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Full Moon in Taurus

November Full Moon - Cecelia Pty Ltd

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus

Romance, Self-Care, & Practical Wisdom


November 8th, 2022


It might be good to remind ourselves of the Eclipses in the Taurus-Scorpio axis, as this is one of a series that began last year! A Full Moon coupled with a Lunar Eclipse is a powerful event rooted in benevolent, practical, creative, intellectual, and compassionate themes. The 6 eclipses this one is connected to are as follows:

● April 2022: Solar Eclipse in Taurus

● May 2022: Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio

● October 2022: Solar Eclipse in Scorpio

● November 2022: Lunar Eclipse in Taurus

● May 2023: Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio

● October 2023: Lunar Eclipse in Taurus


There was a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Taurus on November 19th, 2021, last year. So, look back to any key themes and events, or self-realisation and self-discovery moments around this event.


Key qualities: -

● Taurus is the grounded and material loving earth Bull. This makes them very practical, responsible, reliable, trustworthy, luxury loving, pleasure-seeking, and instinctive. Taurus is deeply sensual with strong instincts and intuition, equally being able to attract material wealth and resources through being so practical and wise. Inner strength and determination in addition to abundance increase through the earth element, which is a strong part of this Full Moon.

● All things love, beauty, and romance come under this Full Moon as well, due to the planetary influence of Venus. Relationships come into focus in a major way…


Self-Love and Deeper Intimacy

Taurus is ruled by Venus, so the aspect of completion associated with it being a Full Moon combined with the Lunar Eclipse element provides gateways to your inner self. You will feel yourself more in tune with your subconscious mind, whilst simultaneously being alert and conscious to the messages and insights coming through your psyche. This moon is a call to self-love, intimacy within and around, and more meaningful relationships. IF you’re single you may be feeling more drawn to a passionate and committed relationship than you have in the past 2- 3 years. Excitement sparks, yet it’s a grounded type of passion and energy; it’s a loving, compassionate, and down-to-earth excitement that wants commitment and stability. People who have been single for a while could literally find their kundalini sparkle and shine with life force!

It's really important to be open to meeting a potential lover, or at least heal your sexuality and take steps to align with a soulmate in the near future. Intimacy is not just solely equated with sex; it signifies companionship too. Relationships come in all forms, shapes, and frequencies; therefore I wouldn’t let fears get in the way. This Solar Eclipse is a portal to your deepest desires and needs, and your deepest self. So, once you get in tune with your own sensual, self-loving, and intimate nature, transcending the fear and being open to love and companionship, you will find there is someone who can meet you on your level. Everyone emits their own frequency and vibes on their own wavelength… Soulmates (your soulmate) share your wavelength! Set some intentions to find love or a friend and companion you can journey with. This human experience is not meant to be lived in solitude.

Relationships with others aside, this is the perfect time for self-care. Journaling, introspection, meditation, nature therapy, and tuning into your Higher Self through spiritual or healing and holistic practices are all ideal. Remember: a Solar Eclipse connects you with the subtle realms and higher dimensions. It aligns you with your spiritual self, your soul body, and activates your auric field. This includes your rainbow body, kundalini, access to multidimensional and dream states, and ability to receive psychic, intuitive, and subtle messages and wisdom from the universe. Essentially, everything related to the spiritual and astral realms amplify. Through self-care, not only do you awaken your Higher Self, but you are better able to attract abundance. Universal laws including the law of attraction increase and become more readily available.


Grounded and Practical Wisdom

It cannot be stressed how powerful this Full Moon is for gaining or expanding your practical wisdom and security. Everyone’s feeling a lot more grounded now, but this down-to-earth energy comes with amplified intellectual and innovative gifts. Taurus is both kind and intelligent, compassionate and logical, and creative and artistic and practical. A balanced and high vibration Taurus woman or man emits positive vibes of wisdom, maturity, empathy, emotional intelligence, and warmth. They are very approachable- people know they can rely on them for a listening ear, or for some sage-like counsel or advice. Taurus is a natural manger and organiser, task-masker, and leader. But this energy available is not in the way a Leo or Sagittarius shines, for example. It’s very modest. Put all this information together and you will see how you have real potential to create some lasting foundations in your life.

Working with flower essences, essential oils, herbal remedies, and plants can ground you, as can walking barefoot on the earth. Hug a tree! Oh yes, Taurus is an old school hippy at heart, despite being so grounded and respectful of traditional values. Taurus sign has a well-developed heart chakra, which means they generally live by kindness, empathy, and an intrinsic need for emotional bonds and spiritual & psychological connection. They’re romantic and extremely respectful, and they love nature. Letting your inner maverick or bohemian spirit shine in a way that is not a rebel for rebel’s sake, but to consciously heal and rejuvenate your senses, will do wonders for your self-esteem. Spending some time connecting with nature can spark hidden or dormant talents, awaken creative and artistic gifts, and bring back memories of lighter and brighter times. Nature also aligns you with past life memory recall, and beautiful imagery and visions or visuals of youthfulness. Colourful memories from youth may come swimming into your awareness, which provide great inspiration for current projects and business ventures.


“Magical Mantras” for this Full Moon in Taurus:

Aries: “I shine the best when I consider other people’s needs. Harmony & teamwork are where it's at.

Taurus: “My warmth and sincere love of connection make me very approachable. I am a force to be reckoned with!”

Gemini: “I ground my playful and upbeat spirit to lay some strong foundations in my life.”

Cancer: “Domestic and family life provide a safe space for my creative gifts to flourish.”

Leo: “I live in flow and abundance when I speak with integrity and from the heart. Passion is a doorway to opportunity.”

Virgo: “My home is my heart, and my career is my legacy! No matter what I do in life, I am here to make a difference.”

Libra: “Innovation is my strength now. To be ahead in the game, I must be charming and courageous.”

Scorpio: “Life flows when I open to my Higher Self and universal energies. Being divinely inspired is not insane! It’s a gift.”

Sagittarius: “I alchemise recklessness into creativity, vision, and a focus on future alignment. Impulsiveness can become inspiration when channeled wisely.”

Capricorn: “With sensitivity and a connection to my intuition, I set goals and take practical steps that are power moves.”

Aquarius: “Innovation, intellect, and originality are my methods for seeking deeper connection.”

Pisces: “Soul power is the source of my strength and financial flow- I’m a master manifestor!”

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