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New Moon in Capricorn

Capricorn New Moon - Cecelia Pty Ltd

New Moon in Capricorn:

A Fresh Start


2nd January 2022


The first New Moon of 2022 is happening in the ambitious and grounded Capricorn, the only star sign ruled by Saturn. Saturn is known as Father Time, the Lord of Karma, and the tough-love teacher, so you can expect these themes to show up in your life. You’ll want to take note of the numerology of 2022 too, as numerology goes hand-in-hand with astrology. 2022 is a Universal Year 6, meaning the focus this year will be on home and family bonds, the divine feminine- or the female connections in your life, and nurturance and caring. 6 embodies a deeply feminine, motherly, and compassionate energy…

Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn are the signs to look for in your birth chart. Which planets fall in these cardinal signs? Keys to growth and understanding can be found here.


Key qualities of Capricorn:-

● Organized, practical, goal-oriented and hard-working, Caps don’t mind hustling! They’re proud of their ability to work hard and be a worker bee of society. They’re jobs may be more traditional or alternative, however the one thing that stays constant is their belief in service. You would be wise to take a leaf or branch off of Capricorn’s tree this January. It’s all about professional and personal success, climbing the social ladder, and creating or attracting new opportunities.

● Saturn’s symbolism can be looked towards for insight and direction. As ‘Father Time,’ a symbol of Saturn is often a depiction of an edlerly wise looking man, with a white beard; dressed in a robe and carrying a scythe and hourglass, or other time-keeping device. Saturn is the most serious and strict planet and measures, takes command over, and oversees time. This is where the secondary name comes from: the Lord of Karma. Our karmas both personal and collective come under this planet’s influence. As the “tough-love teacher” or “cosmic teacher,” he (Saturn is a masculine planet) shows us what we need to heal and why. Wrongdoings, trauma & wounds, family and ancient/ancestral karma, individual actions and intents, and events that require healing and forgiveness come under his realm. Apply these to the first New Moon of the year being in ‘Saturn

ruled’ Capricorn, and you will see that there is significant space of healing and wholeness. It’s a complete fresh start!


Completion and Maturity

January 2nd 2022 adds up to number 9. 9 is the number of completion, coming full circle within and around; returning to Source and the self. This is an excellent way to begin the year. Vision boards, meditation, and dancing to release, or other routes to letting emotions, pain, and past wounds flow, are all powerful things to do. You can take any positive feelings of joy, freedom, and childlike innocence and embody the higher frequency of them. Capricorn may be a traditional and level-headed sign, but they’re still capable of raising their vibration. Self-mastery is on the table.

Think about your future, however. There’s little time to look back on the past or get stuck there. A Capricorn New Moon asks you to connect to your vision and climb the ladder of success. Achievements, accomplishments, and steps towards self-mastery are the way to find the happiness you seek. If you’re in a couple you may want to consider some shared venture or business project together. This will not only increase your monetary flow but it could also give you power couple status! Remember that as a Universal 6 Year 2022 is a year of teamwork and cooperation. Join forces with your lover and life partner if you have some shared skills, talents, or gifts that could blend beautifully well.


Aim for Amazement!

Make your own rules, set out your own path… There’s a universal green light telling you YES, yes to wowing and amazing others with your devotional strength and determination. Hiding in the shadows doesn’t suit a star, and are we not all stars…? We were born to shine; the cosmos didn’t magic us into creaton and this earth timeline for us to play meek or small. Like the butterfly who struggles in darkness at first, use your trials & tribulations to come out a more beautiful, vibrant, and empowered version of yourself.

Change and transformation are certainly a part of this month’s energy and message. Look up Spirit animals and their meaning & symbolism. Although Capricorn isn’t the most spiritual sign, the world is going through a major awakening and global shift in consciousness. Certain limiting belief patterns and self-sabotaging behaviours and mindsets in the form of a disconnection from spirit are being let go of. We’re stepping into a new era, and spiritual practices and memories that help to align us with a more holistic version of ourselves (we are mind, body & spirit) are becoming the norm. Hallelujah.

You can be grounded and away with the fairies (i.e. mystical!), logical and intuitive, level-headed and psychic, and practical and cosmic. In fact, a balance of these things are paramount to your continued growth and ability to amaze others with your uniqueness. Referring back to spirit animals, purchase a divinatory/tarot deck or see a shamanic medicine wheel practitioner who works with spirit animals. You could even put on a tribal/shamanic drumming track on YouTube and zone out, into another dimension, the ether, and time-space reality… Be open to receive subtle wisdom and clues from the astral planes, because Capricorn is a down-to-earth and ‘karmically-free’ oriented sign, after all. Sensual too.


Self-Care through Sensuality

Finally, take some time to nurture yourself through self-care. Working with the earth element through essential oils, planting new seeds, gardening, wild foraging, self-massage, and consuming more herbal medicines & remedies are ideal for a positive and productive mindset. Not only will they help with productivity on the work front, but they’ll also support your emotional and intimate relationships. Capricorn brings out the inner wild child when we’re not focusing on work and out service our communities; explore your sexuality and sensuality in the most majestic and self-accepting way possible. Then use this spark to stimulate other areas you wish to expand & grow in.


“Magical Mantras” for this New Moon in Capricorn

Aries: “I am a BOSS and I was born to succeed. The past is the past, and the future is mine.”

Taurus: “I am divinely inspired and wholly authentic. My wins define me and are relevant to my life.”

Gemini: “I commit to the best version of me. I understand that what works for me may not work for others, and vice versa. It’s totally fine!”

Cancer: “I am a powerful force of change and intuitive power. My gifts are unique because I am a creature of the sea...”

Leo: “I am my own lover, boss, and captain of the ship. Self-control leads to self-mastery, and this is where joy is born.”

Virgo: “My service is my strength, my soul is my silent guide… A combination of logic and instinct allow me to win this game called life.”

Libra: “Like the air that breezes around life-giving trees, I know that my mind needs space for creation. Meditation and silence are essential for harmony.”

Scorpio: “Divinity flows through the planet and I am no separate from the Great Mother. Connection & community are my birthrights!”

Sagittarius: “I am a boss and anyone who tells me otherwise is not aligned to my soul’s mission. I choose only loving & supportive partnerships in my life now.”

Capricorn: “My willpower and devotional commitment allows me to create an abundant life. I can achieve anything I put my mind & heart to.”

Aquarius: “Teamwork, cooperation, and the spirit of community give sense and meaning to my life. Solitude is only a path to connection...”

Pisces: “I am a God/dess incarnate here to help raise the planet’s vibration. My frequency allows others to win and find inner peace.”

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