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March Horoscopes

March Horoscopes - Cecelia Pty Ltd


Aries, you will feel a rush of creative energy this month. It’s Pisces season, and this means massive sparks in imagination and innovation. Your creative mind is lit up, you are feeling inspired and charismatic, bold, and confident. Spring Equinox fills you with energy and life force- zest and passion! Be mindful of your sensitivities, however. Insecurities can unconsciously project outwards onto friends, lovers, and family. You should keep your emotions in check this month through a spiritual practice, like meditation, yoga, or crystal therapy. Take care of your health. March is the perfect month for spirituality and holistic healing, the Healing Arts, and the like. There is a Full Moon in Libra too (28th) and this light up your relationship sector. You are in the mood for some good loving! And romance...


This is a beautiful month for you. Pisces energies blend wonderfully with yours; you love the sweet and sensual energy of the month. You adore people with spiritual awareness and a gentle, but strong, heart- and March brings a few positive people into your orbit. There is a New Moon in spiritual, intuitive, and imaginative Pisces (13th) just before the Spring Equinox. This is a magical month! You should do your best to stay as motivated as possible. Keep your health up. Engage in a spiritual practice and express yourself creatively. There is a lot of creative, artistic, and imaginative energy available to tune into. Also, the Full Moon in relationship focused Libra on the 28th makes you crave love and romance. Seek out kindred spirits and connect with your lover or soulmate, or potential one. Your need for harmony and sweet vibes are strong all month long.


You will need to pay close attention to your feelings this month. It will either be heaven or hell (literally) depending on how well you can express yourself creatively and imaginatively. Artistic self-expression is the way! It is ok to feel, just make sure you have an outlet to channel your inner feelings and impressions into? Stay grounded, eat well, and be mindful of your beliefs too. Your subconscious mind is continually active all month which enables you to process your inner world in a unique way. But emotions can be tricky, and sometimes you do not even want to acknowledge your feelings. Be honest with yourself. The Spring Equinox in alignment with Aries season provides a fresh burst of energy and perspective you love, so you will be in your element from the month’s end. Overall, you should channel your energy into creative and passion projects, work, and health routines.


Cancer, you are in an extremely dreamy and reflective space all month. It is Pisces season and there is a New Moon in Pisces on the 13th. March is a month to let your true self shine! There is a massive YES from the universe to be sensual, sensitive, instinctive, and psychic. Let your spiritual and intuitive powers soar…. Imaginative and creative abilities will be heightened too, so if you work in a creative field or have some artistic passions you can work on, immerse yourself in them. Of course, the beautiful thing about Pisces energy is it touches your soul in all the right places. Combined with the Libra Full Moon on the 28th, you will find your need for romance and affection is strong. Connect with a soulmate or seek out new ones.


Leo, it is a magical month, although there will be a bit of confusion! Your senses are heightened during Pisces season. You feel more intuitive and even psychic than usual, and spiritual insight may come to you in surprising ways. Make the most of this energy. Do not neglect your gut feelings either- they can lead to wonderful advancements in career, health, wealth, relationships, and creativity. Imagination is strong. Health is looking good! Be careful of intense emotions, however. As a fire sign, so much watery energy can distort your level of perception; instead of seeing the beauty and harmony in situations, you may react or become explosive. Meditation or silent contemplation in nature, or with music, can help to realign you. Stay Zen-like in any situation and success will be yours.


March is a great month for you if you can be honest with yourself. Lose the anxiety and self-criticism! Your need for perfection and being an ideal person often leaves you repressing emotions and memories. It’s ok to admit your words, actions or past behaviors weren’t completely holy. There is such a thing as being imperfectly perfect… If you can practice self-honesty and let go of unnecessary self-hate and stress, you will find a blissful acceptance- transcendence even- to your month. Take a leaf out of Pisces book; stay cool, calm, chilled and relaxed. Focus on work, health, or interpersonal relationships- creativity too. If you do not currently play an instrument, draw, write, paint, or make music, find an artistic skill. It is important you channel your energy into something productive this month, as there are some intense energies floating around.


Libra, this is a wonderful month for you. It is Pisces season and there’s a New Moon in Pisces (13th). Followed by the Spring Equinox, and a Full Moon in your own sign on the 28th, this means amazing prospects in love, career, and health. Your imagination is soaring to new heights. Spiritual beliefs and philosophies are strong, and you will be examining your ideologies throughout the month. You should use the energy of the Spring Equinox to make any significant changes in your life. There is a perfect balance of introspection and looking back at your past to learn from old cycles and connecting with others. The Full Moon in Libra highlights your need for kindred spirits and soul bonds, so be open to new love or strengthening an existing one. Harmony expands in your personal and professional life…. Do not be shy to express yourself.


