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Libra New Moon

Libra New Moon - Cecelia Pty Ltd

New Moon in Libra

Harmony, Balance, Diplomacy

15 October 2023

The New Moon in Libra on October 15, 2023, brings a special kind of energy. Libra is all about balance, making things fair, and getting along with others. During this time, the sky is telling us to think about our lives and find ways to make things more even and peaceful. This moon is like a friendly reminder to look at our relationships, whether they're with our partners or friends, and try to fix any problems or disagreements. It's a time to bring more harmony into our lives and make things right.


Key Qualities:

● The New Moon places a spotlight on our interactions with others, urging us to evaluate and improve our relationships, both personal and professional.

● It fosters an atmosphere of cooperation and understanding, making it easier to work together with others and resolve conflicts in a peaceful manner.

● With Libra being ruled by Venus, the planet of love, this New Moon is a great time for enhancing romantic relationships or even starting new ones.

● This New Moon invites introspection and self-improvement, encouraging us to grow and transform in positive ways.

● Libra's diplomatic nature encourages us to handle disagreements with grace, finding compromises and solutions that benefit all parties involved.


Promotes Fairness and Equality:

Libra energy shines a spotlight on the principles of fairness, equality, and justice. During this time, we are encouraged to examine our actions and decisions to ensure they align with these values. It's a reminder to treat every individual with respect, regardless of their background or beliefs. Libra's influence urges us to be advocates for justice and to seek balance in all our interactions, striving for a world where everyone is given a fair chance and is treated with the dignity and respect they deserve. It's a call to be fair not only to others but also to ourselves, recognising our own worth and ensuring our actions are just and equitable.



Think of balance during the New Moon in October like a helpful guide. It reminds us to avoid going too far in one direction and to be fair to others and ourselves. It's like finding a middle path in our relationships so that everyone feels happy, and making choices carefully to avoid problems later on. This balance reminds us that when we treat things fairly, we not only make our own lives better but also create a world where everyone gets a fair shot and things work smoothly.


Emotional Harmony:

Harmony, during the New Moon in October, is like a soothing melody that encourages us to create peaceful and balanced surroundings. It's as if the universe is whispering for us to work together with others, to find common ground, and to be understanding and kind. This harmonious energy is like a glue that can mend strained relationships and make us more willing to cooperate with those around us. It's a reminder that when we strive for harmony, we create a happier and more peaceful world for everyone.


Romantic Connections:

Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, so this New Moon is a favorable time for romantic connections and strengthening bonds with others.This means it's a good time for romantic stuff, like finding new love or making your current relationship even stronger. But it's not just about romance - it's also about getting along better with all kinds of people, like friends and family. It's like the universe is giving a thumbs up for us to build better connections with the people in our lives, making our relationships happier and more loving.



Diplomacy during the New Moon in Libra is like having a peacemaker on your side. Libra is good at making peace and finding middle ground when there's a disagreement. So, it's a great time for talking things out and finding solutions to problems. Whether it's in your personal life or at work, this is a time when you can calmly and fairly work through issues with others. It's like having a superpower for making things smooth and harmonious in your interactions with people.


Beauty and Aesthetics:

Beauty and aesthetics during the New Moon are like a gentle nudge to make things look and feel better. Libra really likes things that are pleasing to the eye and just generally beautiful. So, during this time, it's not only about appreciating beauty but also about creating it. This New Moon can inspire all the zodiac signs to get a bit creative and pay more attention to how things look around them.


Magical Mantras” for this New Moon in Virgo:

Aries: "I find harmony in assertiveness, balancing my needs with those of others."

Taurus: "I attract beauty and abundance into my life, embracing the aesthetic pleasures."

Gemini: "I communicate with grace and understanding, fostering harmonious connections."

Cancer: "I create a peaceful sanctuary within and around me, nurturing emotional balance."

Leo: "I share my spotlight with others, strengthening bonds through generosity."

Virgo: "I find equilibrium in my daily routines, prioritsing self-care and well-being."

Libra: "I set intentions for self-growth and harmony, embracing my unique qualities."

Scorpio: "I release old wounds and embrace transformation, finding peace within."

Sagittarius: "I expand my horizons with openness and curiosity, fostering harmonious adventures."

Capricorn: "I balance work and personal life, creating harmony in all my endeavors."

Aquarius: "I appreciate the beauty of innovation, creating aesthetics in my unique way."

Pisces: "I dive into my emotions with compassion, seeking inner and outer harmony."

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