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June Horoscopes

June Horoscopes - Cecelia Pty Ltd


Prepare to get your thinking hat on, Aries. The Sun is in cerebral and intellectual Gemini until the 21st… The Twins open doorways to higher reasoning, intuition, and a near perfect blend of analytical and artistic thinking and perception. You can make significant progress in anything that requires mental power! Keep your energy high and focused, and by high, I mean eat healthy, exercise, and stay positive, for brain fuel. When it's Cancer season (21st onwards) you will find a more mellow and emotional energy, which is great for creative and spiritual/philosophical ventures. But until then, vibrate at a psychological and intellectual frequency so you can join forces with other innovative leaders and visionaries. The world is your oyster this month.



Stay grounded, but make sure you´re making the most of your intellectual gifts and abilities. You might be feeling a bit scattered and confused while the Sun is in the cerebral Twins of the zodiac, however this should not keep you unmotivated or undisciplined. Quite the contrary, push yourself a little bit harder and re-align on your passions, meaningful goals, and the things that light up your spirit. Your favourable qualities- benevolent, empathy, kindness, romance, etc.- can help to keep you on track and mentally agile, which contributes to your ever-expanding resources and personal fortune. A windfall or big bonus could come your way through sheer inner strength and positivity alone! Don´t give into boredom, frustration, or triggers… stay on top of your emotional and spiritual health.



It's your month! You´re feeling full of excitement with multiple colours, sounds, sights, and sensory gems to keep you occupied. You´re a very bright individual with a lot of friends, Gemini, however do you feel you have some deep bonds? If the answer is yes, fabulous! Nurture these. If not, take the time to get to know yourself better through your passions, talents, and interests. This way you naturally attract deeper connections who “get” you, “see” you, and help to contribute to your status and success. Whatever you do, do not succumb to isolation or loneliness, even if you feel an introspective vibe coming on. Know the difference between introspection, such as through journaling, meditation, art, self-healing, or a spiritual retreat, and introversion. The latter often leads to loneliness and being disconnected from your community.



Your main goal will be balancing your need for solitude and creativity or family and being the social butterfly that you were born to be. Many people associate ´social butterfly ‘with the air and fire signs, yet you have so many wonderful gifts that make you a colourful chameleon in your own right. For one, you're highly creative and imaginatively gifted… secondly, you have psychic, spiritual, and intuitive gifts not matched by many! Find a way to express your passions, emotions, internal desires, and ideas- if not like everyone else, at least in your own unique way. Even being heard by a few people will give you the self-esteem boost and lift up you unconsciously crave. Further, work on healing your sacral and throat chakras; these are where a lot of issues stem in life, and these two energy centres (chakras) link.



Be prepared for the new and exciting opportunities you've been praying for! All the confusion and isolation of previous years is surely leaving your life now, and you could very well feel like you´re stepping into a whole new world altogether. Life will feel like a big party or extended festival this month, so make the most of the high spirits and let your inner God/dess shine... Inspiration is all around you, but it's also within you, dear Lion. Connect to your inner lion. Don´t be afraid of being majestic, regal, sparkly, confident, or passionate. People want to see these qualities currently! If you find some low and mellow periods, work on educational and professional pathways; anything that causes less stress at a later date, through possible financial gains, is strongly advised.



Don't let your own or others' drama get you down this month. You can learn a lot from upbeat and positive Gemini. Ok, there is an aspect of superficiality to this sign, but they are playful, colourful, and excitable creatures all the same. You tend to stress, overthink, and engage in judgement and gossip or projection more than you know! Don´t worry, we all have our shadow traits, however with another Mercury ruling month (Mercury rules Gemini and your own sign, Virgo) there is a pull towards mental tension and frustration; least to mention falling into the shadow/toxic traits of Mercury. Meditate more and connect to your spiritual roots! This will increase your philosophical and expansive, big-picture thinking, side. Also, your capacity for extrasensory gifts and experiences like astral travel or projection, clairsentience, clairaudience, potent intuition, and seeing holistic perspectives.



