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May Horoscopes

May Horoscopes - Cecelia Pty Ltd


There’s a shift in energy as the Sun enters practical, slow-moving and stoic Taurus. Taurus is the earthy and sensual Bull who is highly responsible, dependable, and creative. It’s quite a change from the ambitious and fast-paced Aries last month! This doesn’t mean you can’t make progress on your goals, however. Try not to rush ahead or cut any corners. Take your time, explore every angle with both intuition and analysis, and make sure something is totally right for you before committing. You will find impulsive energy won’t be tolerated much this month. If you commit or say you’re going to do something, you will have to follow through! People take their responsibilities and duties seriously now… and they expect the same from you.



Taking the scenic route will be on your mind a lot this month. You crave freedom, independence, and artistic and spiritual people who remind you of the power of spirit. Community is strong now. An old lover or soulmate might pop back into your life, or you could find yourself re-exploring old love interests and flights of fancy . You find yourself with a strong desire to commit and form lasting bonds and partnerships. You’re thinking about your future! This is a good thing, there’s nothing wrong with securing your foundation or putting steps in motion that make you realize how strong and empowered you are. Don’t neglect your career or work goals, but do spend sufficient time energising your love and personal life.



You may find yourself seeing multiple possibilities, considering many different paths, and soul-searching in ways you’ve overlooked in months past. Your altruistic and humanitarian side will even be highlighted, so you may find yourself wanting to sign up to some work-exchange program and volunteer with animals or on a farm, etc. Compassion is increased. You love the grounded and helpful nature of Taurus, and the universe equally gives back to you and blesses you when you tune into your creative, playful, and kind side. Be generous of spirit now. Seek out higher things- higher learning, higher platonic and romantic connections, deeper roots, and more truth, unity, and loving vibes. You’re feeling the harmony spirit and the desire for conscious connections and collaborations now.



This is a wonderful month for you sensitive one! You're coming out of your shell and you’re feeling pretty invincible. Everyone is able to meet you on your wavelength, which is a breath of fresh air for your empathic and nurturing spirit. You feel understood, seen, and heard, and this can make your finances increase and your self-esteem soar. You come alive when people show you sensitivity, sincerity, and emotional depth and openness. Imaginative and creative gifts are looking really positive too, while family and friends may even be coming to you for advice, wisdom, and intuitive insights! Your inner witch is being seen and appreciated, Cancer. Let your psychic and caring gifts shine…



What’s more empowering than helping others?! If you’ve been absorbed in your own world and only giving your time and energy to your regular routine, you will find your benevolent and service-oriented side wanting full expression. You’re able to look past your own needs and ego, and the needs and wants of children, spouses, and those who need care from you. Don’t let this humanitarian cycle go to waste… Even though major career moves might not be on your mind, any thing you do that will increase your inner light, i.e. your compassion and charitable self, could lead to big breakthroughs and financial abundance. You’re quite magnetic now! Yet you haven’t lost your innate electricity, enthusiasm, and excitement that usually gets you through.



As an earth sign, you’re really appreciating the grounded and practical nature of this month. If you want to charge ahead with your goals, don’t let anything stop you! There’s nothing wrong with wanting to get ahead financially or boss through your commitments. Do be mindful of stress associated with workaholic tendencies. Your nervous system is weak enough as it is (typical virgo shadow trait!) without added stresses in a technically chilled month. Taurus may be responsible and duty focused, but they're also very chilled and easy-going. Music, art, meditation and nature can help you a lot this month. Balancing work, rest, and play is just as important as charging ahead and going for gold and accomplishment! If you need to release some tension, don’t forget the power of making love and sexual healing.



Fellow Venus ruled sign Taurus is the star of the month, meaning that when the Sun is in Taurus its qualities are amplified. A desire to mingle will overcome you and any introspective vibes will be replaced with a burning passion for intimacy. Intimacy doesn’t have to be seen as sexual or even romantic. It can be platonic! While you're considering ways to increase your income, expand your business, and amplify your soul talents, other people will be picking up on your gifts and special abilities. Whatever field you work in or are currently seeking expansion, know that efforts will not go to waste, so long as you stay true to yourself and don’t act from excessive self-interest. In other words, keep your ego in check.



