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January Horoscopes

January Horoscopes - Cecelia Pty Ltd


This month has the potential to bring you serious career decisions to make, as well as a lively social life. Right now, you’re one of the main characters of this season, and you will feel seen and recognized for who you are. You’re experiencing growth in your identity, and it shows. On the other hand, you’re very focused on your career and making all the right connections to execute a project that could’ve been on pause. Finances might be a bit chaotic if you let others interfere with them. You should also expect endings relating to your home or family, this could mean moving houses or letting go of old grudges with loved ones.



The central themes of this month for you are travel, education, and work. At the beginning you’ll be rather introverted and doing spiritual growth, so you could benefit from meditation and journaling. Goals around long distance travel or higher studies become clear now, and you are also realising the transformational value of these things. If you do travel, expect to be well accompanied. On the other hand, you are attracting new and important opportunities in your career, and finances pick up the pace after a slow period. You’re inclined to work and earn more, so be ready to accept new commitments in this area. You may also feel a bit chaotic, but this behaviour will only bring more positive things your way.



This month starts on a very lively and busy note, and you can expect lots of networking or growth in your social circle, as well as reconnecting with friends. Your finances will be moving forwards after a couple of slow months, yet you could experience drama and power struggles when it comes to shared assets. Some of you could be ending a stream of income or cutting off something that’s been draining your wallet. If you have travel plans, they’ll be enjoyable and enlightening, but expect some disruption too. There are new beginnings on the horizon for your higher education or beliefs. Overall, you’ll feel more comfortable in your skin and able to move forward with personal projects.



There are good opportunities for growth in career and public life, you can expect to be under the spotlight this month and receive lots of positive attention. You feel inclined to reveal a new side of yourself that will be well received. Your relationships are getting more serious and committed, and you could even be merging your finances with that special someone. Communication with your partner might’ve been stagnant, but it’s clearing up now. Recently you’ve been doing work on your mental health, and now you see the results of your efforts. Expect an opportunity to study something you’ve always wanted to, or an unplanned trip.



Beginning this month, you will have great opportunities to travel or expand your education in some way. There will be intensity at work, or you could find yourself having health issues, but you will get through them quickly as long as you remain optimistic. Your focus now is on relationships, and you could be getting into a serious commitment if you have a partner. However, this relationship may be disrupting your career somehow. Networking has been hard lately, but your patience pays off now and you see things moving faster in this area. If a new vocation is calling to you now, take the chance.



You will experience growth in your finances that could come from investments, or some kind debt being paid off. There is some intensity in your romantic life that will help you on your creative projects. This is a very positive month for bettering your daily routines and health, and you could be committing to a new habit. Endings are possible with friendships or social groups. Your career has also been suffering, feeling stagnant and hard to improve, but now you’ll have more energy to go after your goals. Communication with your partner will also improve this month and you’ll feel extra romantic.



During this month you could be reinvigorating a relationship that started to grow last year, especially if you had to spend time apart from it. On the other hand, you could be doing some intense work at home or having a deep conversation with family that may feel uncomfortable for you. There could either be an ending or a celebration happening in your career. If you’ve had travel plans delayed, expect them to move forward this month. A new beginning will take place regarding your creative projects and relationship, and now you can have more fun doing things that you love. This also includes taking care of your body and possibly incorporating a new habit.



Your focus is on working and staying healthy right now, and you can expect to be really busy, but happy about it. A chapter is ending for you regarding foreign travel or education. If you're close to finishing a degree, this month could be the time you actually do. All the work that you’ve been doing is now paying off financially, and you may use this money to help your loved ones. Additionally, you’re finally able to move forward with certain financial plans or investments if you have any. Towards the end of the month, your attention shifts to your home life. New beginnings and commitments are possible in this area. Prepare to also take on new creative projects or hobbies.



A creative project you started during the middle of the year could be getting your attention again now, and this also applies for romances that happened during that time. Making money right now could prove to be challenging, yet you are willing to fully commit to it. You are more inspired than usual and have a lot of intellectual energy to spend on your pastimes. Even though you’ve been having issues in your relationship, you worked hard to overcome them and now things have improved. Reaching the end of the month, communication around finances gets better. Your focus will turn to writing projects, content creation or day to day tasks.



Everyone better get ready for you this month because you’re intensely focused on being courageous and having an impact in the world. There is something about the way you present yourself now that is very attractive and makes you get whatever you want. Additionally, you could be making improvements or renovations at home that allow you to have more space in some way. You have been working a lot and efficiently too, and you will receive financial rewards for these efforts. You could even get new streams of income this month! Still, something about your finances will bring a bit of chaos to your relationships. Chapters ending are also a possibility in this area of your life.



Get ready because you’ll be very busy this month! Your productivity area is going through a period of expansion, which means you’ll have a lot of energy for completing tasks and communication related projects. What’s more, you’re receiving a lot of attention from others and possibly getting everything, you want rather easily. This is also a time of secrets coming to light, so if someone has done something behind your back, you will know. You’ve been working hard either on a creative project or a romantic endeavour, and now you will probably see a positive result to this situation. Reaching the end of the month you will feel prone to reinventing or manifesting positive changes to your identity.



You start the month on an abundant note, as you’re expanding your streams of income and getting lots of opportunities around finances. You’re also entering a more private period in which you are concerned with improving your mental health. In the past few months, you could’ve been considering changes around your home but were unable to, but now you can move forward with these improvements Communication with friends and groups might have also been slow lately, and now it will pick up the pace. However, your focus this month will mostly remain on having time for yourself and, which will prove beneficial for at the end of the month begins a period in which you will attract all the looks.


General Astrology

1. Full Moon in Cancer, January 6th: A rather intense day in which we release pent up emotions and make ourselves and our needs heard.

2. Mars goes direct in Gemini, January 12th: After months of stagnation, we get our vitality back and are able to make progress.

3. Mercury goes direct in Capricorn, January 18th: Communication and travel resume their normal rhythm after all the mishaps and confusion provided by the retrograde period.

4. New Moon in Aquarius, January 21st: A great day for manifestation and setting the tone for the rest of the year.

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