March amplifies your intuitive and creative abilities, Scorpio. In fact, your intuition is so fine-tuned you may very well be clairvoyant or psychic! The same is true for imaginative gifts. Focus on projects this month for success. Abundance and financial prosperity can come to you through staying determined and persevering with your goals. Even if you are still laying the groundwork, a strong foundation created this month will see victories in the months ahead. The Spring Equinox not long after the New Moon in compatible Pisces (13th) allows you to connect to your visionary side. Fresh starts are due! Be careful of the company you keep and steer clear of addictions. There is a chance for transformation and purity, re-alignment with your soul’s purpose, and healing of the past. Pisces season helps to restore your karma…


You will be feeling more sensitive this month, Sagittarius. Pisces season connects you to your imaginative and creative side, but also to your instincts. Intuition is amplified. You should focus your energy on passion projects and creativity, artistic pursuits and anything that feeds your soul. You do not have time for pettiness or the mundane this March! It is a New Moon on the 13th- in spiritual and compassionate Pisces- followed by the Spring Equinox. This means opportunities to amplify your personal vibration are strong- self-evolution too. When the Sun enters Aries on the 20th you feel vibrant and alive. Life force is amplified, and you are at one with your fiery and passionate talents. Self-leadership qualities are heightened, so find ways to be the authority of your life. Step into personal power and go after your goals and dreams.


March is a magical month. You are being asked to step into a new position of self-authority and leadership. The universe is giving you a big YES to go after your goals! Pisces season blesses you with a magnetic charm and unique sense of charisma. Your sweet, sensual, and caring qualities come to light, but so do your creative and imaginative gifts and talents. Whatever you do, do not be lazy or idle this March. There is a New Moon on the 13th that opens doorways to personal growth and self-mastery, then the Libra Full Moon (28th) aligns you with a newfound sense of self-surety. Intimate partnerships and soulmate bonds are highlighted. You know what you want in your relationships and possess the confidence to go after it. Connect with your romantic and soft, gentle, and sensual side, then channel your energy into career and passion projects.


This month is a real chance to reflect and do some much-needed soul-searching. Pisces season is always a chance to get in tune with your internal feelings and sensations, your emotions, inner needs and desires, and instinctive currents. This can be hard for you, as a cerebral and often emotionally detached air sign, but it is important that you make the most of this cycle. Your emotions serve a great purpose! Denying or rejecting them does not help you in health, career, finances, or relationships... The Spring Equinox gives you flashes of insight and inspiration, so tune into any downloads wishing to come through. The future is bright! But you need to take the small steps to realize the big picture. Visionary qualities and imagination are highlighted all month, while a Full Moon in harmony loving Libra occurs on the 28th. Consider your needs in love, romance, and relationships.


It is Pisces season! And there is a New Moon in your sign followed by the Spring Equinox. This means all eyes are on you. You are oozing sex appeal, wisdom, positive vibes, and soul. People see you as a star, so do not disappoint them. Your intuition, imagination, psychic gifts, and creative powers are all fine-tuned to the max this March. There really are no heights you cannot reach. One thing to note, however. You may tend to go to extremes this month, or at the worst fall into addictions. Try to keep your light pure and channel your energy. Personal projects, passionate endeavors, and creativity and innovation are all key areas for you. Pay attention to your dreams too as they will show you the next steps! Get your visionary powers on… You are the most spiritual and clairvoyant sign, and you can literally envision your future.

General Astrology for February:

l. A New Moon on the 13th is in sweet, mystical, and creative Pisces. Pisces represents spirit, the imagination, intuition, psychic abilities, and vision. All of these are amplified and available to be connected to! Also, your capacity for unconditional love…

2. The Full Moon occurs in Libra on the 28th. This makes you think about your needs in relationships: romantic, business, platonic and family. Mainly, love and romance, however- and close friendships. Consider lessons that still need to be integrated and how you can move forward with a focus on harmony and compromise.

3. It is Spring Equinox, a time of new beginnings and fresh energy. Connect with healing and restorative powers of nature. Use any spare time to align with creative and passion projects, and do not forget that fertility is rich during springtime.

Blessings, Cecelia

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