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July Horoscopes

July Horoscopes - Cecelia Pty Ltd


July starts off with the Moon in your own sign, Aries, for 3 days. Use this portal wisely! The Sun is in Cancer until the 22nd and there’s also a New Moon in Cancer on the 10th. Cancer is considered your “enemy” in astrology terms, so be mindful of your emotions and vulnerabilities this month. Cancer’s energy makes us all feel more sensitive, sentimental, and in touch with our home and family life- our ‘roots’ and need for security. But does this conflict with your warrior-like, self-leading stance? You can use Cancer season for powerful self-reflection and to re-align and adjust. Spend time in contemplation, rest and meditation reminding yourself of your soul. Your soul is the focal point, and it is from here where sparks of wisdom into your passions, purpose, past, future, talents and true self lie and originate. After the 22nd the Sun is in compatible and fiery Leo, and there’s a Full Moon in harmonious Aquarius (24th). Feel free to shine.



Cancer season is taking over our lives until the 22nd. Taurus and Cancer measure high up on the compatibility scale, so this is a wonderful month for love, romance, and getting clear on your goals and soulful dreams. Ruled by the Moon, Cancer’s energies allow you to access your subconscious mind and your imagination. What can you create this July, Taurus? Make sure you take time to meditate and align with your Higher Self, the seat of your soul, inner spirit, and “vision.” There is a practical magic and wisdom available this month, therefore tap into the infinite and unlimited source of potential and possibilities the universe has to offer. Connect with nature, the great Mother (earth), to help harmonize your mind and emotions with your body and spirit… Nature and a return to simplicity will rejuvenate your senses, alleviate any low moods or pessimistic mindsets, and restore confidence in your own abilities.



Gemini, it’s a mellow but equally blissful month for you. You have settled into a balanced and harmonious groove, and Cancer season shifts your focus towards home, family life, and introspective activities. You should consider pouring any and all spare time into a creative and artistic project. Get your imaginative juices flowing! The Sun in Cancer hi-lights your need for security and close bonds, but it is also making you pay more attention to your dreams and the subconscious messages contained. Do you possess a dream journal? Now is a great time to start one. Work, finances and personal passion or creative projects can reach a wonderful synergy with the emotional and psychosocial connections you crave on the home front. Use the watery-empathic, magnetic and feminine energy available to you to energize and amplify projects, goals, and aspirations… Listen to your intuition too.



This is the best month of the year for you, Cancer. When the Sun is in your own sign you feel dreamier and freer to be yourself. Your spiritual gifts, empathy, and psychic abilities are off the chain! There is a lightness in your step and demeanour without compromising on your deep, emotionally sensitive, and beautifully soulful nature. Art, creativity, and imaginative self-expression favour strongly for you, as do taking care of your physical health and body. Your physical body is a vessel, it’s a channel for divinity to flow through- and you know this better than most people. Tune into the ethereal ad mystical realms where subconscious insights are rich. Universal archetypes, genius ideas, brilliant revelations, and key insights into your future and soul’s plan can come to you know. Thank Lunar, the Moon, and place an amethyst crystal under your pillow at night to enhance dreaming. “Practical magic” is your buzzword this month.



Cancer season is energizing your home and family life, Leo. If you have children or you’re a primary or dual provider, expect to be very busy! Your secret to satisfaction this month is to treat life like a game, as if you’ve chosen to be so busy with errands, practical duties and providing for others. Try to stay present and mindful so you don’t let negativity or bad energy in- there are jewels and gems even in the most mundane tasks. So, either see your business as a perpetual get fit challenge, a way to be healthy and get your blood flowing or turn inwards. Cancer is one of the most reflective, introspective, and dreamy signs. Cancer is ruled by the planet of feelings and emotions, ‘roots’ and our need for security, and the subconscious mind: the Moon. Tackle daily chores with a sentimental and gentle approach, if you can. Be considerate and know that sensitivities are heightened… This is a great window for healing, self-evolution, and personal growth specifically with regards to emotional intelligence and the way you handle the hard or stressful times. If you’re retired or living life in bliss, reflect on your past. Appreciate friends & family and send gratitude out into the ether, into the universe.



You might be quite busy this month, yet you’re also feeling very in control of yourself and your life. This is a good month for you overall, Cancer’s energies are helping you to feel stress-free and more appreciative of friends and family. Cancer rules the 4th house of home, roots, security, family and emotions & feelings, your inner world. The Moon is Cancer’s ruling planet, and this is providing an opportunity to connect with your imaginative and subconscious self. Dreams, introspection, reading, movies, light house work, gardening, and activities that bring you a “mellow joy” and peace simultaneously are all favoured. What excites your soul while calming you at the same time? Focus on this and do more of it!



Dare to dream, Libra…? Cancer isn’t generally too compatible with you, however one thing you can appreciate is this sensitive and empathic water sign’s love of imagination and creativity. Cancer is a nurture and caregiver yet is also a creative genius with many artistic and imaginative gifts. Tune into these collective themes this month. Also, make the most of the laid-back and dreamy vibes- energize your long-term goals & plans projects and business model. Seek to strengthen your career or 7 year plan, or add a touch of magnetism and feminine energy to your professional pursuits. One other thing you can certainly draw from Cancer’s influence is their supremely compassionate, empathic, and psychically gifted nature. Feminine energy is receptive and gentle and this is naturally in synergy with your own peace loving ways. So long as you can focus and direct your energy, you should have a blissful and productive month. Use the Aquarius Full Moon to take passion projects to the next level.



