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Full Moon in Pisces

Full Moon in Pisces

Full Moon in Pisces: Dreams and Reality

On September 2, at 1:21 AM EST, a wonderful Full Moon is arriving in the sign of Pisces: this potent cosmic event is setting the tone for the two weeks ahead.

Full Moons always represent the culmination and blossoming of the lunar cycle: they illuminate and bring clarity to what was previously uncertain. During these days, we witness the maturation of our efforts: we have the chance to reap the fruits of our work.

We are going to experience the creative tension linked to the opposition between the Sun in Virgo and the Moon in Pisces. This configuration is exacerbated by the presence of Mercury in Virgo and Neptune in Pisces: both planets are transiting the signs they rule, putting the spotlight on the natural contrast between these energies.

While Sun and Mercury in earthy Virgo encourage us to ground, plan ahead, organize our days, improve ourselves, and become more efficient, the Moon and Neptune in Pisces inspire us to dream, to take it easy, go with the flow, adapt to what happens and trust the wisdom of Life.

While Pisces resides in the world of dreams, fantasy, and imagination, Virgo grounds us into reality, inviting us to invest our energy and focus wisely, to cultivate discernment, common sense, and to make conscious choices.

The Full Moon in Pisces increases our sensitivity and compassion, emphasizing our longing for peace and unity: she encourages us to harmonize contrasting energies in order to find emotional balance.

Sun and Mercury in Virgo: Get Better Every Day

Virgo is an Earth, Yin, and Mutable archetype, ruled by Mercury, the planet of rationality and logic. This sign aims to gather and share knowledge that has practical applications and can be useful for ourselves and others. The missions of Virgo are ongoing self-improvement and service to others. These are the reasons why Virgos are famous for being perfectionists and for their critical attitude: their goal is to get better every day and help others improve their lives too.

Mercury in Virgo promotes deep self-analysis and the critical thinking capacity we need to become aware of our flaws and shortcomings. The Sun in Virgo shifts our awareness on what can be better, what can be more efficient, and on how we can concretely help others. Virgo inspires us to ground in the present reality and invites us to commit to a continuous self-improvement process.

The distortion of the true mission of Virgo can cause a sense of guilt, failure, and ongoing anxiety: the awareness of our flaws and of the work that we still have to do can provoke intense

insecurity and feelings of inadequacy. The danger is to focus on an unattainable ideal: perfection is unreachable, and we are never satisfied with the results we obtain.

Moon and Neptune in Pisces: Go with the Flow

Pisces is a Yin, Mutable, and Water sign: the last archetype of the Zodiac represents the end and the beginning, both the completion of a process and its very beginning. With Pisces, we surrender control, accept the timing of the Universe, go with the flow, and allow our situation to unfold as it is supposed to.

Ruled by Neptune, the God of the oceans, this archetype is guided by intuition and unexplainable feelings: Pisces has a natural connection with subtle energies and the mystical dimension of existence. Neptune rules imagination, creativity, music, dance, poetry, and magic. Its long-term transit through its home sign (happening from 2012 to 2026) invites us to come back to a spiritual perception of the human experience and to reconnect with the sacred dimension of life.

Common shadows of Pisces can be a tendency towards passivity and inaction, and the inability to commit to anything or take responsibility for one's destiny: we get lost in dreams and illusions and lose contact with the actual reality. When Piscean energy is out of balance, we struggle to get things done, and to implement concrete actions that allow us to get closer to the life we desire.

Full Moon in Pisces: Between Dreams and Reality

The Moon in Pisces forms a supportive sextile to Uranus in Taurus: this aspect encourages us to welcome unexpected changes and look at the unknown with a sense of excitement. Meanwhile, Venus opposite Saturn reminds us to see every situation, no matter how challenging, as an opportunity for transformation and growth.

On this Full Moon, we are likely to feel a general confusion regarding what is going on in the world: we may struggle to understand what is real and what is not. Both Pisces and Neptune correlate with all mass phenomena, with the collective unconscious and the global emotional body. They symbolize the invisible mechanism through which events that take place in other parts of the planet affect us personally, on an emotional level.

This cosmic event enhances our intuition and our sensitivity to what happens to and around us. Integrating critical thinking and cultivating discernment through the polarity of Virgo becomes crucial to ground the increasing emotional energy. We need to take care of ourselves and create healthy boundaries from a place of self-knowledge and self-respect.

Ultimately, the opposition between the Moon in Pisces and the Sun in Virgo urges us to come into contact with the beauty and the inherent perfection of the present moment. The Full Moon in Pisces invites us to allow things to unfold as they are supposed to. She encourages us to accept our current situation as it is, while taking responsibility to do what we can to make it better.

Blessings, Cecelia

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