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March Horoscopes

March Horoscope - Cecelia Pty Ltd


Welcome to the world of the spiritual and sensitive, Aries. You are really starting to see how there are multiple realities and worldviews, and how you’ve perhaps been neglecting your own sensitive and empathic side. Pisces season awakens the realisation within that we do not all belong to the same soul tribe or social group! While you enjoy the buzz and excitement of interacting with fellow extroverts, roughly half of the global population are watery, femininely inclined, and passive people. And within this group are sincerely selfless verging on self-sacrificing mermaids, fairies, unicorns, and witches and wizards! OK, Pisces is known for being mega mystical and fantasy-prone, but hopefully you understand what I’m saying. Now is the time to get in tune with your altruistic, compassionate, and gentle side- the part of you that is passive, service-oriented, and humble; or at least is happy to share and help others instead of being so self-centred…


You’re loving the fairy-tale vibes that compatible and soulmate category Pisces brings. You have a shared resonance with Pisces, particularly due to their compassionate, wise, intuitive, gentle, and all-encompassing energy. Pisces season amplifies non-judgement and tolerance yet stimulates emotional intelligence and instincts. You’re beginning to see how you can notice the difference, the distortion, and the lower vibrations and keep your own truth intact, without sacrificing empathy or unconditional love. Tap into this unlimited steam of universal love and compassion for creative, professional, and educational advancements! You may find flashes of inspiration or visions coming to you- your dreams could become more vivid and subconsciously connected too. Be mindful or insensitive or impulsive people who tend to always put themselves first. They will either trigger you or inspire you to engage in charitable and selfless causes.


Be mindful of your words and the tone in which you communicate, Gemini. Everyone is feeling more sensitive, and some people are just down-right psychic! This is the most spiritual, soulful, dreamy, and imaginatively heightened month of the year. Your imagination can either be used to great advantage- to connect us, inspire others and be inspired, and see the world for what it is; a beautiful and interweaving web of consciousness and unity… Or it can be used for chaos and destruction. If you succumb to the latter, you may find yourself seeing enemies, flaws, and shadow traits (darkness) everywhere you look. Tune into Pisces’ compassion and ability to see everyone as brother and sister. Pisces is both unique and rare in that they can see everyone as their lover, whether it be platonic or romantic! This “fairy-tale” and rainbow coloured vision for the world is both beautiful and not so blessed if taken to extremes. Your job this March is to learn from the sensitive and all-encompassing fish and find the balance.


It’s a peaceful and inspiring month for you, possibly the best of the year! Everyone knows you’re a caring, sensitive, nurturing, empathetic, and affectionate soul. Nothing is too much for you and- although you do have a temper- you’re a lover and not a fighter. You’re free to be your authentic self this March, Cancer. It’s paramount that you let your intuition and powerful instincts shine, otherwise you could go off the radar (again) and be mistaken for someone who is weak, overly emotional, and talentless, which isn’t the case. Everyone has different skills and traits, and yours lie in the realm of emotions, instincts, subtle perception, and spirituality. Be a bit bolder without compromising on who you are; courage doesn’t have to be electric or “in your face” assertion or aggression. You can be magnetically powerful and retain your spiritual sensitivity and awareness… If you have any free time from relationships, channel your energy into ways to increase personal prosperity. You’re a money magnet until the 20th!


Lay low and focus on your own life and projects. Emotions are running high, or at least this is what you perceive reality to be. Unless you can get in tune with your own sensitive and gentle side you will start to see disparity, illusion, and drama everywhere. The truth is many people are feeling the introspective, sublime, and spiritual vibes Pisces season brings…. You’re wanting to travel and explore others and the world as if it were a festival, or summer, therefore your highly energetic and communicative nature could conflict with the overall cosmic theme. If you’re going to socialise, be intentional with your words- slow down too, and remember the power of subtle energy and sensitivity. Creativity, personal wealth manifestation, and the Arts are great themes for you this month. Romance heightens and you will be craving deeper intimacy and emotional connection with your partner or lover, at least. Keep empathy for everyone else in mind to not come across as a bully or self-centred tyrant!


Try to transcend your comfort zone and look towards the heavens up above… This is a great time to get in tune with your mystical, divine, and spiritual side. Activities like camping under the starry night sky, going on a wild forage or forest trek, moon-gazing, or talking about philosophy and the universe around a fire are all ideal ways to activate your higher self. As a naturally small-minded and down-to-earth sign, you don’t often see the big picture or get in touch with your visionary self. But Pisces is the sign of mysticism, spirituality, and the great unknown, thus if there were ever a time to expand your mind and soften, adapt, and evolve, it’s now. Don’t worry too much about finances, work, or practical things; the chances are you’ve already spent January and February tending to your duties! Let go a little, tap into emotional intelligence and intuitive wisdom, and be opened to surrendering to new experiences and connections. If you are forced to stay closer to home, find ways to incorporate play and creativity into daily life.