Wow, what a month Scorpio. You’re feeling centred, reflective, dreamy, incredibly intuitive and spiritual. All of your senses, gifts, and soul talents are heightened and you’re embodying a fine balance of going with the flow and chasing your dreams. There is a green light from the universe to share your beliefs and viewpoints, wisdom and knowledge with others, and to access the full potential of the unique musical, artistic and spiritual abilities you secretly possess. Cancer rules everything internal, hidden feelings, emotions, the unseen realms, the subconscious mind and the imagination… and you’re naturally compatible! This means your best and most brilliant qualities are brought to light. You may find your resources getting an amp, or you could very well receive an expected windfall, sufficient gift of money or jewels, or a top end high paying new client. Self-esteem is high while your inner light & divinity is shining. Find a balance between wanting to show your gifts and wisdom to the world and keeping some to yourself. Cancer is a feminine and introspective sign, after all…



This is a month to lay low and focus on close relationships. Cancer rules the 4th house, the astrological house of home, ‘roots’ and physical foundations relating to security, and your needs for comfort and emotional connection. You tend to be superficial Sag, and this is due to being so carefree, restless, and free-spirited. Channelling your energy into multiple projects (and relationships?!) leaves you lacking the depth and sincerity often needed in life. Use July’s cosmic themes to work on healing your past. Introspection is called for, you can reflect on your childhood and emotional issues left unresolved. Get out your dream diary or start to work more closely and consciously with your dreams. There is a sweet, sensual, spiritual soulful and subtle energy available to you, which can transform your life in many powerful ways… Learn from your water sign friends- Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces; reflect on their words, energy & essence, actions and life choices to shine a light onto what you need to be embodying more of. Balance and integration can be found.



It’s Cancer season, your ‘opposite’ sign in astrology and therefore the sign you should be aiming to find most balance with. Cancer is spiritual, extremely compassionate, intuitive and instinctive. They’re psychically and imaginatively gifted and are equally known as the “empaths” of the Zodiac. Get in tune with your emotions this month. Look towards your past- your childhood and upbringing and seek to resolve any lingering wounds or insecurities surrounding home and your mother. Once you’ve done this, channel all of your energy into work and creative projects as there’s a lot of “practical magic” and ethereal, esoteric and spiritual wisdom in the air… do you feel balanced? Check in on your mind, body, spirit, emotions and soul because you are a holistic being. This is more of a month to do what you enjoy and brings your excitement and passion levels up, and to realign and introspect. Redirect your focus towards your spirit and long-term soulful aspirations. You will find emotional and psychological satisfaction here.



Until the 22nd, you may want to do one of two things. Either lay low and find ways to enjoy your own company: garden, tend to domestic and daily chores, express yourself through music and art, or meditate and go within. Or surround yourself with what you know, with people and friends who already see and get you. Cancer season is amplifying your need for security and connection, including protection, to the max! Friends and loved ones who make you laugh and who you’re already totally comfortable around can be a safe haven for you. But if it’s a choice between ‘the new’ and going solo, choose yourself. Cancer is ruled by the Moon, the planet of emotions, inner feelings and the subconscious mind, and by the 4th house- the house of family and our needs for security and belonging. You may be feeling surprisingly sensitive all month! Yet, Cancer is incredibly creative and imaginative, so there is a doorway of potential awaiting you. Everything becomes clearer from the 22nd.



Cancer season brings a beautiful synergy and harmony into your love, personal, career and spiritual life. Cancer is one of your soulmates of the Zodiac, so when the Sun is in this sweet and dreamy sign your God-given gifts soar! You and Cancer share many fabulous traits: intuition, psychic ability and clairvoyance, a profound imagination, creative and artistic genius, unlimited compassion and empathy… Stick with what you know and already comes naturally to you, but also work on strengthening and expanding it. Being ruled by the Moon and the 4th house, this cycle puts you in touch with your emotional and spiritual needs, your own “inner mother” and caregiver, provider, or protector. And, you’re seeking security and familiarity- even within a need for excitement and adventure. The world is one with you Pisces, therefore don’t let childhood fears or insecurities diminish your light. There is nothing to fear when living from your heart and Higher Self; whether you choose to stay closer to home or venture out, be the magical, intuitive, and unconditionally loving mermaid or merman that you are. Abundance and blessings are on their way.


General Astrology for July:

l. It’s Cancer season with a New Moon in Cancer on the 10th. Cosmic themes: home and security, roots, self-protection, imaginative self-expression, spiritual and psychic gifts, tapping into our instincts and intuition, and issues surrounding childhood and the mother. Lunar’s energy can help you for healing from the past and creating and envisioning a bright future, as Cancer is ruled by the Moon.

2. The Full Moon in Aquarius on the 24th is great for anyone with some spice and zest in their step. Aquarius is a humanitarian, dreamer, visionary, idealist and wise intuitive all in one. Find ways to expand your social and professional circle while working on individual gifts and talents. Dream big- don’t play it small or be too concerned with illusions and outdated patterns of thinking. Be a conscious maverick!


Blessings, Cecelia

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