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January New Moon

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New Moon in Capricorn

Ambition, Stability, Resilience

11 January, 2024



On the night of January 11, 2024, there's a special event – the New Moon in Capricorn. It's like planting seeds for your dreams to grow. This New Moon brings strong energy to help you be determined and build the foundation for what you want. Think of it as starting something new, and with Capricorn's influence, it's like having a strong support. So, during this New Moon, take a moment to think about what you want and set your goals.


Key Qualities:

● The New Moon in Capricorn, on January 11, 2024, carries the energy of ambition. It's a time to set your sights high and work towards your goals with determination.

● Just like the sturdy mountains, Capricorn brings stability and strength. This New Moon encourages you to build a strong foundation for your plans, making them resilient and enduring.

● Embrace the energy of new beginnings. The Capricorn New Moon is a cosmic reset button, offering you a chance to start anew and set intentions for the path ahead.

● Like an elder offering guidance, Capricorn imparts cosmic wisdom. Take a moment to reflect and tap into this wisdom to make informed decisions for your future.

● As the Capricorn New Moon takes center stage on January 11, 2024, think of it like planting seeds for your dreams. Imagine a cosmic garden where your goals are the seeds, and Capricorn's energy is the nurturing soil.



Get ready to feel as solid as a kangaroo in work boots under Capricorn's down-to-earth vibes. It's like grabbing a snag at a backyard barbie with mates – practical, real, and no-nonsense. This is your time to make plans as sturdy as a gum tree, ones that can weather any storm or heatwave. Think about it like mapping out a road trip from Sydney to the bush – you want a plan that won't leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere.

So, grab your pen and paper, channel your inner Aussie farmer resilience, and get ready to sow the seeds of success that'll grow like a eucalyptus in Capricorn's reliable embrace.

Practical Wisdom

In the cosmic dance of the Capricorn New Moon, practical wisdom takes center stage, urging you to be as grounded as a farmer selecting tools in the shed. Roll up your sleeves, clear the cobwebs, and craft plans as reliable as a trusty Aussie ute. This lunar phase is your celestial toolkit, emphasising practicality for a smooth cosmic journey. Each plan, a carefully chosen tool, ensures resilience and enduring strength. Embrace this pragmatic spirit, envisioning a shed of possibilities, and let practical wisdom shape plans that navigate the celestial twists. Like a reliable vehicle conquering diverse terrains, grounded plans guide you through the cosmic odyssey with unwavering ease.

Time-Honored Patience:

Feel the timeless patience of this New Moon, like a crocodile in serene waters, calmly waiting for the right opportunity. It nudges you to embrace this ancient virtue, encouraging you to take a breath and trust the timing of your journey. In the quiet of this lunar phase, let impatience drift away, and recognise that your goals are marinating, gaining flavor and strength with each passing moment. It's a reminder to trust the process, to understand that success is a slow-cooked masterpiece, and your steady approach is the secret sauce. So, take a moment, breathe, and let time-honored patience guide you as you navigate the landscape of your ambitions.

Enduring Resilience:

Imagine the New Moon in January 2024 as your Aussie gumtree, standing strong in the outback. It's a reminder that, just like that tree, you've got enduring resilience. Life might throw some curveballs your way, but your roots run deep – like anchors in the soil, giving you the strength to handle any storm that comes your way. So, stand tall, knowing you've got the cosmic support to weather the ups and downs, just like that sturdy eucalyptus in the heart of the outback.

Down-to-Earth Ambitions

Picture this lunar phase as a laid-back Sunday arvo BBQ – easygoing and full of good vibes. Your ambitions should be as simple and achievable as a snag sizzling on the grill – no fuss, just real and oh-so-Aussie. To bring this down-to-earth energy to your goals, keep things practical. Break your big dreams into bite-sized pieces, like chopping veggies for the barbie. Set achievable steps, like flipping the snag when it's ready. Stay true to yourself, like enjoying a cold one with mates, and savor the journey as much as the end result. That way, your ambitions will be as satisfying as a perfectly cooked snag on a sunny arvo.


Magical Mantras” for this New Moon in Capricorn:

Aries: "Fearless Flame, Trailblazing Destiny, I Ignite under Capricorn's Cosmic Forge."

Taurus: "Roots of Ambition, Patient Blossoming, I Flourish in Capricorn's Gentle Embrace."

Gemini: "Whispers of Intent, Expressive Quest, I Craft My Path with Capricorn's Silent Wisdom."

Cancer: "Moonlit Foundations, Emotional Resilience, I Sculpt Dreams in Capricorn's Radiance."

Leo: "Dazzling Determination, Roaring Aspirations, I Illuminate My Journey with Capricorn's Light."

Virgo: "Practical Alchemy, Earthly Wizardry, I Transform Visions within Capricorn's Solid Craft."

Libra: "Balanced Quest, Harmonious Flight, I Dance through Dreams with Capricorn's Graceful Touch."

Scorpio: "Shadows' Revelation, Scorpio's Resilience, I Emerge Strong in Capricorn's Depths."

Sagittarius: "Archer's Odyssey, Cosmic Arrows, I Aim My Goals to the Beat of Celestial Drums."

Capricorn: "Master of My Destiny, Architect of Aspirations, I Stand Tall on the Peak of Cosmic Summits."

Aquarius: "Innovator's Quill, Visionary Inklings, I Script Tomorrow with Capricorn's Timeless Ink."

Pisces: "Intuitive Tides, Oceanic Dreams, I Swim Confidently in Cosmic Currents."

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