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March Horoscopes

March Horoscopes - Cecelia Pty Ltd


This month begins on a positive note, as you’ll easily attract whatever you desire. You’ll feel personally renewed and able to announce positive changes. Expect rather serious communication with larger groups of people or friends. You are also entering a 3-year-long period of taking more responsibility for your mental health. A cycle could be closing in your workplace or regarding your physical health. You are going through a process of shifting your mindset so that you can start communicating your ideas better. Beware of clashes with authority figures. You could also begin experiencing friction in your home life. Relationship-wise, things are very harmonious and abundant.


You begin this month by having breakthroughs in your mental health that will allow you to step up in a spiritual sense. In your career, there will be important conversations, so keep your mind grounded. You will also realize the transformations this area could experience in the future. During March you also enter a 3-year-long process of pruning your social circles and really being selective about who you associate with. Completion of creative projects may happen. You should be aware of financial issues that come up as a result of other people influencing you. This will also apply to your personal beliefs, as you may feel someone wants to change the way you see things. You could end the month by changing something about your appearance.


March begins on a very social note for you, as you may be spending more time with friends, or even making new ones. On the other hand, your career will become a serious priority for you, for a period that will last 3 years from now on. Completion of chapters regarding family or your living situation and even moving  is possible if that was in your plans. You should be particularly aware of your behavior mid-month, as it could bring conflict in your career. Additionally, keep friendships and finances separated if possible. For the next 4 months, you will presage the changes and transformations that will happen in your personal beliefs and higher education. Pay more attention to your dreams by the end of the month.


During the first days of March, you may receive a career opportunity that will bring much abundance to you. Pay attention to any financial news you get now, they might not be negative, but definitely serious. From now and throughout the next 3 years, you could start experiencing restrictions when it comes to travel, or maybe you could take a more committed approach to your studies. These two possible themes might prove to take a toll on your mental health this month. Beware of close relationships having a negative impact on your career now, especially since you will be getting new and exciting opportunities in this area. Your mental health will get better, and you will be more assertive and confident.


Starting the month, you will receive great opportunities for travel or education. On the other hand, you could be having some serious conversations within your committed relationships and feel a sense of transformation in this area. Now and for the next 3 years, you will be prone to having more reservations when it comes to personal finances, and setting money aside could prove beneficial in the long run. Additionally, you could be completing a chapter in how you make money now. Beware of how much information about travel plans you share with coworkers now as these two things could clash somehow.


You will probably receive good news about shared finances or investments to start the month. During March you begin a period in which your relationships become more committed, and you’ll notice the need to be more grounded and structured in this area. The spotlight is on you right now, and you might let go of habits or behaviors that no longer serve you. Pay attention to how relationships influence your career, and why there’s tension between the two. Long-distance trips and higher education are very favored. The challenge this month will be to remain patient with your friends or social groups.


Your personal relationships could be upgraded and reach new levels of commitment at the start of the month, as communication is very clear and positive. For the next 3 years, you will feel inclined to be more serious and dedicated when it comes to your daily routines and health. You might also experience a chapter ending in your mental health, like completing a spiritual journey or therapy. Right now you should be mindful of how your family influences your relationship, as they may be creating unnecessary confusion ins this area.  By the end of the month, there could be either unexpected financial gains or spending. On the other hand, my work and career are going very well now.


A huge focus point for you this month will be your physical health and how you care for it with your habits, and you’ll be able to make many improvements. Important conversations could pop up with your family or the people you live with. Over the course of the next 3 years, you will become more responsible and dedicated to your creative projects.  There will be a lot of attention and energy in your social circles and friend groups mid-month. In any case, you should be careful about taking work advice from friends right now. On the other hand, relationships enter a harmonious and positive period. You will notice that most challenges will present in travel plans and higher education this month.


This will be a rather lighthearted month for you, as you get to enjoy yourself a lot and express your creativity and romantic side to the best of your ability. On the other hand, right now you begin a 3-year-long process that will transform your living situation, prompting you to be more responsible in this area. There could be an ending happening in your career now, or maybe you’re getting some kind of big recognition for something you have achieved in this area. The one thing you should be careful about is friction between your family and relationship right now, as there's a tendency for conflict between the two. Additionally, watch out your finances, because challenges could present in this area soon. Still keep up the hard work, because it’s definitely leading to more stability.


Your home life is full of potential for positive energy right now, and you should shy away from manipulative behaviours or paranoid thought patterns. There are new beginnings happening in this area, so be ready.  Conversations about day-to-day finances can take a more serious tone right now. For the next 3 years, you will notice a need to be more structured with your routines and the way you communicate with people on the daily. At some point you could have some kind of epiphany when it comes to your life philosophy, education or travel plans. You might come across tensions between your productivity and work environment, but this is something that will quickly and definitely resolve.  Pay attention to the ways you can transform your relationship with money.


The month begins on a very busy note, because your daily productivity is heightened and you have an easier time communicating you ideas with others. This is especially beneficial, since you might have to be the bearer of serious news at some point. Over the course of the next three years, you will become more conservative and structured when it comes to personal finances. Additionally, you might be getting rid of some debt that could’ve been weighing you down. Remember to take time for yourself, as too much productivity could take a toll on your mental health. Expect some challenges in the workplace, not serious but definitely annoying. Keep up the hard work you’re putting into improving your finances.


During the first days of the month, you will have good financial opportunities, whether for gaining or making a quality purchase. On the other hand, you could have realisations around your mental health and the urge to take better care of it. Right now you begin a period of 3 years in which you will grow as a person, and generally become more responsible. Your relationships could go through a defining moment his month. Conflicts between family and your living situation could reach a breaking point which ultimately leads to resolution. By the end of the month you may be getting some extra income.

General Astrology

  1. Full Moon in Virgo, March 5th: A day of releasing things that no longer serve us.
  2. Saturn enters Pisces, March 7th: A 3 year long period of becoming committed to our dreams and imagination.
  3. Venus enters Taurus, March 16th: Relationships and money matters become more steady.
  4. New Moon in Aries, March 21st: Time to set the intention to be more independent and assertive.
  5. Pluto enters Aquarius, March 23rd: For the next months, we’ll get a preview of the transformations we’ll experience as a society in the coming years.
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