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Healing yourself by harnessing your energy

This blog is about energy healing and healing yourself

Energy healing for me is about creating an energy exchange between the client and the healer. The healer acts as a ‘conductor’ of the healing rays that are all around us and passes them (traditionally through their hands) to the client. This creates what I like to call a magnetic field which the client’s body responds to and uses to regulate any imbalance.

Our bodies and all our physical, emotional and spiritual levels should measure what I like to call ‘0’ for us to be functioning optimally – in other words – a perfect circle. Many gurus committed to spiritual awareness, commonly experience this feeling of ‘wholeness.’ They meditate for long periods, take great care with their diets and conduct their lives in such a way that they rarely experience major stresses. Unfortunately, the rest of us do not have this sort of lifestyle and are frequently out of balance which leads to emotional, spiritual and ultimately physical ailments.

It is my belief that all of us carry the scars of our personal traumas and disappointments in life. The body stores these hurts one after the other and we just get on with it telling ourselves – ‘I can deal with this.’  It’s often when the last straw incident happens that we are stopped in our tracks and get a wake-up call. This is when energy healing is a conduit for the body to restore physical, emotional and spiritual balance.

Once the client acknowledges their need for healing it opens up the healer’s ability to connect with the healing energy and create the magnetic field which enables the healing to take place. For healing to be truly effective there are, in my experience three basic levels that have to be addressed and should be dealt with in separate consecutive healing sessions.

  • Release of the physical pain which is at the superficial level of the body.
  • Emotional imbalance – at a deeper level.
  • The psychic/spiritual level – which is invariably where the core of the problem sits.

We are like sponges, soaking up hurts which can start in childhood. As we grow into adulthood the sponges expand with us harbouring other hurts through things such as relationships or material fears. We absorb pleasant as well as not so pleasant memories. If we are fortunate the positive will outweigh the negative. Most of the time, we are able to contain all our unhealthy experiences in our sponges. Then a challenging situation arises which creates emotional upset. Our human sponge is filled to capacity and overflows into pain. This pain can only be dealt with by addressing the old hurts from sometimes as far back as the sandpit.

A powerful affirmation during healing is: ‘I give myself permission to heal my emotional scars.’

A frequently asked question is ‘Can I develop the ability to heal?’ Healing is often shrouded in mystique and leads to the belief that only some have the ability to heal. The truth is that everyone has an innate ability to heal others. Granted, some people are natural healers – born with the gift. Others are developed healers. Healing is based on unconditional love, a commitment to learning and discipline in healer hygiene such as preparation and ending the session with a clearing of the room. This will be looked at in another blog.

Many Blessings, Cecelia

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