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New Moon in Aquarius

Aquarius New Moon - Cecelia Pty Ltd

Community, New Ideas, and Innovation


21st January 2023

Time to leave behind the emotional ride provided by the last Full Moon. New Moons are the moment to set our intentions and think about what we want to achieve in certain areas of life. Now we become more thoughtful as the moon’s energy has waned, and we can take time to ponder what we want our future to look like. With the moon being in Aquarius, community and social events will come to the forefront, as we prepare to take transformational steps as a society. The thing with Aquarius, though, is that we will be required to leave some outdated stuff behind. Finally, we have no planets retrograding now, meaning that the path is clear for us to make wishes, and make things happen faster than ever.


Key qualities: -

● Aquarius is one of the signs co-ruled by two planets, which means there are two sides to its complex character. The traditional ruler is Saturn, which provides seriousness and structure, yet Aquarius is known to be the breaker of these two concepts in favour of the new. This is because it’s also ruled by Uranus, a planet of disruption, uniqueness, and rebellion. Aquarius looks at tradition, understands its importance in certain contexts, but also questions it and demands change and the creation of new things.

● Aquarius is an air sign, which gives this lunation an intellectual and emotionally detached note. During this day we will follow our more rational side and strive for the better functioning of our communities and social circles.


Planning the year ahead

Having this Aquarius New Moon during the first month of the year is great news. We might've used December to make idealistic resolutions, but now after the holiday season euphoria faded, we find that there’s a whole year ahead that calls for us to take action towards our goals. Thankfully, with this Aquarian energy, we can think outside the box and find innovative solutions to any present issues in our lives.

With logic and intellect by our side, we can make use of certain tools to help us plan. Aquarius is very modern and technologic, but also serious and structured when necessary, so why not team up with this energy? Whether you struggle with remembering tasks, phone usage or time management, there’s surely an app or a website to help you out. This Aquarian moon gives us a great opportunity to see how we can make progress work for us, and not against our greater good.


The power in numbers

This New Moon is doing a harmonious aspect to Jupiter in Aries, the planet of expansion in the sign of initiative. This means big social events are bound to happen during this time, and they will turn out to be very positive and beneficial on both a personal and interpersonal level. As a collective, we are steadily entering an era in which community effort will be an essential aspect of our society, and this lunation can give us a glimpse of what the future could hold for us if we are willing to collaborate with others for the greater good.

Whether you are an extrovert or an introvert, these days call for you to see how valuable friendships are. If this area of your life has been stagnant, here comes a great opportunity to analyse what works and doesn’t work for you when it comes to social circles. Think about everything you can gain from collaborating with others and make a list of everything you would like to achieve within your community. You will see that just by laying out these wishes on paper, they may start manifesting in your life soon.


Out with the old, in with the new

We already know that this New Moon is an opportunity to set our yearly intentions and enjoy the benefits of community effort, but to bring all these goals to fruition we must first make space. Aquarius is the innovator and rule breaker, and during this time we ought to pay attention to the patterns, structures and traditions that no longer serve our collective and individual needs and objectives. This is not a simple task, but during this New Moon is when we can be more analytical and take a logical approach that is not tainted by attachment to what we are comfortable with. And though new systems and strategies hold the key to a successful future, we must always remember what we left behind and why, so that we do not lose our vision.

If you want to know exactly which area of your life will be impacted by this innovative energy, you should look at the house that contains Aquarius in your natal chart, as well as the position of Uranus and Saturn.



“Magical Mantras” for this New Moon in Capricorn:

Aries: “My ability to communicate in new ways allows me to be a better leader to those I work with. ”

Taurus: “Departing from the structures imposed to me is a necessary step for my spiritual growth.”

Gemini: “I allow myself to express my creativity in unique ways that can help a greater cause.”

Cancer: “In the act of helping others, I involve myself in an endless network of kindness that can change the world.”

Leo: “My relationships benefit from mutual space and the incorporation of new structures specially designed for them.”

Virgo: “Abundance has many forms, and I am open to receiving and sharing it with those around me.”

Libra: “I believe in an ideal and positive future for myself and the world I live in. My capacity to have faith is what makes me one of a kind.”

Scorpio: “I am released of all fear and take on new responsibilities with skill and practicality.”

Sagittarius: “I redirect my restlessness into making fruitful connections with others in pursuit of a common goal.”

Capricorn: “May I show myself the empathy I can show others in their most difficult times.”

Aquarius: “Allowing myself to show my uniqueness is another way of contributing to the world around me”

Pisces: “I constantly find new ways of creating security and abundance for myself and others”

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