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Is the colour in your life trying to tell you something about your relationship

This blog is about the colour in your life trying to tell you something about your relationship

Do you wake up in the morning and look over at your partner, and feel a golden light shining down on their face? Does there seem to be red everywhere you go? Or does your other half wear a lot of blue? When they walk in the door after work, is there a definite feeling of grey, or maybe the colour seems to saturate from the room?

What does colour mean to your relationship?

 Colour can represent obstacles to a successful relationship, or give you signs that this is just not the right person for you. A wonderful way to understand how colour works in your relationship is to contact a talented psychic for a reading about love. These readings are tailored and personal to you and your life, and can give you great insight into what the universe is trying to tell you.

You might find yourself questioning where your relationship is going, or if this is the right person for you. You might desperately want to hang on to your relationship, but feel it slipping away, and have no idea how to stop it. A gifted psychic can give you a love or relationship reading and answer all your questions and concerns about where your relationship is meant to be.

You may not even be in a relationship, but questioning when the right person is ever going to come along. The colours in your life can help to explain that too, and a love reading can be the key that unlocks the meanings.


If you sense a lot of red in your relationship, this can mean a variety of things. It can be a sign of great love and passion and a sense that this is the right person for you. It can mean the excitement of a new relationship. Red can also represent anger and danger however, so might be a sign that this relationship is toxic or just not healthy for you.

Yellow or gold

Yellows can signify some lovely things, like happiness, energy and comfort in your love life. They can also be positive signs of optimism and liveliness. However yellow has another side too, and can mean cowardice in your partner, that one of you is overwhelmed by something, or that someone is conflicted.

Green or brown

If you see greens, this is generally always a good thing. Green can mean some wonderful stable things like reliability, well-being, calm, safety, harmony and honesty. There may not be the bright red of passion here, but if you are in a long-term relationship, green could be something very good to see. Likewise browns are good, representing being relaxed and confident in a relationship, and being your natural self in a genuine love, which only sounds good to me!


Purple can mean a rich, sophisticated partner willing to shower you in luxury. It can also be a sign of a powerful person, which may mean someone exerting power over you. It can mean mystery and artifice as well, so you may want to be wary of purple in your love life.


 Blue is another conflicted colour, that can mean good or bad. It can be a sign of loyalty and reliability and a stable relationship. It can also mean a cold relationship, or one where the passion has gone. Blue can represent boredom, but may mean a loving relationship that just needs some spicing up. In this case a relationship reading good be a very good idea for the two of you to get that excitement back.


Grey is usually not a great sign, indicating a person or relationship is serious and dull. You may need some guidance as to your next step if you are sensing a lot of grey in your relationship.

Figure out the rainbow

 There are other colours and meanings and so much more to learn. Each individual and relationship is so unique that you really may need a helping hand in figuring your colourful love life out. Contact one of our gifted psychics for a love or relationship reading today and see just what the rainbow means for you.

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