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How to enhance the energy flow in your home to invite in love

This blog is about how to enhance the energy flow in your home to invite in love

If you feel you are doing everything possible to invite love into your life, but Cupid is still not pointing any arrows at you, it could be about your chi. Your chi, or the life energy in your living space, such as your home, can either help or hinder bringing lovely things into your life.

You could get a love reading today which will get the ball rolling, but there is a lot you can do at home to improve your chances. What are you doing wrong to stop love from coming into your home? And what can you do to help love flow?

In order to encourage the positive flow of energy through your home, or your bedroom, you need to ensure that space is light, airy, clean and clear. Make sure that the entrance to your home is an open and welcoming space, filled with light and if possible, life. Plants are good here. This encourages positive energy to enter your home and your life.

If you hang a beautiful piece of art in your entrance, especially if it can be placed on the wall opposite the front door, you will encourage opportunity into your life. Find a piece of art that you really love and which makes you happy; this will put you in the right mood as soon as you walk in the door.

Get rid of any old furniture or bedding which contains bad memories from your past. Even if your last relationship was a good one, hanging onto these items may prevent you from moving on to something new. If you can’t replace an old bed, buy new sheets and coverings; make it somewhere exciting and new for you to spend time. Think pink here; pink is great for passion.

Get rid of old pictures of your ex, and in your bedroom, don’t have any pictures of family, children or pets. If you are looking for love, hang up pictures that represent how you will feel when you are in a happy relationship.

If you are single, clear space in your life for a new partner. This means space in your wardrobe, and some empty hangers ready to go, space in the bathroom cabinet, and in your fridge. Remove your desk or workspace from your bedroom so that this room is reserved for rest and romance only.

Paint your walls skin tones such as nude pink, beige or light browns, and accentuate with deep pinks, reds and crimsons on furnishings and artwork.

Smells and sounds which make you happy should be scattered around your home. Use essential oils, fresh flowers or plants, water features, windchimes or uplifting music, whatever works for you. If you are thinking of aromatherapy, the best scents you can use to encourage love and sensuality include sandalwood, ylang ylang, rose and jasmine.

Place things in pairs in your bedroom, such as pictures, plants, ornaments, or bedside tables. Having a single bedside table may encourage you to stay single.

Avoid mirrors in your bedroom as they can be harmful to peace and to relationships. Cover them while sleeping, or make sure they are located in the bathroom.

Don’t have clutter in your bedroom, and especially don’t store anything under your bed. You need open space in your room to invite positive energy to flow, and any negative energy to leave. If you have clutter, bad energy could get trapped where you sleep and make love.

Place red candles in the south west corner of your room, which is the relationship sector. These will encourage romance and intimacy in the room.

Contact one of our talented psychics for a love reading today, and together with these steps at home, you will be sure to welcome love in soon.

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