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How does your past life influence your present

This blog is about your past life influences your present life

Have you ever wondered why the same things, whether good or bad, keep on happening to you throughout your life without explanation? Have you ever wondered why when you meet people you either have a connection or you don’t, or have you ever been in a situation or a place that you feel like you’ve been in before, but can’t explain? This could be because you have actually been there, met them before or done something to someone, or had an experience with them in one of your previous lives.

It is easy to make sense of previous lives and how they work, and when you begin to look deep into the details, you may realise that you have lessons to learn that were still active from your previous life. You may also realise that there are a number of things that happened in your previous lives that influence you strongly in your current carnation.

Influences from your past lives can be from simple things like your lifestyle preferences, what you like or dislike, the things you are comfortable or uncomfortable with, and habit patterns. All of these things can directly link to how you lived in previous lives. All of these direct links relate directly to your karma.

Karma refers to the divine belief of reason with outcome; where your intent and (reason) sway the future (outcome), which means karma is often long-standing, even curtailing from prior lives, and the course of your current life is somewhat encoded by your former lifetimes. In other words, what we didn’t accomplish, we then return to finish. Karma in the present affects your future in the current life, as well as the quality and nature of your future lives.

Certain phobias can link to former lives, for example, a fear of heights could represent how you died in a previous life, maybe falling from a building, a fear of flying could relate to a previous life experience in a plane crash, and so on.

Everyone has at least one thing that they do particularly well. Whether it is physically, artistically, or business related it is generally something that comes effortlessly and naturally to you. Talents and aptitudes you have established in past lives continue into your present life, but with that also come your problems and difficulties. Many surgeons, nurses or doctors may have had previous lives as healers of some sort. Many psychoanalysts or therapists may have had past lives as clerics or preachers. Many authors, musicians, performers and artists would have improved their crafts over several lifespans.

Other things that can be influenced from previous lives are your love of the ocean or admiration of the, which can be subjective to past-life memories. Also reacting to certain sounds and smells in this life because your body recognises it from a previous life is a common link.

Your sexual preferences play a big part in reincarnation. Because we reincarnate as both men and women during our many lives, our soul can bring with it many of the previous physiognomies from past dispositions, and when these are prominent, they could easily outshine the new personal makeup.

In your current life, you may feel confused about who you are sexually, and go as far as opting for a sex change. If in your former life, you were very sexually active as someone of the opposite sex to what gender you have incarnated as, you may feel the strong urge to be the opposite gender. Your comfort levels with sex and intimacy can also relate directly to how you acted or were treated in a former life, and your strong emotional attraction to a particular person could mean there was a close relationship to them in past lives.

At the end of your life if you haven’t successfully learnt a lesson, you get another chance to try again in another life. What often happens if the lessons are still not learned; is patterns start to develop and become more ingrained in your soul, and over future life times if these issues are not rectified, they will result in increasing difficulty to overcome them.

Past life karma is clearly existent in your present life. If you can work towards completing life lessons you believe may be present, you can modify your purpose for lifetimes to come.

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