There’s nothing wrong with a bit of flirting and positive reassurance. Compliments from a sincere and genuine space can go a long way. Put some positive intentions into action; act on your feelings, and take the first steps towards new love or a new career. Taurus is a Fixed sign too, just like you, therefore a desire for a commitment will be playing on your subconscious mind. Dreams may be telling you a lot, or you could get some pretty powerful hunches and instinctive feelings regarding someone or a connection. If you’re an artist or a musician you may find your love interests and passions inspire you to create some amazing art! Consider introducing an “out there” idea into your friendship circle or someone you're dating. Conscious revolution and passion projects favour strongly now.



There’s nothing wrong with a little bit of wanderlust and free-spiritedness, but do you take this too far? If you’re someone who goes from relationship to relationship, or love fling to love fling, now is the time to reevaluate your approach to life and love. You’re someone who needs companionship, and you’re quite companionable! Creative, independent, passionate, and philosophical people are the perfect matches for your spirited and idealistic nature. You don’t like routine, boring things, or a lack of vision and movement. So, if your current connections aren’t fulfilling your deeper soul needs, consider changing things up. Change can be gradual, it doesn’t have to be sudden or drastic. Taurus’ influence allows you to both commit, or embrace the idea of commitment, and access inner romantic yearnings. Go with it!



Sensuality and creativity are what sets your soul on fire this month. Until the 20th, really work on fine-tuning and upgrading your skills and services. It doesn’t matter what field or profession you work in, talent development and motions towards enhancing confidence and self-esteem will reap just rewards. It’s a fertile time! Always work in harmony with your strengths- don’t try to swim upstream if the current is too strong, or fight and resist what isn’t meant for you (or what is). Pay attention to subtle signs and cues the universe is attempting to give you, because dreams and spirituality are amplified now. If you find yourself in a position of real authority and strength, lead with passion, power, and purpose. Keep your ego and intentions in check and stay humble, or at the very least, modest and somewhat adaptable.



You might feel like taking pleasure to a new extreme, but it’s important that you stay balanced and grounded while you do. It’s perfectly ok to seek to transcend comfort zones, experience pleasure and ecstasy, and feel the buzz and excitement of all life’s sensual pleasures. It’s actually good for you! However Taurus is both pleasure-seeking and conservative, so balance is in divine order; they’re ruled by Venus, the planet of luxury and pleasure, which in a lower vibration can manifest as hedonism… The conservative influence allows them (and you, until the 20th) to stay modest and seek out harmony as opposed to falling into extremes. Keep in mind that ‘energy goes where awareness flows,’ so you can always redirect or channel excess passions and emotions into productivity, duties, and commitments.



Heavy sits the crown? I think not! You wear your crown like an ethereal bubble of glistening diamonds and shimmering gems… Your humility, grace, and sensitivity will all be amplified this month, and people who vibe on your frequency or wavelength will be finding you very, very, attractive. Subtly, integrity, and modesty win this May. Also, your gifts and talents are in major demand, which increases not only your prosperity but your self-esteem. Know that you are worthy, humble little fish! If you’re speaking, acting, teaching, or sharing this month, remember to do so with some charm and traditional humour. Know your roots, remember the teachings of your parents and mentors, and always add a dose of practical magic & wisdom to any spiritual, creative, or “otherworldly” efforts you provide. Stay grounded to truly shine.


General Astrology for May (Two powerful Eclipses!):

1. New Moon + Solar Eclipse in Taurus, April 30th: Almost making it into the month of May, the New Moon is coupled with a SOLAR ECLIPSE on April 30th. This brings powerful change, transformation on both an individual & collective scale, and new beginnings… Themes include security, material possession, values and goals, dreams and aspirations, self-worth and self-esteem, ownership, resources, personal finances, material/physical foundations, sensuality and comfort, earthy creativity, and grounded spirituality.

2. Full Moon + Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio, May 16th: Key themes: cutting cord and closing karmic contracts for good! + rebirth, transformation, positive alchemy, self-mastery, intuition and psychic gifts, shamanic powers and contact, personal resources, and ambition.

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