “soul,” “spirit,” and “multi-dimensional magic” elements the sensitive Fish brings. Combine and balance the mundane and practical with a higher consciousness.

Many Blessings, Ceclia

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