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Making and keeping New Years resolutions on the path to positivity

This blog is about making and keeping New Years resolutions on the path to positivity

Two weeks into the New Year and already it’s hard to keep those New Year’s resolutions going. To inspire you to keep those promises to yourself here are some affirmations to motivate you daily.

Around 4,000 years ago, the Babylonians celebrated the new year with a festival they named Akitu. Akitu was where the new king was crowned; or the people reaffirmed their loyalty to the old king. That reaffirmation was the start of the New Year’s resolution.

Throughout the thousands of years since, New Year’s resolutions have been present in almost every ancient culture and religion in some form or another. The ancient Romans made promises to their god of beginnings, Janus, that they would seek self-improvement in the New Year. Those of Jewish faith bring in their New Year by reflecting on their failings over the past year and seeking forgiveness, along with offering forgiveness to others; while Catholics and Anglicans hold a mass at midnight where they promise to be more spiritual in the new year; and so on. Many people in the psychic world also make resolutions to become more in tune with the other side, with their guides or to the spirits they might converse with (all depending on the type of psychic ability they might have).

Today, one of the main things people include when making resolutions is self-improvement of various forms. Whether that is physical, mental or spiritual depends on the person and the particular stage they might be at in their life.

If New Year’s resolutions are all too hard and you’re looking to bring some positivity into your life, try one, or some, of these positive affirmations or ideas every day:

1. I will wake every morning and smile at the good things I have in my life. If I can’t think of any, I will make sure I write down 5 things throughout the day that I can be happy about in life.

2. I will tell people I love them — and SHOW them I love them by treating them well.

3. I will meditate for 20 minutes at least once a week. Every day for 5 minutes if possible.

4. I will do something this year that will help others (for example volunteering with a local charity).

5. I’m going to step out of my comfort zone this year and do something I would normally never do and interact with people I would normally not speak with.

6. I’m going to be more kind to other people.

7. I will call my parents / children / siblings at least once a week to say hello and to make sure they are doing okay.

8. I’m not going to focus on the past, or the future. I’m going to live for today and focus on what is happening around me at the moment.

9. I’m going to make new friends and nurture old friendships.

10. I promise to listen to other people more.

11. I’m going to pay more attention to my intuition and the psychic within me so that I can focus on bringing more positivity into my life.

12. I’m going to start eating better and spend more time on my physical health, so that I can enjoy being mentally fit as well.

13. I am going to forgive those who have hurt me in the past so that I can move on with my life in a positive way.

14. I will turn to my spirit guides more often to seek their advice when needed. I am going to tune into my guides and find out more about them and how they can help me through my life.

15. I’m going to enjoy my job, and if I don’t enjoy it, I’m going to change my job. I deserve to be happy in my work and to have respect and a role that I like.

16. I’m going to learn more about myself by spending more time alone.

17. I will focus on making my home a place where I can feel safe and secure. A sanctuary where I can enjoy my children, family, friends; and where I can also rest and rejuvenate after a long day at work.

18. I am beautiful, inside and out.

19. I’m going to abandon old habits, and take up new ones that help me to focus on me being happy.

20. I will learn from spiritual teachers around me.

There are many ways to bring positivity into your life, love life and it will love you back.

Wishing you a multitude of Blessings in the year ahead

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