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New Moon in Capricorn

Capricorn New Moon - Cecelia Pty Ltd

Aligning for the New Year (+ Success!)


23rd December 2022

This year’s last New Moon falls in ambitious and willful Capricorn, the only sign ruled by Saturn. Saturn is the disciplined taskmaster also known as the Father of Time or the Lord of Karma. We close the year with an inclination towards restrictions and limitations, and how they show themselves in our lives. Also, as there’s such a strong karmic influence this is the perfect time to examine past actions and outgrown (or still repeating) cycles. You may feel a tad nostalgic…


Key qualities: -

● As the 10th sign ruled by the house of prestige, fame, social success, status, and professional accomplishments and excellence, the focus is now on your role or service to society, and how far you’ve come. You’ll be thinking about your achievements and wanting to fine-tune any finishing touches to embrace the new year with a clear mindset. Make sure you spend however long is needed perfecting your career, ambitions, and projects. You might want to create a 2023 Vision Board!

● Some of Capricorn’s greatest strengths include determination, hardworking, perseverance, strong will, ambitious, disciplined, devoted, nurturing, caring, generous, sensitive, and intelligent. If you’re looking to develop yourself in any way, these are the characteristics to integrate.


Merging Ambition with Nostalgia…

As was mentioned in the intro, it’s both an ambitious and sentimental time for us all. When we attune to our highest vibration self, the victories we’ve accomplished, and the professional successes we’ve achieved, it’s only natural to equally think about our family and intimate bonds. As we climb the social or prestigious ladder, we remember our pasts and the people who have helped to get us there- our silent supporters.

The cosmic current to finish this year off in style is to keep a focus on the behind-the-scenes people, your friends, family, loved ones, fans, and loyal supporters, while turning your mind toward your bright and prosperous future. And vice versa. Capricorn is opposite Cancer in the zodiac wheel governing us all, so while Capricorn is all about fame and achievements, Cancer represents home; our roots, family ties, and domestic and nurturing aspects. It’s very important that you don’t forget the emotional and spiritual connections in your life in pursuit for the big picture vision. Definitely be ambitious, focus on your larger vision and how you can create a legacy for yourself and future generations to come. However, don’t get so caught up there that you lose touch of your roots.

One of Capricorn’s shadow traits is becoming so concerned with money, fame, success, and achievement that they forget their emotional selves, including the ‘little guys.’ This sign has a tendency to be emotionally disconnected and out of tune with their feelings too. Emotional intelligence, on the other hand, is a sign of a more evolved and high vibration Capricorn, so take inspiration from this attainable frequency!


Plan, Organise, and Aim for Mastery

There’s no better time for planning, organisation, and striving towards self-mastery for the new year. If you don’t make the most of this portal, you might live to regret it! By all means, socialise and be merry- have fun this Christmas. But don’t neglect the window for setting plans and conditions in motion for your best year yet. The craziness of the world is clearing up, countries are opening, for example, changing from red which spiritually means “danger,” to green. Green is the sign for Mother Earth, harmony, empathy, self-love, and patience. In chakra and Taoist philosophy, green represents our respect for ourselves and our planet, and the outward flow of compassion and humility.

There is great spiritual meaning and higher significance to be found in the language, symbols, and signs we use throughout the world. ‘Restrictions’ are being released and eased, which symbolises how we feel about ourselves and others. Both physically and spiritually, the world is finding unity and synergy once more. It’s a beautiful time if we choose to align to this frequency.

It’s important that you get your affairs in order and take sufficient steps towards self-mastery, syncing to your best year and best self. For you, this may mean taking better care of your finances, psychological and mental health, emotional well-being, spiritual vibration, or physical affairs, or a combination of all. Only you know what it is you need to work on. A Capricorn New Moon asks us to be honest and take responsibility for ourselves and our lives, being accountable and stepping into self-leadership, even if it’s on a small scale.


Energise Creative Visions

Capricorn may be all practicalities and real-world duties, but they also possess a unique sense of creativity and artistic vision. It’s not a surprise that many Capricorns have a unique artistic or creative gift they have behind the scenes outside of work or other commitments. Thus, take a day or week to energise your creative visions. Tune into your soul and see what wants to come through for you. We all have a specific and unique energetic blueprint, a set of skills and abilities that are part of our destiny, or that can simply bring us joy when times get a little stressful or chaotic. Don’t neglect this creative and liberation seeking part of you. Art, music, poetry,

creative cooking, and even gardening can give you the joy and satisfaction you need to unwind and re-boost that brilliant brain of yours.


“Magical Mantras” for this New Moon in Capricorn:

Aries: “I must learn how to ground, internalise, and stabilise my energy for self-alignment and self-mastery.”

Taurus: “I accept the darker parts of me left to integrate. Wholeness and happiness arise when I make peace with my past.”

Gemini: “My mind is alive and buzzing with new ideas that can create abundance and financial security in months to come.”

Cancer: “My home is my hearth and therefore a sacred space of love, connectivity, laughter, and creativity. I find happiness in the simple things!”

Leo: “My inner child comes out when I recognize we are all a reflection of each other. We all have hardships and pain to work through, and this brings solidarity.”

Virgo: “I am allowed to unwind and laugh with friends and peers. Although my ambitions are important, I lighten up for good health.”

Libra: “I am a beacon of light and innovation, using my charm and upbeat personality to create harmony…”

Scorpio: “I am both resourceful and spiritual, ambitious, and artistic, and logical and down-to-earth. I find unity in my inner dualities.”

Sagittarius: “When I get serious with my artistic visions and gifts, I become a powerful wayshower for others.”

Capricorn: “Without my light and influence in the world, friendships and groups would come tumbling down.”

Aquarius: “My originality allows me to soar while my intelligence provides a much-needed sense of grounding and self-preservation…”

Pisces: “It's in the realms of spirit and dreams where true wisdom is found. I am a channel for higher consciousness!”

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