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January Horoscopes

January Horoscopes - Cecelia Pty Ltd

January 2022 Horoscopes



The year begins with a New Moon in Capricorn on the 2nd, a 6 Universal Year (numerology). This brings the energy of care, nurturance, community and a feminine energy. You will be asked to slow down this month and get really clear on your long term plan. This is a very different vibe to 2021’s ‘5’ year, a year of adventure, a need for travel, and change. 2022 is more stable and structure loving, home and family oriented too, and this is amplified by the Sun being in Capricorn this January. Until the 19th, get serious, become grounded, focus on your ambitions, and immerse yourself in your career. Intentions for more income or better opportunities, like new clients, a promotion, and stepping into stardom or master/expert level, are where to give your attention to. Think big whilst taking practical action… Be wise too- seek to overcome any impulsiveness you may be used to.



You begin January and 2022 with a beautiful feeling of bliss, an emotional and spiritual energy birthed from devotion. Fellow earth sign Capricorn is highly harmonious with your true essence- this is having a really positive and powerful effect on your relationships, health, career, and feelings of self-worth. The more you connect emotionally, authentically, and empathically with others the more self-empowered you become; self-esteem increases and you feel aligned to your goals and path. Your soul mission is in full swing! Play to your strengths, don’t do what everyone else is doing if it doesn’t feel right for you. Channel that infamous stubbornness into determination and stead-fastedness, and remember that it’s to be emotional and sensitive. Your caring, generous and compassionate (yet strong-willed) personality will see you through the most ambiguous of times…



Use the energy of this Capricorn month to energize your foundations and career goals. If you try to focus on anything else, you may be in for a rude awakening! Love, intimate relationships, and even health may not go as you intend, so stick to your professional goals and social & public standing in the world. Money is looking great as you have ample opportunities to increase wealth flow and finances. You should know that January is a ‘7 Universal Month…’ This means that although the Universal Year (2022) is a number 6 in numerology, representing home, family, feminine energy, and care, the month adds up to number 7. Embody more light. Raise your vibration to one of sound spiritual and moral judgement- engage in more spiritual practices if it feels aligned. Generally, be conscious of the fact that number 7 relates to philosophy, spirituality, higher learning, wisdom, and esoteric knowledge. You can apply this to your career and chosen service.



Start the year on a high note, on a buzz with some excitement and bounce in your step. But, stay low until the 19th and only give your energy to the projects and relationships that serve your soul. Introspection is favoured, so work on your own career, passion projects, talents and services from the comfort of your home. Envision and dream the new you into being… It’s essential that you channel your new found zest for life into meaningful ventures- you don’t want to become a couch potato or spend any free time you have watching pointless stuff on Netflix or the t.v.! 2022 is a year of nurturing, community, and creativity; practical creativity that can lead to unity and togetherness. Seek out projects and community organizations local to you, or pre-plan something further afield with existing friendships and social ties. You can literally do anything you want to, now, as long as you stay determined, inspired, and attune to some aspect of “dream and destiny…” Escape the 3D.



Be prepared for passion, ambitious desires, new motivation and a burning instinctual need for community and connection, Leo. Capricorn’s energy is giving you a potent boost that is aligning you with your soul service. Projects and talents from youth or earlier years will come swimming back to the forefront of your consciousness; you could very well receive an email or phone call from a past client, business partner, or successful person who wants to help you go to the ‘next level.’ Don’t be shy! The chances are: you’ve already established something for yourself, you’ve just potentially been busy & distracted to see it through. Resourcefulness, ambition, hard-work, accomplishments and achievements are keywords of a Capricorn month, while the 2022 Universal ‘6’ energy is pushing you towards embracing more sensitive, empathic, and feminine aspects of yourself (regardless of your gender). Channel this into your career or vocation.



Welcome to a new year and a new you, Virgo! This is your time to make the important changes you’ve been putting off. With the support of a 6 Universal Year, you can achieve anything you want to… You’re feeling much more balanced and in tune with your true self than in last year’s ‘5’ year; 5 brough the frequency of change, travel, and adventure, but the chances are you didn’t have much of these, so it made you feel out of sorts and out of alignment. 2022 is a 6 year, meaning there is a strong emphasis on community, family and the home, and qualities such as caring, nurturance, and empathy. Your compassion is deep and advanced, although you can sometimes hide behind a cold and analytical exterior. Feel free to be as sensitive and loving as you want to be. It will lead to opportunities, new connections, and moments of bliss and abundance.



Don’t be fooled by the chilled out and down-to-earth vibes. There is a serene and easy-going energy to this first year of the month, thanks to Capricorn, but there is a lot of potential and behind the scenes work you can be doing! Career, professional aspirations, community, and your role in society take centre stage. This is an amazing month to get down and dirty with the details, each fundamental step that results in your larger vision’s manifestation. Let ideas flow. Look up innovative and creative ways to earn an income either online, as a side hustle, or even passively…. 2021 was a year of freedom and change, yet 2022 is more grounded with a nurturing and feminine energy. Extraordinary insights and artistic creations are born from feminine energy, and you can further tune into the frequency of empathy and compassion to see some of your grandest dreams realized. Let your love shine and your heart connect with others through sheer passion & joy.



