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March Full Moon

Virgo Full Moon - Cecelia Pty Ltd

Releasing, Cleansing & Finding balance


7th March 2023

We reach another Full Moon, and with it, an opportunity to rid ourselves of the things that are weighing us down.

As always, Full Moons are times of illumination, when new information appears, and specific areas of life receive special attention. After a rather quiet lunation last month, now things become more serious and demand a conscious and methodical effort on our part, as we should expect from any Virgo transit.

Something we should always take into account is that Full Moons are always about balance, in a way. With this in mind, we ought to analyze what things are highlighted during this time and observe whether it’s taking more from us than it should.

In any case, the universe is asking us to let go of anything holding us back; and right now, it would be not only difficult but also painful to resist this need for change.


Key qualities:

  • Virgo is ruled by Mercury, the planet of intellect and communication. With this in mind, we can expect this Full Moon to come with some nervous energy, and the need to analyze and communicate, rather than process things internally. Yet being absolutely methodical will not be useful if we don’t allow some degree of intuition into the mix.
  • Virgo is a mutable sign, and this means that there’s an element of adaptability to this Full Moon, which will allow us to accept the changes that the universe is asking us to make in our lives.
  • We know that Full Moons mean that the Sun is in direct opposition to the Moon, creating a feeling of polarity during this day. In this case, the contrast is between the elements earth (Virgo) and water (Pisces). This will be the essence of where we need to balance ourselves now.
  • This Moon will happen in opposition to Saturn as it leaves innovative Aquarius for the expansive and dreamy waves of Pisces. Once again, the Saturnian presence allows us to take a grounded approach to whatever emotions we’re dealing with now, but we should be mindful of feeling too limited.


Practicality vs impracticality

We mentioned that Mercury is ruling this lunation, but not only that, the fast-moving planet will be transiting limitless Pisces. This presents us with a matter of polarity. On the one hand, we will feel compelled to be analytical and pay attention to details; this is what the Virgo Full Moon asks us to do right now. However, Mercury in Pisces happens to be in exile, which means the mercurial energies are uncomfortable and confusing. As much as we strive for clarity right now, our words could come out wrong and disorganized at this time. Still, this transit doesn’t have to be negative by any means. More than anything else, it points to poor communication and misunderstandings. Under these conditions, the best we could do is focus more on our receptive side and be open to messages from the universe.


Navigating mysterious waters

While this Moon reaches its full phase, the Sun will conjoin Neptune, making for a very spiritual yet nebulous and hazy day. Under this influence, we should be careful not to be swept away by delusions and things that appear too good to be true. In fact, anything that looks extremely idealistic now, has the potential to let us down later when the Neptunian clouds dissolve.

Nevertheless, this is not an intense aspect, so for the most part, it can feel inspiring and infuse the day with great creativity. Meditation and spiritual practices in general are very recommended for this lunation. You may also find it useful to write down your dreams at this time and try to decode the hidden messages from your subconscious.


Practice patience & release

Virgo is probably the most detail-oriented sign of the zodiac, and one of the things that might be highlighted during the Full Moon, are the flaws in our plans and ourselves. This observant energy is, unfortunately, not well accompanied by the aspects in the sky this day. Tensions between Mercury and Mars will most likely prevent us from making any real adjustments or changes, though we will be shown how much progress and hard work we’ve done so far.

In any case, there is a clear purpose to all this uneasiness: the act of letting go. On this day we get to observe and feel judged by our most fussy selves, yet we don’t feel allowed to do much. As we do on every Full Moon, we must release control and let events unfold as they will. And at the end of the day, we’ll feel grateful for the brave act of letting go of the need to control.


Now let’s see how the Full Moon in Virgo will affect each sign personally, by examining which things must be released. Remember to always read your rising sign first!:

Aries: Let go of obsessive thoughts and anxiety and engage in mindfulness.

Taurus: Release self-criticism in regard to your creativity and artistry.

Gemini: Let go of the need to control your environment.

Cancer: Let go of the details and observe things from a wider perspective.

Leo: Free yourself from earthly attachments, your worth goes beyond that.

Virgo: Let go of the expectation to appear perfect.

Libra: Do not judge your deepest thoughts, they’re an important part of you.

Scorpio: Allow yourself to enjoy the company of others with unconditional love.

Sagittarius: Let go of others’ perceptions of you, they do not matter.

Capricorn: Release your mind from rigidity and put yourself in other people’s shoes.

Aquarius: Let go of your most profound fears, especially if you can do it with the company.

Pisces: Allow your love to roam freely, it will find the best place for itself.

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