You’re feeling excited at the awe-inspiring wonders of the universe and of nature. There’s a buzz and magical energy filling your life, and there are signs and subtle cues all around you that are impossible to ignore. Don’t even try to dismiss them, because the outside world is an extension of your true self, the inner you! This means there is much opportunity for self-growth and evolution this month. Colours, sounds, aesthetics, and natural beauty are motivating you to create your own magnificent works of art, or access creative and imaginative gifts buried deep within. Your subconscious mind is activated too. Never underestimate the power of silence, ethereal and spiritual qualities, and the instinctive and intuitive feelings you sense when you slow down. In love? This is a wonderful cycle for intimacy and romance! Alternatively, if you’re single and hoping to remingle, you could meet someone with true love potential- a soulmate for sure- if you stay true to yourself and aim for balance. Stay independent, but don’t be fearful of attachments that could serve your soul or highest self…


Have you steered more towards your ambitious, resourceful, and power-hungry side, Scorpio? Remember that you are a sensitive and warm-hearted water sign! You have a unique set of qualities, yet the stars are suggesting that you’ve become cold and emotionally distant in recent months or even years. The world is a masculine and harsh place; there is so much illusion, coldness, and ill-intentions and motivations that we often try to become like our suppressors or abusers, without consciously knowing it. Remember your roots and spiritual truth this March. Pisces is your sister sign and a true soulmate, they’re one of the few signs that truly know you, at your core. Don’t alienate or push aside the gentle hearted and sensitive, artistic, or kind people in your life because you don’t want to be seen as “weak.” There is nothing weak about grace and selflessness, and further this is actually who you are at your soul core. Get in touch with your soulful and feminine side once again, and revisit the past (introspection, reflection) to see where you may have steered off course.


Aggression, masculine assertion, and utter bluntness won’t work for you now, Sag. It’s time to either listen and learn from the sensitive and spiritual people of this earth or lay low and go off the radar. You could burn bridges that you will later kick yourself for if you don’t take this advice! Follow your own philosophical guidance- yin and yang is something you’re not only aware of, but also live by. So be aware that it is a yin and feminine month with a very spiritual, gentle, and sensitive ruling sign. Pisces influence asks you to travel back to a Golden Age of time, within and around, where you lived from the heart; when you were most in tune with your carefree, innocent, and playful yet modest and humble self. Don’t be a bully or insensitive aggressor. Drop your walls whilst realising that this doesn’t take away from your truth or all you’ve accomplished. Magical connections await if you can do this…


March has you feeling dreamy and introspective, but this doesn’t mean you can’t achieve more or earn more while the sun is in Pisces. In fact, you can use the sensitive and spiritual vibes to your advantage. Increase and develop your emotional intelligence, empathy, intuition, instinctual awareness, and inner gentleness and grace. You’re naturally modest, but you’re even more adaptable and generous at this time, which can open new doorways to abundance and prosperity. Yay! It’s a wonderful time for you if you can learn to soften your need for world domination or supreme victory. Pisces teaches us how to shine and embrace our uniqueness while playing as part of a team. They’re incredibly multi-talented, gifted in numerous fields, yet not everyone would know of all their abilities and achievements (because of how humble and often self-sacrificing they are). This vibe works for you this month, so don’t be afraid to be seen as “less” than what you are; the right people will see through the illusion.


It’s time to get deep. Regardless of whether you’re in a social space or an introspective and restful one, you can’t deny that there is a depth and subtle sensitivity to the cosmos now. You need to embrace your emotions if you wish to shine and succeed. You must be totally honest with yourself- and others where necessary- if you hope to step into more empowering and productive roles in the future. The universal message is stop being emotionally detached, aloof, and distant! You may think there is no link between your intellectual and psychological powers, which are some of your greatest strengths, and emotions, but there is. You’re a holistic being and Pisces season helps you to not only understand this logically but feel it. Your senses are activated, your imagination and intuition are on point, and there is an inner yearning for you to show up for yourself. You can still have fun and be playful and possess depth of soul, spirit, and being! Try to break free of limiting illusions and self-imposed blocks to happiness now.


You are having fun and loving life! While everyone else is learning from you, feeling inspired by your magic, soulful gifts, and psychic and imaginative talents; you’re keeping the abundance and good energy flowing by simply enjoying yourself. All the years of sacrifice and hard work has paid off, and you now feel free to follow your dreams and live through your heart. People see you as confident, balanced, at peace with yourself, and magnetic- you may have lots of admirers at this time! Regardless, you’re keeping your ego in check and staying modest and selfless. Channelling your immense spirit and increased sense of vitality and life force into passion projects, service and work, and your health and well-being will pay off immensely in months to come. Also, you may be feeling more fit and in charge of your health than you’ve been in years. Always keep your soul and bigger vision for the future in check, regardless of how pleasurable and exciting life seems to become. You’re a star who is possibly one of the most mystically divine and beautiful souls this world has ever seen… isn’t this something to be in awe of?!

Birthday hint: Use the New Moon in Pisces on the 2nd to manifest your most brilliant desires.


March Astrology: 

1. New Moon in Pisces (March 2nd): Dreams, visions, psychic instincts, imagination, creative genius, adaptability, potent intuition, and the ability to see through illusions, hidden information, and false intentions/mistruths!

2. Full Moon in Virgo (March 18th): Practical wisdom, responsibilities and duties, physical health and wellbeing, daily routines, how we create order and structure in our lives, earth power, and emotional empathy and intelligence.

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