There’s a magnetic charge surrounding you, and everyone is feeling it! You may be older and wiser than in youth, but a return to innocence and a sense of wonder is supercharging you with inspirational powers and forces. Connect to your inner child… remember the sensations and revelations that came in your late teens to early twenties; these were the years where your personal awakening was occuring, as the chakras symbolized from ages 14 to 21 are the sacral and solar plexus chakras. Key themes in sexuality, desires for intimacy and love, and the way you interact with others and the world could become integrated now, yet they vibrate on a higher frequency. You should be thinking about how you can step into the role of master, expert, or guide & teacher. Don’t suppress your gifts and natural abilities because the world is waiting for you! The angels are waiting for you too.



Dare to dream, Sag…? You’ve just had a birthday and experienced a potent New Moon & Solar Eclipse in your sign. It’s time to step into greatness and live your ultimate truth- forget the haters! You may not resonate with everyone, it’s true that you can rub empathic watery signs up the wrong way, through your lack of sensitivity, and appear overly zealous and frivolous to grounded earth signs. But there is a sage-like wisdom and inner philosopher in you that the world needs. Shine in your own unique way. While the Sun is in Capricorn, supercharge your vision, aspirations, and long-term game plan. If you’ve been neglecting financial flow and prosperity in the name of fun or freedom, look at ways to monetize your talents. If the other side of the coin is true, and you’ve been only focusing on business, consider letting more inspiration and creative freedom in. Strive for balance and the universe will reward you.



Happy birthday and welcome to a fabulous new year! It’s a 7 Universal Month (in a 6 Universal Year), and this means you should be focusing on your strengths and light side. Briefly go over any teachings & lessons relating to your shadow self, and then commit fully to a path of service and light. Introspection and contemplation are great if you can take those lessons embraced in the silence and then apply them to the real-world. Never underestimate the power of community, cooperation, and standing strong in your truth within the world at large. You weren’t born a Capricorn to sit on the sidelines and dream subtly and off the radar… Step into your power, personal authority, and courageousness and direct your true nature in inspiring ways. Look up the numerology of number 6 to dive deeper into self-discovery.



Masculine meets feminine now, and you can really start to understand the concept of “duality and oneness.” It’s your time to shine as it’s your age, Aquarius. You are the Water-Bearer, the star (seed) pouring magic and intent into the world to shape, create, and positively influence it. You’re a dreamer and a visionary for sure, although many people associate these qualities with Pisces, the sign just after you. Water is magnetizing, harmonizing, spiritual and intuitive, but you also possess the qualities of water in your glyph despite being born of air. Never forget the power you hold to transform emotion and the subtle impressions you pick up on into logic and higher reasoning. Work with the “yin and yang” symbol for inner harmony, meditate on Christ, Buddha and Krishna consciousness, and channel your inner strength into shared projects & ventures. This isn’t the time to lone wolf it or take a solitary path… planet earth needs you.



You’re a star! Do you know how powerfully you change the world just through your integrity, heart, and unconditional love alone? The answer is: in cosmic proportions. You’ve been through your tests, you’ve learned your lessons and healed your karma; you’ve even integrated your shadow self, which is quite hard for you dear one, as someone who previously found comfort and even inspiration in darkness & suffering… But the wholly self-sacrificial, people-pleasing, and semi-depressed you are no more! It’s time to take everything you’ve been silently dreaming into being and mastering behind the scenes into the spotlight. You know you’re humble and breathe grace and humility, so don’t be afraid or turbo charging your victories and talents. You’re pretty much the most egoless soul, and this means you’re allowed to step into self-authority and self-sovereignty. Show others how it’s done.


General astrology

● New Moon in Capricorn (2nd): Be serious and get down to work, however also think of your big vision and ideals. You can lay a strong foundation this month. Don’t forget that the energies of the Taurus Lunar Eclipse are still with you, and will continue to expand

and increase throughout the coming years. (You can read this article for more insight here. ~link Taurus Lunar Eclipse article.)

● Full Moon in Cancer (17th): This is the second Cancer Full Moon in a row, so a beautiful bridge between 2021 and 2022. 2022 is a 6 year in numerology, a time of family, emotional bonds, spiritual connections, caring and compassion. Feminine energy including artistic gifts and creativity are included in the main themes- and this Cancer moon hilights them! Explore your femminine, nurturing, sensitive and motherly-sisterly side. Practice self-love and self-care and then aim to reflect it out into the world. A lot of practical magic can be created with the right effort and intent…

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