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Full Moon in Virgo

Virgo Full Moon - Cecelia Pty Ltd

Full Moon in Virgo:

Intuition, Inner Harmony, & Earth Power


March 18th, 2022

Unlike the New Moon this March, the Full Moon brings a very strong earthy energy and practical power. Virgo is the sign of the Maiden, the virgin priest or priestess who believes in sacredness, purity, and cleanliness and order above all else! These themes have its roots in both the physical and the emotional, psychological, and spiritual; a clean and pure mind and soul are just as significant as a clean and pure body, home, and living or working environment.

Virgo rules daily routines, physical health and well-being, work and service, on a down-to-earth and efficient level (not the same frequency as visionary abilities or ‘big picture’ sense of purpose). Read on to find out more…


Key qualities of Virgo: -

● Practical, efficient, orderly, and organised.

● Hard-working, motivated to succeed, reliable and responsible!

● Sensual, generous, caring, considerate, and respectful.

● Resourceful, ambitious, perfectionist, self-autonomous, and intelligent.

● A loyal friend and helpful spirit.


Step into Self-Leadership, with Sensitivity

Firstly, be cautious of the tendency there is to overthink, self-criticise, and nag or nit-pick others. Virgo’s follies and shadow traits include being very judgemental and over-analytical, which results in trying to order and boss everyone else around- or offer unwelcome advice! Once you realise this may be an inner pull, you can now focus on the positive. There’s an opportunity to step into self-leadership in a helpful, cooperative, and productive way. This isn’t the same self-leading and self-initiating energy as Aries, for example, the fiery and courageous warrior who is known for being bold and taking charge. This assertive energy is more sensual, empathic, and considerate of others.

You will find yourself wanting to work and play well and harmoniously with others. Teamwork, group events, community, and being of service no matter how large or small feature strongly over this Full Moon. Virgo is both ambitious and hard-working and sensual, sweet, and nurturing. Earth is a feminine and yin quality, so even when you feel at your most self-sovereign and independent you will still possess the emotional vulnerability and wisdom to “soften.” As it’s Pisces season, there is an underlying base vibration or energy of adaptability, which will come in handy! Now is a great time for team efforts, work, and expanding your professional status, income, or position or role at home or elsewhere. There’s also a lot of…


Practical Wisdom + Earth Power

There is immense practical wisdom and earth power available to you currently. Your intuition will be heightened and your instincts guiding you with grace and assurance. You have a lot of support, so it’s important you don’t close yourself off to others, alienate or push them aside through coldness, or become so head-strong and stubborn (a core trait of earth signs) that you miss out on all the beauty and emotional warmth surrounding you. Blessings are everywhere, yet this moon’s sign is ruled by Mercury, the planet of the mind and psychology. This means you could fall prey to becoming too rational, worrisome, or analytical and logical, which takes away from all the powerful intuitive and subtle forces at hand! Resist the temptation to over-analyse and think over feel; your feelings and instincts are significant. Not only are they significant but they are the source of your wisdom and capacity for transformation.


Balancing the Material with the Spiritual…

This Full Moon is one of those “balance” ones you must have encountered if you’ve been following my blog. The Sun in Pisces combined with the Moon in Virgo brings up the Virgo-Pisces axis element, signifying a strive towards balance and inner harmony. This is amplified even further by the fact it’s the second month in “22” master number focused year! 02/22 brings the vibration of balance, harmony, finding unity within separation, and discovering oneness and connection within duality. 2 is ultimately the number of partnerships and relationships as well, so now is the time to soul-search and get clear on the type of relationships, intimate, platonic, and business, you wish to attract and engage in.

Do you feel balanced emotionally and psychologically, and materially/physically and spiritually? Would you say you have your feet in both worlds- the mystical, spiritual, and sensual and the tangible, grounded, and physical- like Pisces? Although it’s a Virgo moon you should keep in mind the glyph (symbol) of Pisces, the Fish: two fish swimming in opposite directions. This wisdom is being asked to apply to your life now, i.e., how you root yourself to the earth and physical realm and world, and how you seek to transcend it. Furthermore, you’re being as

find balance between day-to-day routines, matters of physical health, and finances and the need for order, organisation, and structure, with the ability to adapt, “go with the flow,” and trust in the journey. Trust in the process, that there is a divine higher power guiding you. Also, have faith in your instincts and inner voice.

The Pisces sun provides depth, vision, spiritual health, divinity, and a connection to the infinite, while the Virgo moon helps you get in tune with practical affairs and commitments & duties in the here and now. Merge the two together and you can start to embody the energy of the Master Builder, the ultimate “22” energy that 2022 is all about. A New Cycle begins this March, and both the astrology and numerology of this month are extraordinary for manifestation! Whatever you do, keep in mind that the number 2 represents duality, relationships, partnerships, and unity… Coming full circle in one or more significant areas of your life may be on the horizon.


“Magical Mantras” for this Full Moon in Virgo

Aries: “I step into leadership with a desire to help and serve. My passion is my purpose, and my purpose is my power!”

Taurus: “My life is a blessing, there is potential and opportunity all around me! Hard-work and good intentions always pay off…”

Gemini: “My instincts serve me well and contribute to my growing success, prosperity, and self-esteem. It’s ok to achieve victory.”

Cancer: “My foundation is a source of strength for others, as they know that true victory comes from connection and vulnerability.”

Leo: “Passion allows me to learn, grow, adapt, evolve, and win. I realise it’s ok to shine and be the best at what I do…”

Virgo: “I choose softness over hardness, adaptability over rigidity, and warmth over coolness. Ambition serves me well but must be balanced with emotional wisdom and intelligence.”

Libra: “Communication evolves and shines a light on where I’ve been out of balance. I embrace all dualistic or opposing parts of myself now.”

Scorpio: “Staying true to myself is far better than any instant gratification I may receive from compromising my heart or soul…”

Sagittarius: “Integrity comes with compromise, grace, and sensitivity. I release the need to be seen as a boss 24-7; I am a vulnerable and open-hearted person too!”

Capricorn: “My strength is unmatched, yet so is my sensitivity to the needs of others. I understand that empathy and humility are just as important as my achievements.”

Aquarius: “Paying attention to the small details really helps me manifest my bigger vision now. Intuition and analysis can be merged and harmonised for the best results!”

Pisces: “Duality helps me find oneness, whilst seeing the interconnectedness and sacredness of all life allows me to find peace. Joy and vitality are balanced with serenity and solitude.”

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