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New Moon in Cancer

New Moon in Cancer - Cecelia Pty Ltd

New Moon in CANCER:

Intimacy, New Projects & Nurturing Dreams

NEW MOON in Cancer

July 10th 2021: 9:16 pm EST


July’s New Moon occurs in the nurturer and caregiver of the Zodiac, Cancer. But Cancer is not all compassion and unconditional love (although they are one of the most loyal, loving and devoted signs!). Cancer ‘the Crab’ is also amazingly gifted in the artistic, imaginative, and creative realms… This sensitive star sign is a cardinal sign, meaning they possess considerable power and initiatory force to make change. Combined with extraordinary psychic and intuitive abilities, a well advanced imagination, and a genuine desire to heal and care for others through their evolved emotional intelligence, this New Moon has many significant themes.

Remember that new and full moons influence us the most based on the planets that fall in four signs. As this moon happens in cardinal Cancer, look up your birth chart to see which planets you have in Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. This is what will be brought to light for you.


Cancer Key qualities:-

● Caring, nurturing, supportive and protective.

● Emotionally intelligent, wise and self-aware.

● Intuitive with deep instincts- plus connected to subconscious forces.

● Imaginative, creative and artistically talented.

● Psychic, clairvoyant and in tune with dreams.

● Passionate, intense, self-expressive and family-oriented.


Intimacy in relationships

First and foremost, this New Moon is all about the intimate and personal relationships in our lives. We’re feeling a deeper pull towards intimacy, authenticity and honesty in our close bonds. If there have previously been imbalance or distortions we’re wanting to heal, find wholeness and clear them up at this time. Cancer is ruled by the 4th house of home, roots, physical foundations relating to security and emotional stability, and the mother. The mother can be both your own mother and the role she’s played in your life, or the mother as an archetype- maternal instincts, in other words. Ruled by the Moon, Cancer is deeply instinctive, emotional, intuitive, psychic, clairvoyant, and feeling based. The Moon rules the realm of inner currents, moods, emotions and so forth.

So, take some time for introspection and ‘yin’ activities to align with your soul self. In a chaotic and often illusion-ridden society, there is a lot of confusion and distortion, delusion and false beliefs & perceptions. We become unconsciously and unknowing tied to faulty belief systems and the karmic and ancestral wounds and trauma of our pasts. Family upbringing too. We must therefore unravel the mysteries and illusions to get to the root of truth, to the core and essence. This is our souls closely linked to our psyches.

It’s true, the psychological, emotional, physical and spiritual planes are equally as important in daily life (and in the grand scheme of things); we are human beings having a spiritual experience, or spiritual creatures having a human experience! Yet, the soul is the core that lies beneath and beyond all of these other “bodies,” these layers of existence. When was the last time you slowed down and disconnected from social media, the media, or the storytelling narrative from others? Go within to go without. Listen to your soul, psyche and innermost self. You can do this by…


Strengthening intuition and psychic & intuitive gifts

Strengthen your intuition and psychic gifts which are ‘muscles’ in their own right. There are many ways you can do this, like:-

● Through meditation, crystal healing, yoga and martial arts (the latter two increase energy and chi flow leading to psychic development and awareness).

● Practicing healthy self-care and self-love. Nurture your body, mind & spirit. Treat yourself with loving kindness and use the tools of aromatherapy, sound therapy, and self-healing to move trapped energy (and thus consciousness) for flow and alignment.

● Using binaural beats and isochronic tones to stimulate clairvoyant and intuitive gifts, through the effect they have on brainwave activity.

● Doing a conscious fast or detox. Fasting for spiritual purposes has a range of beneficial effects with the main one being activating consciousness and dormant DNA. ‘Cleanse,’ ‘detox,’ and ‘purify...’

● Taking a ‘Healing Art’ course, workshop or online masterclass. Energy healing and holistic therapy is a great way to strengthen your psychic muscle, so consider looking into local Reiki Masters, shamanic practitioners, or sound therapists/practitioners.


Creativity and the imagination

Of course, Cancer rules the imagination and the subconscious mind which implies there will be access to universal archetypes and hidden memories at this time. Firstly, use the energies of this lunar cycle to expand and develop creative projects. Whether they’re professional or personal, birthed from some visionary or bigger purpose intention or something that helps to pay your bills while expanding your creativity, you can pick up on projects once forgotten. Projects that may have taken a backburner months or years ago can be restarted, and you will see significant progress. Sparks of inspiration and creative genius come to you under the light of the Cancer New Moon, so make the most of it. Don’t waste this magical portal to higher conscious insight, awareness, consciousness and self-realization.

And, your imagination will be off the chain. Practice your musical skills with your chosen instrument; strengthen your voice through singing or doing OM chanting; draw, paint, make art or engage in photography for pleasure and inspiration; express yourself as freely and innocently as your inner child would want you to. Cancer is linked to our inner childs due to the connection to roots and family. Childhood memories can assist you in regaining access to the hidden aspects of yourself, purely in terms of creativity and the imagination, thus get out old pictures or diaries for a memory rejog. This sensitive and nostalgic water sign also has strengths of sentimentality and evolved emotional intelligence. You can use empathy and emotional wisdom to guide you in any artistic project or creative outlet you may be feeling inspired to pursue.


Dreams… instincts…. Deeper realms

Finally, you can use this moon to explore your more mystical and spiritual side. Dreams come under the Cancer sign, and dreams are a portal or gateway to your subconscious mind and self and deeper levels of your psyche. Conscious dreamers actively engage in astral travel and projection, lucid dreaming, and other advanced dream techniques such as is seen in shamanic dreaming to receive wisdom and guidance through the dream worlds. Instincts become more powerful through working with your dreams, as does your intuition and ability to perceive subtle energy.

Remember that Cancer is a yin, emotional and feminine sign. Well, feminine wisdom is powerful! Tune into the unlimited potential of the “unseen,” “invisible,” and “extrasensory” realms and dimensions. There is much more than the solely physical reality we often reside in.


Many Blessings. Cecelia

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