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June Horoscopes

June Horoscopes - Cecelia Pty Ltd

June Horoscopes


June is an excellent month for you, Aries. The Sun is in Gemini until the 20th, but there is also a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini (10th) and a fiery Full Moon in compatible Sagittarius (24th). You will be feeling on top of your world, in control of your life, and incredibly positive. Regardless of where you choose to direct your energy, you will have success. Try to keep to a modest and humble attitude for the best victories, however. So much cerebral (Gemini) energy can make you be even more impulsive than you usually are! And with impulsion comes impatience, aggression, and superficiality. If you can stay positive, graceful, and pure in your words, actions, and speech you will see great financial and spiritual rewards. Health and finances are looking good and coupled Aries will find many steamy and sensual moments to share with a lover or soulmate.


Quite simply, you love the optimistic and excitable energy of a Gemini sun, although you can get a bit confused sometimes. It’s Gemini season until the 20th which is making you very playful and flirty. You’re seeking fun and inspiration at this time, yet you’re still grounded and committed to your goals and personal projects. The ‘confused’ aspect comes from the fact that you are not entirely compatible. Gemini is cerebral, mental, and slightly superficial. You are emotionally intelligent, instinctive, and deep. You navigate life through a combination of psychological, emotional, physical, and spiritual processes while Gemini can be detached and cut off from their feelings. The current astrological cycle (season) influences all of us… So, be mindful of the attraction and passion you feel without compromising your key qualities and strengths. This is the route to success in any aspect of life you wish to energize this June.


It’s your birthday month, Gemini! June is a great month for you and there is so much to be positive about. There is a New Moon in your own sign combined with a Solar Eclipse, on the 10th. And there is a fiery Sagittarius Full Moon on the 24th- powerful stuff! Stay committed to your passions and goals this June. Find ways to expand your services, career or talents and don’t be shy of going after what you want. New opportunities will come to you now if you learn to connect to the positive qualities of your sign, without falling into the shadow traits. As a Gemini, you have a tendency to be superficial, manipulative (consciously or unconsciously) and impulsive. Yet you’re also perceptive, mentally gifted, analytical and intuitive. Be mindful of your communication style and the way you interact with others, as this is the foundation of your success or failure.


You’re feeling quite reflective this month, Cancer. This is due to the Sun being in Gemini until the 20th. A Gemini sun can be chaotic for you- Gemini is a cerebral and extroverted air sign while you are an emotional and introverted water sign. So much air energy leaves you slightly out of sorts. However, being aware of this means you can put your focus into personal projects and self-care. You can see real advancements in your health and finances this June if you dedicate your time and energy to yourself, your personal life, and private projects and ambitions. Overall it’s a great month because the Sun then enters your own sign on the 21st. Hooray! See the 1st- 20th as a time of preparation and setting the tone- creating the foundation- for more harmonious and vibrant times ahead. Take care of your practical and real-world responsibilities so when your birthday season hits you will be feeling refreshed and inspired. Creative ventures are excellent from the 21st.


It’s Gemini season, a sign deeply compatible with yourself. There is so much cerebral, optimistic, and fiery energy in the air this month you don’t really know where to turn! Create a set plan and focus early on, preferably on the 1st or 2nd. There is a Gemini New Moon and Solar Eclipse on the 10th and a Full Moon in Sagittarius on the 24th. Combined with the fact May saw a Lunar Eclipse (in fire sign Sag) and you share a deep resonance with both Gemini and Sagittarius, there is immense inspiration and energy this month. Dedicate your time to health, finances, projects, and self-care. Seek to expand any area of your life that needs a ‘boost’ while making sufficient time for rest. You must continuously recharge your energy in order to continue on your path and with your goals. Artistic, creative and academic projects and pathways are excellent things to give your time to this June. Romance, children, family and domestic affairs are equally looking strong. Count your blessings because this is one of the best months of the year for you!


The Sun is travelling through Gemini until the 20th. Considering you and Gemini are both ruled by the same planet, this means positive growth and personal and professional expansion. Woo! This is a great month if you knuckle down and complete the tasks at hand. Messenger planet Mercury is influencing you all month- you should direct all your attention to work, finances and domestic affairs. Tend to the practical and things you know best, because the 21st onwards is Cancer season which will be much more relaxed and pleasurable for you. Until the 21st, use your mental abilities and sound analytical powers to see results, create waves, and improve your finances and professional foundation. If you’re currently studying or taking a course online this is an amazing cycle to take things to the next level. The same is true if you’re a freelancer or have your own business. Then the fiery and ‘aim high’ Sagittarius Full Moon on the 24th is allowing you to be more visionary and big picture thinking. Go with it.