You´re known for being a flirt, but if you´re single this month you might take this too far! Turning towards flights of fancy, pleasure-seeking, and all fun and games is not the way to go this June. Start your month off on the right note by getting serious with your services, finances, home life, and health. If you´re looking for love, this will only flow when you're in an independent, balanced, and harmonious state. Co-dependency is something you struggle with when you've forgotten how to slow down, take it easy, and connect to your own source of personal and emotional power. So, keep your desires in check. Don't suppress them- there's a big difference between repression or suppression and self-control; just keep in mind that self-mastery is the true root of pleasure and intimacy…



Your inner tantric god or goddess will be wanting to shine through in all of their glory! This is quite an intense time for you, and you won't be settling for less than depth, commitment, and giving your all when it comes to love, career, or self-growth. Let your romantic and sensual side show, where appropriate. If you´re blessed to be in a settled groove- you´ve already got the family, the home, the career, the health, the ideal partner, etc., for example, let yourself groove to the rhythm you´ve created. Enjoy yourself! Remember to stay balanced though, as Gemini season can pull us out of alignment and make us feel restless, scattered, or ungrounded. You may also think you need to do more and stay constantly busy, however focused intention is the key to success now.



It's time to be the big-spirited, gregarious, and fun-loving friend and soulmate you were born to be, Sag! There are no super-sensitive vibrations holding you back, and you won't be persecuted for being your colourful and freedom loving self. Obviously, don´t fall into immaturity or back into younger versions of yourself- stay woke and mature. But remember that we all have strengths and unique talents, and yours include vision, philosophical outlooks on life, and the ability to bring joy and humour to others. If there´s someone you´ve had your eye on, a true soulmate or lover with “lifelong” potential, be brave and bold. Approach them with charm, confidence, and a balanced feminine and masculine energy… step into your inner Empress or Emperor. This is a great time for creativity too.



Which way to go, Capricorn…? This is an unusual month for you, as you may not actually be in control or in the know. You usually have every part of your life mastered, from your daily routine to your life in 10 years’ time. But now is the time to let loose a little, go with the flow, and lighten up. Play! Do something out of the box that allows you to transcend the restrictions or rules you've placed on yourself. Broadening your horizons will appeal to you more now than anything concrete or suppressive. Gemini season helps to show you that success doesn't just come from lists, organisation, order, structure, and accountability, but also from adaptability, spontaneity, charm, and social charisma. Be more colourful, creative, and carefree in your personal and professional life.



If you´ve become stuck in a rut, please make sure you align with your humanitarian and adventurous side. Do you really want to be 40, or 50, and stuck in some houses share with randoms who come and go, who you don´t share a deep or authentic connection with? Many people in this life get stuck in their cycles, perpetuating the same addictions, depressions, psychological and emotional issues, and spiritual and physical blocks… you have so much talent and inner altruism, Aquarius! Sign up to Workaway or another live-work-exchange program; the world is full of opportunities for free living, where you can help others. You know this is what your soul craves, so take the leap. Only you can be the change you wish to see in the world… If you're already in alignment and flow, continue being the amazing being that you are. Don't let anyone stop you.



It's all about colour, creativity, and magic through your third eye for you this month, Pisces. But this doesn't mean you won´t be feeling the pull towards love! In fact, this may be the most flirty and fun time of the year for you, and single Fish will be seriously considering partnering up. We have many soulmates in life, so make sure you attract someone on your wavelength who is good for you. You don't want to fall back into toxic or karmic love cycles…. Key themes for you include chakra healing, creativity, artistic expression, self-healing, community, spiritual self-development, and love, intimacy, and sexual play and expression. Music can give you the release you need in times of hardship or struggle.


General Astrology for June 2022:

1. New Moon in Gemini, May 30th: Creativity, innovation, original thinking, new beginnings, increased optimism and energy, educational & professional opportunities, self-expression, and advanced/evolved communication!

2. Full Moon in Sagittarius, June 14th: Vision, inspiration, higher ideals, spiritual illumination, philosophical beliefs and perspectives, tantric pathways to love, and individual freedoms and liberties.


Hint: When the Sun enters Cancer on the 21st, shift your attention to spiritual and emotional bonds, or how you can embody more spiritual insight and emotional intelligence in daily life.

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