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January 2021 Horoscopes

January Horoscopes - Cecelia Pty Ltd

An intro into the Astrology of 2021

The key thing to know is that there are some major planetary transits influencing us in 2021. These are transits that affect all of us, for example, Neptune in Pisces and Uranus in Taurus. But where each one lights up our personal charts will be unique to our sun sign.

As Neptune in Pisces began in 2011, we won’t explore how this affects us individually in this December Horoscope for your year ahead. But we will go into the significant Uranus in Taurus cycle which started in 2018. This is affecting us strongly in the coming year!

Briefly, Neptune in Pisces is all about creativity, inspiration, artistic expression, the imagination, spirituality, and psychic gifts. Neptune is known as the planet of illusions, but it is also symbolic of higher consciousness- the occult, mysticism, spiritual ideals, and our intuition. When Neptune is in Pisces (2011- 2026), these themes and energies are highlighted, amplified, because Neptune rules Pisces. This is double power. Pisces is the 12th and final sign representative of the ‘old souls’ of the zodiac. This water sign is compassionate, emotional, empathic, imaginative, psychic, clairvoyant, intuitive, dreamy, impressionable, gentle, kind, and sensitive. Pisces knows how to connect to the divine and tune into universal archetypes.

So, Neptune in Pisces in 2021 means we are able to connect to the qualities of both Neptune and Pisces. Creativity is strong and inspiration abound!

We also have both Jupiter, the luck and expansion bringing planet connected to higher learning and philosophy, and Saturn- the tough-love teacher and planet representing order, structure, and duty and responsibility, in Aquarius. Aquarius is the Water-bearer, the altruistic and humanitarian air sign with gifts in both intellect & intelligence and imagination & intuition.

What can we expect with both Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius? Big shifts and global change! Collective justice and issues in human and animal rights, eco principles, science and technology, evolution- both personal and collective, and transformation to the way we relate with one another as members of unified communities are key themes in 2021. Community and cooperation in addition to all that is fair and just are associated with these two major planetary transits. Greater compassion for others and the planet, protests and peace-rallies, and conscious rebellion.

So, without further ado, read on to discover your personal horoscope for this coming year. You can also read your Rising/Ascendant sign if you know it.


Uranus in Taurus, the other major planetary placement to take note of in 2021, is occurring in your Second house. The 2nd House in astrology relates to your finances and personal values, the material possessions and resources you value, and which further add to your self-esteem. This

means greater independence is on the horizon. You will most likely be communicating your needs better, to yourself through healthy self-talk and through communication with others. Any stagnation in resources & finances will start to ease from and throughout 2021. Change is definitely needed, and you have the confidence and know-how to apply it for results. Because Uranus is all about sudden change there will be some disruptions to your savings and finances, however. This can be both positive and negative! Money can come quickly and in large windfalls and leave just as bizarrely or unexpectedly. Overall, the key theme is independence and new levels of maturity in the way you view money and personal resources. Love is good and Venus in Capricorn in the first 3 months of the year will help you to ground your passions and emotions in a stable and harmonious way.


Uranus in your own sign, Taurus, signifies amazing changes for you! All areas of self and life can be affected, you may make dramatic changes to your self-image, personal identity, or public and social image- your unique self will most likely shine more effortlessly. Confidence and self-esteem increase drastically with this placement. You might undergo significant changes in personal relationships, developing new levels of insight and self-awareness into the company you keep, and the attitudes you have towards love & family. Personal freedom is what you desire. If people are judgmental or intolerable to your path and purpose, or your unique self-identity, you will find it easier than in previous years to let them go. Self-respect is key here. You are also intolerable to old, limiting, and destructive patterns of behavior and beliefs, so any relationship or mindset that has stagnant or outdated energy will be transformed in a big way. Your career and finances will most likely improve or get a shake-up too. You’re stepping into a new role in the world and society, and your purpose and personal power are more important than ever before. This is a very positive and empowering year for you.


Uranus in Taurus is influencing you in 2021 and this influence is quite a subtle one. It does hold the potential for powerful change and transformation, however. This transit is occurring in your 12th house of spirituality, subconscious forces, emotions, and completions. Things are coming full circle for you on an emotional and spiritual level; healing is available to you and your dreams can offer deep insight into your current inner state, which includes health, emotional well-being, relationships, and personal development. Intuitive and psychic impressions and feelings are brought to light, so you should pay attention to any sparks of revelation or illumination you receive- everything ‘beyond the veil’ is related to the 12th house. Yet, Uranus is about sudden change therefore abrupt or dramatic endings are in store. Karmic endings and clearing karma- coming full circle- is also included here. Institutions connected to the 12th house are prisons, hospitals, rehab facilities, hospices, monasteries, ashrams, temples, and spiritual

retreat centres, so there could be an ending just as there is a new beginning. This can be positive or negative or both. Because Uranus in Taurus occurs in your 12th house the focus is very much “behind-the-scenes”- changes are going on in a subtle and even spiritual way. But this can affect all areas of life from career to health and relationships. 2021 is an amazing year to work through unconscious impulses, desires, actions and behaviors, further seeking to bring the conscious to light and achieve a sense of self-mastery (in mind, emotions, physical and spiritual being, etc.).