It’s an air month Libra and you’re digging the vibes. The Sun is in Gemini until the 20th, there’s also a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini on the 10th followed by a Sagittarius Full Moon on the 24th. This is clearly a month for air and fire signs! There is a lot of compatible and harmonious energy in the air which is making you feel powerful, self-aligned, and productive. Focus on creative, artistic, and educational projects and outlets at this time. You can get a lot done and feel even more inspired by the time July hits, a time to go within and connect with your inner source of strength including dreams and the imagination. See June as a precursor to the social connections and opportunities that arise soon; tie loose knots, finish projects and current cycles- both personal and professional or academic and find solace in the practical details. All the cerebral air energy is pushing you towards honoring your analytical and ‘Mercury inspired’ powers...


Lay low and express yourself as musically and artistically as you desire. The Gemini sun is highlighting your need for creation and imaginative channels and outlets. You’re feeling inspired to go within and focus on your own talents, gifts and intuitive abilities which further lead to co-creation and profound divine, spiritual or imaginative insights! If you’re an aspiring musician, writer, author or creative of any kind, this is a great month. Gemini is a cerebral and mentally gifted air sign, but in addition to key skills in analysis and logic there is also a lot of intuitive and artistic energy present. Combined with a powerful Full Moon in Sagittarius on the 24th, and a New Moon Solar Eclipse in, you guessed it, Gemini on the 10th- visionary vibes are amplified all month. Stay cool but don’t play it safe. Dream big and reach for the stars… any groundwork you create this month sets the stage for much opportunity and heartwarmingly inspiring connections in July.


A month made for you Sag, June sees a Full Moon in your sign on the 24th and a New Moon Solar Eclipse in compatible Gemini on the 10th. Go with the flow and enjoy the ride! Be your bold, wise and bright self. Gemini’s influence is amplifying your cerebral and intuitive gifts all month until the 21st. Then, the fiery full moon arrives in Sagittarius during Cancer season, with Cancer being an imaginative and receptive water sign. Use this combo to your advantage. Visionary qualities are expanded, and you will be feeling like all is possible, despite illusions and external circumstances or perceived limitations. Realize that restrictions are an illusion of the matrix and ‘made-made’ society. Connect to the power of your mind and your own self-sovereignty because this is where victory and self-evolution lies. If you’re already at the pinnacle of your professional or personal life, practice gratitude and continue on the journey. Positive energy births good karma….


Stay strong this month Capricorn. It’s important that you keep your focus and do what you need to do practically. The fun vibes will hit next month! June is influenced by Mercury, the ‘messenger’ planet of communication (it’s Gemini season). This means, until the 21st you will be feeling slightly stressed or at least the pressure of all your responsibilities and duties. Fortunately, this pressure allows you to make considerable advancements in study and education, finances and career and build character. Cancer season is when you can really start to enjoy the fruits of your labor and there’s further a Sagittarius Full Moon on the 24th. Make the most of it as your visionary qualities are lit up. Romance is favored from the 21st onwards.


The Gemini New Moon coupled with a Solar Eclipse aligns you with your Higher Self and cerebral gifts. You’re feeling more intuitive, analytical and perspective than usual, yet more in tune with the divine and sublime too. Eclipses are a wonderful opportunity to expand talents, wisdom, and self-knowledge and to reconnect with your spiritual source of power. As the ‘water-bearer,’ you naturally have that visionary and spiritual link- you’re intuitive with some psychic abilities. And you’re imaginative, well- so is Gemini! Feel free to not worry about practical and financial concerns this month. Give your time and attention to anything that enhances your sense of self and skillset; liberation should be your key goal this June. Remember to engage in holistic movements and healthy eating as well… Aim for joy and genuine pleasure (with regards to movement and exercise), not superficial or purely physical intentions.


Let love flow and expand in your life. There is an easy energy about June you can appreciate. The birds are signing, the sun is shining, and you’re on top of your finances. Enjoy life and all it’s simple pleasures! Spend time in nature with your journal, tarot cards and crystals; read a book against a strong and mighty tree and find moments of shared humanity with fellow kindred spirits. Don’t worry about the past or the future, as the past you cannot change, and life begins in the present moment. The Gemini Sun is reminding you of what it means to be carefree and happy, truly stress-free and in tune with your inner child. Yet, you have years of maturity and timeless wisdom which are keeping you grounded and level-headed. Try not to fall into past wounds and childhood insecurities. Keep to your plan of action and hold your long-term vision in mind. This is a beautiful month with lots of chances for creative, imaginative, and psychic self-development.


General Astrology for June:

l. A Gemini New Moon Solar Eclipse occurs on the 10th- think celestial vibrations merged with highly charged imaginative and intuitive gifts. New beginnings in the way you interact with the world are in store, and an Eclipse is always symbolic of some sort of personal awakening.

2. There is a Full Moon in Sagittarius, the Archer who reaches towards the stars, on the 24th; a time for tapping into our visionary qualities and creative life force. Pay attention to dreams and subconscious messages at this time.

3. The Sun enters receptive, empathic, and creative Cancer on the 21st. The end of the month is excellent for slowing down and connecting with our true selves, emotions, and imaginative gifts.


Blessings, Cecelia

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