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Full Moon in Virgo

Virgo Full Moon - Cecelia Pty Ltd

A Time of Vision, Spiritual Health, & Purity

FULL MOON in Virgo

With the Virgo-Pisces Axis Lit-Up

27th February 2021: 3:17 am EST

The Full Moon on February 27th occurs at 3:17 am in the earth sign Virgo. Although the moon transits through Virgo, it is also happening in the Virgo-Pisces axis. This signifies a time of balance, integration, and self-realization. The Virgo-Pisces axis represents the balance of physical matter and “reality-” the earthly realm, and spirit; the subconscious, subtle and spiritual energies that make up our world. And this includes vision, artistic inspiration, and the imagination. The Sun is in Pisces in direct opposition to the Moon in Virgo, this is the meaning of an axis full moon. Of course, Virgo and Pisces are directly opposite each other in the Zodiac wheel! This is a powerful month with many significant themes.

Virgo Key Traits… (with Pisces Counterparts):-

● Reliable and dependable… (Spiritual and idealistic)

● Hardworking and practical… (Visionary and psychically gifted)

● Kind, honest and sincere… (Creative, imaginative and musically talented)

● Creative, artistic and sensual… (Sensitive, emotionally mature, and empathic)

● Patient, determined and persevering… (Dreamy, philosophical, intelligent & wise)

Virgo: The Importance of Service and Purity

A virgo Full Moon ultimately symbolizes service. How do you help others or the planet in everyday life? Do you live a life of service, selflessness, and sincerity…. Or do you currently only serve your own needs and self? Virgo asks us to look at the big picture through the minor details. It’s the daily acts of kindness, helpfulness and service that shape the larger whole, the holistic vision (Pisces, Virgo’s opposite) and scope of life. Virgo is extremely hardworking and helpful- nothing is too much for this sweet and sincere earth sign. Virgo traits include being modest, down-to-earth, kind and benevolent. They are generous and nurturing with a deeply selfless side too.

So, this is what is highlighted this month. Secondly, a sense of purity called for. Virgo’s ruling glyph (astrological symbol) is the Maiden, or the Virgin, which is symbolic of purity. Are your thoughts, words, actions and emotions aligned to something pure and holy, something rooted in empathy and interconnectedness? Do they heal and inspire, help or lead to co-creation, in other words? Creation is, of course, the opposite of destruction. This Full Moon sets intentions for deep self-discovery and looking within to our own actions and mindsets. Although not a spiritual; sign, Virgo asks us to get to the root of our true selves and core natures. Purity is the key word!

Integrity, honesty, sincerity, self-acceptance, unconditional love, compassion, a universal vibration of oneness and harmony… These are all linked with purity. Purity of mind leads to purity of being, doing, and spirit- soul. Vice Versa.

Pisces Influence: Vision, Spirit, and Emotional Intelligence

The axis element to this Full Moon means Pisces key qualities are asked to be brought to light. There is a need for spiritual illumination and visionary qualities. Creative, artistically gifted, imaginative and spiritually insightful- not to mention incredibly intuitive and “otherworldly” (mystical, ethereal, dreamy), Pisces is the old soul of the Zodiac. They are directly opposite Virgo and this means the characteristics of each should be balanced (more on this in the next section).

Spiritual health leads to health in other areas. Physical, mental and emotional health can all be achieved when we take care of, and honor, our spirit. Pisces energy is also deeply emotionally intelligent, mature and empathic. Compassion is fine-tuned and idealistic visions and perspectives are integrated; Pisces is a sign of unconditional love and supreme compassion/empathy. Further, this soulful and sensitive water sign brings the energy of limitless opportunity, infinity, and eternal nature. It reminds us that the soul is timeless, eternal, therefore there is more than the physical and material world. This realization can help us to overcome problems and handle daily setbacks or failures with ease and grace.

A Time for Balance...

Finally, the practical, dutiful and service-oriented qualities of Virgo are meant to be balanced with the spiritual and expansive attributes of Pisces. The full moon message is to find balance between daily functions, routines, practicalities and the need for order, structure and organization; and idealistic vision, spirituality and the infinite. Virgo is all about physical health while Pisces symbolizes spiritual health and harmony. Also, the microcosm and the macrocosm. Practical earth sign Virgo is the “small” and Pisces is the “big,” the expansive and holistic picture. We need Virgo’s input to provide a strong physical foundation and framework to give birth to the expansive Pisces qualities… Focus on the illumination of the minor details and daily routines in your life. They will provide insight as to your purpose, service, and soulprint or destiny.

The merging point, or shared aspects and similarities, are found in the emotionally sensitive and sensual nature of both the signs. Both Virgo and it’s opposite Pisces are deeply sensual and emotionally intelligent. They share nurturance, feminine magnetism, receptivity, caring, kindness and romantic tendencies. The overall theme for this full moon is finding balance, harmony and wholeness within- and discovering the parts of yourself forgotten. It’s a time for romance, new relationships, and strengthening existing bonds and projects. Creativity and fertility of spiritual, artistic and passion projects are underway!

Try to balance:-

● Logic, reason and rationality… with intuition and free flow of thoughts, ideas and information.

● Practical needs, duties and affairs… with spiritual insight, vision and big picture thinking.

● Personal relationships, codependency and individual consciousness… with collective mindsets, community and self-sovereignty.

● Materialism and a down-to-earth attitude/approach… with a spiritual vibration and selflessness.

● Order, structure and grounding… with expansion and change.

Anything to be mindful of?

Yes. Be careful of becoming too sensitive, emotional or negative. The shadow side of Virgo is that pessimistic thinking can take hold, including self-doubt and pity. Anxiety is one of the worst traits of modest and kind Virgo. Because it’s a Full Moon it’s a time of completion and integration. So, depending on where you are on your personal journey you will either be stepping into the light and a whole new chapter, with self-evolution and self-mastery as the main storyline, or a process of healing and integration.

Many Blessings, Cecelia

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