Uranus in Taurus is happening in your 11th house of social groups, networking, friendships and your hopes, dreams and expectations. This means wonderful change. Even if you can’t get out and about as much as you would like this year, your friendships and place in society, or your community, will still be strong, grow and expand. Humanitarian, social and charitable causes are lit-up, new energy and passion are going into these areas. So are the networks and social or friendship circles you're connected to. New friendships and connections will enter your life in 2021, and you will be very happy with the transformations that come as a result. Abundance and new opportunities are an effect of this. Old friends that don’t add purpose or joy to your life may fall away- Uranus is all about change and r/evolution. But clearing old and stagnant energy makes room for the new! ‘Spreading your wings’ and flying are the key themes for you. Old networks and outdated beliefs, bonds, and networks will be replaced with something more in alignment with the new paradigm you’ve been working towards. This is a positive transit yet your key to riding the waves is to be open to forward movement and not overly sentimental or change-resistance. Family concerns may be minor as you focus on your independence and ambitions.


This year the spotlight is on the important and profound Uranus in Taurus transit. For you, this is all about changes and positive transformations in your career, service and destiny/legacy to the world. Your social status and public image are having a major makeover, or you're simply stepping into new levels of self-assertion, self-confidence, and responsibility. This transit encourages you to become completely liberated in your life-decision and independence, in your career and potential successes. You create your destiny, Leo; this is the motto and mantra for 2021 and the five years that follow! Everything is about independence and freedom within your personal life and professional path. Self-sovereignty and self-autonomy will be on your mind like never before, and with Uranus’ assistance you can see the change you desire. Even if you only take steps this year the steps will be sufficient for a bright and abundant future. There can be some issues, especially around male/masculine authority figures such as a father, father-in-law, or male boss (if you have any of these), but the challenges that come with a Uranus in Taurus transit mean that you will step into a new position of self-authority and personal power. Your

key to success? Be mindful of Leo pride and ego. See the positive and you will find much inspiration surrounding you. Health, vitality and energy are strong all year too, and liberation and authenticity to express yourself are attainable. Self-care is good.


Uranus in Taurus is occurring in your 9th house, the house of philosophy and beliefs, higher learning and study. This is a very significant aspect. New opportunities are available to you and these opportunities will bring much expansion in your life. Fresh perspectives are available, so you need to keep an open mind- something that can sometimes be difficult for your small-thinking perfectionist self. But this is a deeply helpful transit for you to transcend this habit; the need of seeing the small details and not focusing on the big picture. You may even be quite surprised at how quickly and drastically your fundamental beliefs change, and this is a good thing! Unexpected travel opportunities may arise, or you could receive offers to expand your chosen field of study. Higher learning is favored. Esoteric, spiritual, eccentric, or alternative views and teachers may arrive in your life and you are open to the changes, they even bring a sense of excitement. A new paradigm is emerging in your life, you’re branching out and feeling a greater affinity with liberation and freedom. In fact, you may have never felt this adventurous before, passion and energy are high. Uranus in Taurus in your 9th house is asking you to be more open-minded, about everything, and loosen up, lighten up, and expand your horizons. You may find yourself embodying a new role and/or higher vibration of your previous self and loving it!


Uranus in Taurus, a key transit in 2021, for you is all about power struggles, joint resources and finances, sex, taxes, and endings and beginnings, and this is because this transit is occurring in your 8th house. The 8th house represents the energies of Scorpio, and this is a very intense energy! Sexuality and power will be prominent themes throughout 2021. Also, bonding on the deepest level, perhaps with a sense of mystery and focus on the occult or spiritual, supernatural or divine. There is considerable, massive transformation available to you, but some of it might not be positive (much of it will!). Key themes include power struggles, psychological traumas, fear (rational or irrational), repressed emotions, and sexual issues. These can all be healed and overcome during this cycle (hallelujah), but you will need to acknowledge them and make the most of the energies. “Doing the (inner) work” is the most accurate expression to use here. If you are in debt or owe people money you won’t be able to run or hide, escapism doesn’t favor well this year. Taurus is a very mature and practical sign- responsible too, whilst Uranus is about sudden change and transformation, therefore you will need to come to terms with past karmas and actions. Agreements, shared resources or financial matters, and all aspects of financial contracts some into evaluation and the limelight. In terms of sex and intimacy, you may be shocked at what turns you on during this cycle…


Uranus in Taurus is happening in your 7th house, the house of relationships and partnerships, and this will be a major focus this year. All partnerships will come into the spotlight, business, friendship, work, platonic, love/romantic, and family. Unexpected relationships and connections may occur out of deep blue, or you will find new lovers and friends in strange or out of the ordinary people & places. Taurus is a traditional and somewhat conservative sign, but Uranus is about revolution, change and sudden transformation. Love affairs, tantric sex, and even polyamory are common with this astrological transit in the 7th house. If a bond or relationship has out served its purpose stagnant energy will be removed from your life. Relationship dynamics of all kinds will be altered and shook up until the perfect balance and harmony is found, which can be heart-aching or breaking but will ultimately be rewarding in the long-run. All in all, any restrictions or oppressions on individual liberty, freedom and independence will be overcome throughout 2021 and beyond. You have a chance to step into a wonderful position of power and self-sovereignty; and people can join you to match your new vibration, or they will fall away. There is no room for feeling caged, suppressed or trapped. Positively, liberating forms of partnership are on the horizon! Business and career are looking good.


