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New Moon in Aquarius

Aquarius New Moon - Cecelia Pty Ltd

New Moon in Aquarius:

The Gifted and Altruistic “Water-Bearer”

NEW MOON in Aquarius

11th February 2021: 2:06 pm EST

The New Moon on February 11th is happening in the air sign Aquarius. Even though Aquarius is an air sign, there are strong links to water- artistic, imgiantive, psychic and intuitive energis! Aquarius is the Water-bearer, altruistic and compassionate, sensitive and artistic, however extremely intelligent. This sign is focused on social justice and collective consciousness; themes of unity, fairness, equality and conscious rebellion. Oh yes, Aquarius is the rebel of the Zodiac. So this means we are all being asked to look within at our core heart’s desires, and how we can best make change in our individual lives and on a collective level.

Key Qualities of Aquarius:-

● Altruistic and humanitarian: Aquarius is one of the most humanitarian and altruistic star signs. They are focused on the humanity that connects us all. They often work in charity or environmentalism, humanitarian aid, or volunteer placements and welfare projects. This sign is genuinely concerned with the wellbeing of the planet and humanity.

● A conscious rebel: When at their best, Aquarius is the rebel deeply concerned with social change; justice, unity, equality and human rights prevail. They’re happy to participate in peaceful protests and rallies that demonstrate working towards a higher goal, like universal rights and truths, or breaking free from oppression. Aquarius is a free spirit with a big heart.

● Intelligent and deeply perceptive: Advanced intellect, innovation, analytical skills and perception is Aquarius. This sun sign is aware, observant and cerebrally gifted- they are an air sign after all! A bright mind defines Aquarius.

● Original and positively eccentric: Eccentricity allows this sign to connect to their inner bohemian, wise wo/man, and high class hippy. ‘Peace, love and unity, man’…. On a serious note, they can use their unique and original nature for extraordinary creations in innovation, education, invention, science, technology, spirituality, holistic health, music, the arts, and imaginative fields. They’re wonderfully bizarre with many fresh perspectives and insights.

● Creative and imaginative: Creative, artistically gifted and imaginative, Aquarius has an open mind and is philosophical, intuitive, perceptive and multi-talented. This Zodiac sign

is able to merge with the divine and sublime for original creativity which sometimes verges on ‘creative genius.’

Knowing the key qualities of the sign of this February’s New Moon can allow you to tap into the qualities (and energies) available. The strengths of the star sign are lit up and amplified during a moon cycle.

It’s all about the “Big Picture”

It’s time to look at the big picture and tune into your visionary qualities this month. Aquarius energy is revolutionary, change-making, groundbreaking and expansive. Visionary qualities are amplified and brought to the centre of conscious awareness. You will be looking at your role in society and local communities, friendship and social circles, and how you contribute towards the grand scheme of things. Now is the perfect time to find ways to be of help to others. Volunteer, join a group or organization working towards something amazing, and get involved in things. Conscious action is the main theme.

Expand your horizons. Be open-minded too, perhaps connect to your philosophical and idealistic side. This can be as small or large as you wish- it will be different for everyone. Creating a vision board can help you to align on your core values, goals and dreams. And be open to new ideas and intellectual, imaginative, and innovative pathways. If your energy has become stagnant, the New Moon in Aquarius is an amazing time to re-boost your confidence and passion levels.

Finally, the theme of personal and global-collective awakening is in divine order. You may be feeling inspired to make real and significant changes in your life. Internal shifts lead to external transformation, so take note of what needs to change in your life. Finances, career, relationships, health, friendships and love can all get a powerful make-over!

Think outside the box, and be Original

Originality, open-mindedness and new ideas and concepts are brought to light. New beginnings in the way you interact with the world are in store, and this includes how you process information. Your mind is getting a ‘level-up.’ Problems can be solved with ease and you may find yourself not getting as stressed out or upset over matters that once bothered you. In love and intimate relationships- platonic, business or romantic- you will find yourself being able to let go of people and situations that you were once attached to. Unhealthy bonds and karmic or toxic connections can be released rather effortlessly this month.

Be Careful of Emotional Disconnection and Aloofness

Make sure you are honest with yourself and don’t fall into self-denial or the “shadow” aspect of the Aquarius personality. This is, of course, emotional disconnection, an inability to embrace one’s true feelings and emotions. It’s easy to fall into the other side of letting go of toxic and karmic relationships, and that is denying all feelings altogether. Open up, practice self-honesty and embody a level of vulnerability. It’s ok to feel- it makes you human. Letting go of unhealthy attachments is key to our growth and success, abundance and fertility (of new projects, creativity, etc.), but bypassing emotions or falling into escapism will have the opposite effect. Be mindful of your true needs and desires in close relationships.

Interesting thoughts...

The last time there was so much Aquarius energy was back in the 60s, when the “hippy” movement became large and prominent. Equality, community values, peace, love, unity, justice and a respect for the planet and human rights are all associated with this sign.

All of the powerful astrology and celestial energies back from December 2020, the time of the Great Conjunction, significant planetary alignments; which further happened in Aquarius (Jupiter & Saturn), are getting activated by the New Moon. This means moving into a “New Earth” and new consciousness. On a grounded level, this signifies raising our vibrations to align with a more loving, unified, and harmoniously self-sustainable reality.

Blessings, Cecelia

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