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New Moon in Cancer

New Moon in Cancer

New Moon in Cancer: Healing the Inner Child

On July 20th, we are experiencing the second New Moon in Cancer of 2020: after the Solar Eclipse we had on the Solstice, at 0° Cancer, Sun and Moon meet again in the sign of the Crab, this time at 28°26’.

This celestial event represents the first New Moon after Eclipse season ended: for this reason, its energy is more significant. The Cosmos is inviting us to think about what shifted during the last month, encouraging us to revisit what happened. The Moon inspires us to reflect on the intentions we set back then and to change them if we feel like doing so.

Having two New Moons in the same sign is rare: it highly emphasizes the archetype involved, in this case, Cancer. The invitation is to consciously experiment with more profound ways to express and embody its energy, both individually and collectively.

New Moon in Cancer: How does Home Feel for You?

Cancer is the natural ruler of the Moon: it is soft and feminine. This sign is related to our experience of home, family, childhood, and of our nurturing caregiver, often the mother. Cancer aims to feel safe, secure, and protected: this archetype aspires to protect and take care of others, creating a space where they feel safe too.

As Sun and Moon join forces once more in the sign of the Crab, we may be contemplating changes related to our home or family situation. We may be thinking about relocating or creating our own family; we may decide to commit to heal issues from the past or to recover our relationship with a family member.

The New Moon in Cancer inspires us to cultivate and express our nurturing, gentle, and tender side. She encourages us not to feel ashamed or embarrassed of our sensitivity and vulnerability, but rather to see our empathy as a strength and a gift, that allows us to take better care of ourselves and others.

The Moon invites us to create a safe container for reflection, connection, and interaction. She inspires us to create a space that feels like home and to encourage others to join us there. Her question is: how does home feel like for you?

Sun and Moon opposite Saturn: Overcoming Fear of Judgment

On July 20, the day of the New Moon, both Sun and Moon in Cancer are exactly opposite Saturn in Capricorn. These oppositions bring our attention to our fear of other people's judgment.

Saturn is the natural ruler of Capricorn, also known as the Lord of Karma. This planet correlates to the law of cause and effect, to aging and the passing of time. Saturn encourages us to be autonomous, mature, to cultivate inner strength and autonomy.

Judgment is a function of consciousness correlated to the Capricorn archetype that represents a necessary component of discernment. Judging others for their way of being or their belief system is a distortion of the real purpose of judgment.

The energy of Saturn in Capricorn reminds us that good judgment is an integral part of self-respect: it helps us recognize abusive behaviors, set boundaries, and make conscious decisions. Those who

feel the need to judge others unconsciously judge, repress, and limit themselves too, because of the conditioning and the shame they internalized when they were children.

During these days, we may feel more concerned than usual about being considered socially acceptable, or about being accepted by other people. We may be afraid of being rejected, and even fear to destroy our reputation if we dare to be ourselves or say what wewe think in front of others.

The Sun-Saturn opposition inspires us to live in alignment with our sense of purpose and express our individuality without worrying about what other people may think. Meanwhile, the Moon-Saturn opposition reminds us to cultivate our emotional wellbeing and take time to feel whatever comes up without judging it.

New Moon in Cancer: Healing the Inner Child

The New Moon invites us to come into contact with our inner child and fulfill the needs that our parents did not understand during our childhood. This process is known as reparenting: it is a lifelong journey of establishing an ongoing relationship with our inner state and with the different parts of our personality, especially with the child we all still carry within.

Releasing the tendency to judge ourselves or our parents is a prerequisite for making progress in this sense: we all did the best we could, according to our level of consciousness. Nonetheless, as we become adults, listening to our inner child and understanding their necessities are our responsibility.

The biggest lesson of Cancer is deepening our emotional maturity. Emotional awareness is an essential part of reparenting: together with self-care, it allows us to know what we need to do on a moment to moment basis to enhance our psychological wellbeing. Establishing a constant connection with our inner world and emotional state allows us to give to our feelings the attention they deserve.

The influence of Saturn in Capricorn supports the creation of a new relationship with discipline and structure, another essential part of reparenting. Saturn encourages us to make our own rules and to follow them, one step at a time. With time, we will develop a better perspective of regulations and norms: we will be more organized and committed to achieving our goals.

Ultimately, the New Moon in Cancer shows us that compassion is the key in any attempt of healing and deconditioning from unconscious beliefs and patterns of behaviors. Sun, Moon, and Mercury traveling through the sign of the Crab remind us to be kind and gentle with ourselves and others, to take it easy, and to celebrate any improvement, no matter how small.

Blessings, Cecelia

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