Uranus is transiting Taurus for you and this is all about health, wellbeing, and daily routine- your service in society. Uranus in Taurus is happening in your 6th house, so everything related to this house is lit-up, however, this can be a very frustrating cycle if you aren’t given the freedom you need to ‘stir things up.’ Uranus is the Great Awakener, and he lives up to his name, which means daily routines need to be filled with excitement, change and movement for you to feel satisfied. Even if your career is soaring you will require change and spontaneity for true happiness and peace of mind. Flexibility, a sense of independence, and sovereignty in your work are needed- any feeling of stagnation, stuck energy, and limiting beliefs, structures or physical environments will cause boredom and irritability. You could turn to drugs, sex, lust and addictions if not careful. Positively, there is a great chance for intellectual stimulation and expansion of your work services and professional ventures. Liberation comes to you through your work goals and the service(s) you provide. If your physical surroundings are limiting, turn your attention to health and well-being as this is an excellent time to get serious with a health or fitness, or spiritual healing, regime. Nutrition, herbal medicine/healing, yoga, conscious fasts, detoxification/purification, meditation and spiritual self-development are all advised in 2021.


A significant transit to be aware of is Uranus in Taurus, which occurs in your 5th house of romance, play, creativity and children. This makes for an incredibly fun, creative, and playful cycle. Passion, excitement, relaxation, and finding new ways to engage with your children or your imaginative self are all in focus. Creative and artistic self-expression meets individuality, personal liberation, and freedom to be yourself with this transit, you can make lots of wonderful progress and evolve to new heights artistically, imaginatively, or creatively. This is a great year if you’re seeking new innovative ways to make money online or at home. You may become an online English teacher or creativity/arts teacher, or you could choose to get into freelancing; either through writing, editing, illustration or graphic design (or something similar). There are many opportunities available to you. Romance and love, friendship and connection are strong too. You are keen on broadening your horizons and trying something new, and as Uranus is about transformation and things ‘unexpected’ this could manifest as seeking a new lover or partner more alternative to what you're used to. Love affairs and flings or polyamorous love may be common. Children and pregnancy are major themes so be mindful of the number of possible scenarios and events that could manifest! (Unexpected pregnancy, new parenting styles, new jobs working with children, etc.)


Like all the other Zodiac signs a key transit to be aware of it Uranus in Taurus. This astrological transit brings the energy of home and family focus, and domestic issues. Uranus in Taurus occurs in your 4th house of home, roots and family, which means the way you relate with others is brought to light and attention, as is all matters of home. You will find yourself wanting to live the nomadic lifestyle or seek out alternative living arrangements, like living in a community or commune, volunteering on an eco-project, or travelling to faraway places. Your true inner humanitarian comes out with this transit. Changes can be abrupt and sudden like an unexpected move, yet this will always be exciting and positive. You will feel a new surge of energy and vitality this year and even if you can’t physically move just yet, the preparations you will be wanting to make will inspire you to make significant shifts in your life. Family life can also be altered- positive or negative (death, divorce, a new baby, disputes, break-ups, reconciliations). Either way you can expect a lot of change and movement combined with feelings of liberation, greater mobility, and evolution in your living situations. Health is looking good so long as you take a holistic approach and viewpoint, i.e. taking care of your mind, body, emotions and spirit. You might want to consider making use of technology and the internet for extra sources of income, such as freelancing.


Uranus is transiting your 3rd house in Taurus- the 3rd house being symbolic of communication. All aspects of communication are brought to attention and because Taurus is a sign associated

with communication, this amplifies the transformative energy. Shocking downloads, amazing flashes of inspiration, and freedom and liberation through self-expression are all in store throughout 2021 and beyond. The 3rd house is also about community and the friendships you build with peers, siblings, cousins, and coworkers. Disruptive, unpredictable, dramatic and chaotic changes can occur here, so you need to be mindful of your communication. This doesn’t mean you need to appease others or being wholly self-sacrificing (a typical Pisces trait!); self-respect and setting standards are good. But you need to be mindful of the expectations you're demanding of others, and the way you present them. In fact, extraordinary levels of self-assertion and boundaries can arise this year, which in itself allows for more authentic, soulfully satisfying, and deep bonds & connections. Another key aspect of Uranus in Taurus in the 3rd house is new ideas in innovation, intellect and imagination, this cycle brings out your ‘creative genius.’ This is amplified through Neptune in Pisces, which is so powerfully positive and transforming. You will most likely surprise yourself at the new levels you’re reaching in career, professional paths, and your personal life. Old beliefs and patterns of thinking are outdated and the challenges you face make you stronger, in addition to making your communication stronger. Science, technology (including freelancing and earning an income online), astrology and higher learning are all perfect avenues for you.

Blessings, Cecelia

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