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New Moon in Aries

Aries New Moon - Cecelia Pty Ltd

New Moon in Aries:

Projects Come to Life


April 1st, 2022


Aries is the bold and passionate leader who has no issue with taking charge. They use their voice to educate, uplift, and inspire- or to simply get their way and assert themselves! You can tap into this courageous energy now to see real progress on your goals, aspirations, and visions. Don’t worry about appearing insensitive (for the most part) or rocking the boat, as toning your truth and gifts down for others is not what the universe ordered.

Now would be a wise time to look up your NATAL chart; for example, do you have your Moon, Venus, Rising, or Mercury in Aries?! Sun sign isn’t everything! Also, remember that a New Moon highlights the resting sign’s fellow “quality” signs. In this case, discover which planets, if any, fall in Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn- the Cardinal signs.


Key qualities: -

● Passionate, bold, driven, and determined.

● Adventurous, spontaneous, and ambitious!

● Innovative, inventive, and a natural leader.

● Enthusiastic, energetic, playful, and full of zest.

● Inspirational as long as they can learn to calm their impulsive, reckless, and drama-loving nature….


A Real (But Not Rude!) Awakening

Rocking the boat is sometimes necessary in life. Why? Because rocking the boat can lead to upheaval and lots of water… water is cleansing! Seeing something turned upside down is sometimes what is needed to spark positive change and transformation in life. Even if the boat doesn’t turn all the way over, it can shake people into action and a shift in direction, which is all positive!

This message isn’t just for naturally energetic and fearless fire signs, such as Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius; or innately masculine air signs (Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius). Being able to change, alchemize, and initiate significant change in reality applied to everyone- even the sensitive and gentle water signs, or the modest and kind-hearted earthy ones. A shadow side of an Aries moon is being the bully, tyrant, an aggressive persecutor who stomps their feet and seeks total control. Try not to become impatient, impulsive, and rude in your expressions and mannerisms. Awakening should not be confused with rudeness or seeking to ‘lord it over’ others, nor should you think using temper tantrums or angry outbursts (things Aries are known for) are signs of true power.

You can tune into your inner child for real displays of self-empowerment. Use playfulness and innocence, seeing everyone as an extension of you and your spirit, to seek unity and expansion in whatever field you want to energise. The New Moon brings a cardinal energy, and this is the vibration of creation; starting power…Now is an excellent time to make significant progress on personal and professional goals- just don’t forget to do it with a bit of charm, style, and playful innocence.


Innovative And Intellectual Pursuits Are Favoured

All things innovative, intellectual, and rooted in a sharp and intelligent mind are highlighted too. Some other key qualities of Aries include being a go-getter, an initiator, confidence beyond belief, assertive and head strong. Without succumbing to arrogance and false sense of superiority or entitlement, take action on your hopes and wishes and anything you’ve been putting your energy into behind the scenes. Projects begun months or even years ago can be re-established under the light of this New Moon. Don’t be afraid to add a new twist on an idea already begun. Old ideas and intentions will be given new life force and inspiration with such a strong and passionate energy.

Have courage, be bold, and act fearlessly. Stay connected to your heart centre, however, as Aries is one of the most “bullyish” and “quick to temper” signs. People who suffer from frequent bursts of rage and out of control emotions tend to have a weak heart chakra, which is largely due to the lack of empathy, tolerance, compassion, sensitivity, and non-judgement that accompanies it.


Practising Authenticity; Healing the Self

This is a really good lunar cycle to practice authenticity and to heal yourself, totally and completely. For you this might mean working with your chakras, starting a spiritual practice, seeing a counsellor or therapist, or receiving healing from a holistic practitioner of some kind. Healing is open, infinite, and endless with multiple routes and possible pathways to take. You could receive new information regarding your health- specifically physical health, however emotional, spiritual, and mental/psychological health can also be affected, or hidden information come to light. Read up about your chakras if you aren’t already expertise in this subject. This will provide fresh insight and new dimensions into the healing process and journey to recovery.

Another keyway to reclaim wholeness and step into authenticity is to take back your independence. Although Aries is known for being fiercely independent, you’d be surprised at how many Aries fall into co-dependency! Co-dependency is not just reserved for the water or earth signs (the passive, feminine, yin signs). Work on speaking your truth without devolving to the lesser traits explored above. Speak mindfully and empathically, or at least with some pauses and room for breathing. Learn how to express your innermost wants, needs, emotions, and desires without becoming explosive, or projecting unresolved and unhealed wounds on others. As the Child of the Zodiac (Aries), there may be a tendency to do this at this time.

The more you can learn to be authentic and express yourself with grace and conscious awareness, the more you will see your relationships thrive. This simultaneously affects your health and ability to attract abundance and prosperity!


“Magical Mantras” for this New Moon in Aries:

Aries: “It’s ok to be a boss without being a bully! Shining my light doesn’t mean I have to suppress another’s.”

Taurus: “My ability to take control and charge enables my more sensitive qualities to shine through.”

Gemini: “Playfulness combined with passion allows me to be seen as the charming leader that I am.”

Cancer: “Being different is not a curse, but I do learn from my mirrors, opposites, and teachers.”

Leo: “Acting with integrity and dignity is more exciting than any thrill I would get out of seeking power over another!”

Virgo: “It’s ok to be modest, but I also need to speak up and be bold if I wish to have my views heard.”

Libra: “My mind is like no other- I am imaginative, intuitive, philosophical, and analytical; all gifts I embrace.”

Scorpio: “I see through the illusions and deceptions of the words to keep my vibe high and true.”

Sagittarius: “My inner Emperor/ess knows the difference between true power and false motives...”

Capricorn: “I embrace my desire to shine, attract prosperity, and succeed.”

Aquarius: “My eccentricity sets me apart from the rest, yet I do not seek to be different just for the sake of it.”

Pisces: “Despite being so adaptable and not needing to take the spotlight, I have many creative + healing gifts that will help others.”

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