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How spiritual healers can help you

This blog is about how spiritual healers can help you

Spiritual Healing is underpinned by the principle that all living matter is manifest through the divine, that is, the universal creative power that is the essence of all matter.

Spiritual Healing takes many forms and disciplines. Perhaps the oldest and most easily recognized form of directed or intentional energetic healing is found in the use of Prayer. When a congregation prays’ for healing with conscious intention and direction, the desired outcome is very often manifested in a “miraculous healing and recovery of a loved one.” In effect, we are witness to the physical manifestation of intention, bought into being, by a meta-concert of focused healing energy.

It is generally understood that in practice, the healer is acting as a conduit to the divine, functioning as a channel, through which source based healing energy and knowledge flows – to the benefit of the clients’ physical and spiritual health.

Energy healing truly bridges the gap between science and spirituality. The re-emergence of spiritual and psychic healing disciplines combined with present day understanding of the role bio-magnetic energy plays in maintaining good health has seen a huge swing in people seeking to heal using energetic or alternative means.

There are any number of Energetic healing modalities you may want to explore, and I tend to think choosing the discipline that resonates most strongly with your needs and circumstances as they currently stand is the best guide.

Here is a very a brief insight into the more commonly recognized healing modalities available to all seekers of well-balanced spiritual and physical health.


A healing technique based on the principle that the therapist channels’ energy into the patient by means of touch, activating the natural healing processes of the patient's body, restoring physical and emotional wellbeing.

Chakra Balancing and Clearing

When a Chakra becomes stressed or blocked it may produce negative effects on the organs in that region of the body and contribute to negative emotional states, such as depression or anxiety. A practitioner involved in working with the energy of chakras, will clear blockages and ensure the chakras are opened and moving, with our energy running smoothly from the top of our heads to our sacral chakra and up again (in a circle).


Acupuncture is said to work because needles stimulate acupuncture points, releasing a flow of energy called qi, or chi. Once again, the principle involves maintaining the healthy circular flow of energy, ensuring good physical, mental and spiritual health.

Pranic Healing

Pranic Healing involves scanning the human aura to detect any imbalance of energies, known as energetic congestion and depletion. It then uses cleansing techniques to remove negative and used-up energies and energizing techniques to improve the flow of energy and strengthen the aura and the chakras. Once the aura is balanced, clean and strong, there is an improvement in all aspects of health.

Clairvoyant Psychic and Healers

Psychic Healers, in the main are spiritually highly aware people, vibrating on a finely sensitive level, and overflowing with compassion for their clients.

Sometimes, you may experience health problems due to an imbalance in your energy field. An experienced Psychic will use their intuition and connection to the Source to clear blockages in the flow of your astral energy and restore balance. As well, many Psychic Healers while acting as a conduit between matter and Spirit will provide relevant advice and enlightening information which may include past life trauma’ or events impacting you this lifetime, and how to negate the impact on this lifetime.

“Healing may not be so much about getting better, as about letting go of everything that isn’t you, all of the expectations, all of the beliefs’, and becoming who you are.” ~ Rachel Naomi Remen

I hope you enjoy my musings and wish you a week filled with love, light and gentleness.


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