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Mystic Love Recognizing Your Soul Mate

This blog post is about Mystic Love Recognizing Your Soul Mate

Would you know your soulmate, even if you met them face to face? They wouldn’t even necessarily need to be a lover, but even a close and dear friend. Today we will look at some of those identifying factors that will tell you that you are indeed standing face to face with your soulmate.

All of us look for an enduring love, the kind of love that adds light to our lives, makes us feel connected, and feels as if this connection has been in play from lifetime to lifetime. In fact, the soul is naturally drawn to souls it has had relationships with in previous lifetimes, so there stands a good chance of meeting your soulmate or past life love in this very lifetime. Increasingly the acceptance and belief of reincarnation and multiple lifetimes is being accepted in the Western world; having been the foundational belief of much of the East for thousands of years. Given the principles of Reincarnation there’s no reason you wouldn’t meet your lover from a previous lifetime again and again. Circumstance, karma and chance keep us bound together throughout our time in the universe.

You Feel As Though You’ve Met Before

Nothing stirs up the feeling of having met your soulmate than that uncanny feeling that you’ve met this person in some time and place before. The circumstances of your meeting may even feel like déjà vu, as if you already imagined or dreamed the meeting before. This feeling of instant familiarity, knowing or psychic connectedness can be a good sign that you have reconnected with your soulmate or lover from a previous life.

It can happen in a chance meeting or even in a crowded room — your eyes meet across the space and there’s a feeling of instant recognition, a knowing and an acceptance that is there, even before you have said a word.

There’s An Instant Connection

You might also identify your soulmate because the two of you have an instant connection as soon as you met, getting on like ‘a house on fire’ as it’s said! You can talk for hours into the night and never be bored of each other’s company during the day, and when others see you together, even for the first time, it’s like two old friends getting together as if you had never been apart.

This instant connection can be tied to the bond that you may have had in a previous life, or just the perfect compatibility there is between the two of you. Nevertheless, this makes the relationship that the two of you have very pleasant and happy.

Intense Energy

Another sign of reconnecting with your soulmate is that you feel intense energy between the two of you, and a strong pull to each other. This can be both a positive and a negative thing, however it will be unmistakable. If you are lovers, it will make you irresistible to one another, and if you are friends, the bond of friendship may be stronger than any other you have experienced before.

Will It Work Out?

This level of intense energy between two soulmates is one of the reasons relationships or even friendships between these people often have a hard time of working out. Just because you had a relationship or a connection in a past life, doesn’t mean it worked out then, nor does it mean it will work out now.

Many people can get carried away with the thought of meeting their soulmates and think this is the be all and end all. But relationships need to be worked on, whether that is with someone you perceive as a soulmate, or just a partner for this lifetime who you have chosen to share and enjoy your life with.

By recognizing some of these common signs that you are in the midst of your soulmate, you can better identify those people in your life who you may have this special connection too, and realise the impact they will have. Sometimes recognizing a soulmate can help use to be prepared for what that relationship will bring, and how it will pan out. It can also help us to recognize the specialness and beauty in each and every person in our lives, that they have come into our lives for a reason and have something to teach us.

Wishing you all a multitude of blessings and love,

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